Pinktober: Colour Your Life With Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

October is a pink month. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of pink colour, except when it comes to lips and cheeks. Makeup is the only sphere where I give pink colour a chance. While I was preparing a special post for tomorrow, for which few of Slovenian ladies got together and created posts for October as a breast cancer awareness months, I got the idea to share with you few of my favourite pink makeup products. I only chose makeup products, because I’m trying to avoid pink anywhere else, although I do have few other products in pink (shower gels, makeup brushes etc.).

Pink Eyes
I have a feeling that pink on eyes is not something that would be a regular practise in a beauty world. People really avoid pink in eye makeup, except if it’s a rosy shimmery shade that isn’t in your face shade. Well, although I don’t wear pink on eyes very often I really do like to incorporate it in my colourful makeup looks. Colourful and bold makeup look for summer or purple smokey eyes are definitely two looks that won’t go away without pink in it. And I actually own quite few palettes with pink eyeshadows. For this post I chose four palettes that are often in usage. Beauty UK Day and Night is a palette that is my first choice when I want to create something pink. It has one pastel pink shade and one reddish pink that look very nice on eyes. For bolder summer look pink eyeshadow is a must. Sleek Acid contains very nice neon pink shade that unfortunately isn’t the best pigmented, but a good white base can make it pop out. For everyday usage the perfect “pink palette” is Deborah Milano Smokey Eye Nude Rose. All shades in this palette are more on a neutral side, so I think those who don’t like bolder looks would love it, too. The most recent addition to my palette collection is Lady Queen’s palette with 20 eyeshadows that unfortunately doesn’t have any interesting name, but it contains two matte pink eyeshadows that are the most in usage by me lately when I’m doing a makeup that contains pink.

Rosy Cheeks
My natural cheek colour is something between red and pink, and that’s the reason I really like to use pink blushes on my cheeks. The finish depends from the look I’m doing, but I like matte and shimmery blushes the same. Two of my all time favourite pink blushes are Catrice Defining blushes Think Pink and Pinkerbell. First one has coraly undertone, while second one is a bright pink shade. When it comes to shimmery pink shades Essence Ring Around the Rosy is the one that completely stole my heart. During the summer it was one of my most used blushes because it gives a special glow to the cheeks. I also decided to include Makeup Revolution palette All About Cream, which contains 8 blushes, and three of them are pink. For lovers of creamy blushes this is a perfect palette, because blushes are nicely pigmented and easy to blend, while duration time also isn’t that bad.

Pink Lips
If I would ask my fellow bloggers and readers a question: “If I could wear only one colour on my lips till the end of my life, what do you think which colour that would be?” I bet they would say pink. And you can bet they would be right. I mean, I love all colours on my lips, but pink is “the special one”. In this post I could mention a whole list of pink lip products, but I decided to reduce my choices on four products. One of my all time favourite pinks is definitely Look by Bipa lipliner in Bonbon. Its creamy formula goes on lips smoothly, and although it’s matte it doesn’t dry the lips and doesn’t emphasize dry parts. I’m completely in love with this shade. Second matte favourite is Bourjois Pink Pong. It has a very pleasant and non-drying formula, and with lipliner underneath it can lasts for hours without disappearing. I also really love the formula of Maybelline lipsticks. Vivid Rose is a creamy lipstick with amazing colour payoff and it feels very light on lips and it also lasts for some time. The last pink I’m going to mention is Freedom Candy Sweet, which is a nice creamy bright pink shade. The pigmentation isn’t the best, but it can be built up.  

If you would go through my nail polish stash you would find many pink nail polishes. I kept one or two for occasions as Pink October, but otherwise it takes a lot for pink polish to convince me. But I do like two pink polishes. One of them is Essie Fiji, a pastel pink shade, and second is Models Own Cerise, a fuchsia pink shade with chrome finish. Both of them are special and that’s why I like them. 

If you are interested in detailed reviews of certain products, click on the name of the products. I reviewed most of the products I mentioned today and those I haven't yet will get their reviews soon. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow, because I prepared pink makeup and nail art for you. :)

Tell me, which are your favourite products? If you liked this post you can share it with your readers and followers on social media. Thank you for reading!

4 komentarji

  1. Well, I struggled for coming up with my pink post for tomorrow. Turns out I only have one pink eyeshadow and a dusty pink blush, no polish, no lipstick, no nuffin in pink :)
    But no worries, the post is still on it's way ;)

  2. Mene je presenetilo, da niti nimam ogromno roza lakov. Pri blushih in šminkah je pa druga zgodba … :D

  3. Tudi jaz nimam dosti roza izdelkov, sem mislila, da bo več ... hmmm.
    Super objava, Taya! :)

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