FOTD: Sugar Skull (Collaboration with Lana Spital Makeup)

First of all, I want to apologise that there aren’t many reviews on my blog lately, but currently I have a huge inspiration for makeup, or to be precise, for Halloween makeup. Which means, October will be more Halloween-ish, but I promise there will be a whole bunch of reviews and other interesting posts in November (and some in October as well).

Anyway, today I have another collaboration post for you. I had a huge wish to do Halloween collaboration with someone and I was so happy when amazing and talented Lana from Lana Spital Makeup agreed to do a collaboration post with me. This is our second collaboration, check out our first here. Lana has a Youtube channel where she shares tutorials and beauty tricks with you, so definitely follow her there. Recently she opened a new online store Lux Style, where you can find many interesting products for your kitchen, computers, phones and jewelry, so don’t forget to check her store as well. We decided to do La Bella Muerte aka Sugar skull makeup

I started with drawing two big black circles around my eyes. I painted my face white, leaving only the space in black circles empty. Then I used black pencil and I draw six flower leaves, creating a flower around my eyes. I painted flower leaves with red, orange and yellow eyeshadow, creating a gradient effect. After I applied all the colours in each flower leaf, I took black eyeliner and I outlined the flower. Then I took black cream eyeshadow and filled with it the empty space around the flowers in circle. Then I took red eyeshadows and I draw small circles around the eyes. After that I contoured my temples, forehead and hollows of my cheeks with red eyeshadow. I also draw a nose of my skull. Then I took black pencil again and sketched everything I wanted to do on my face to finish my sugar skull – mouth, spider web, some random spirals and lines. I outlined everything with eyeliner. On my chin I added a flower, which I first draw with pencil, filled with red creamy eyeshadow and then outlined with black eyeshadow. On my cheeks I added two red spirals. And that was it. I tried sugar skull makeup three times before I was finally satisfied with it. Why? Because in first two tries I always had a feeling that something is still missing. Sugar skull makeup is actually a makeup that can end up really interesting if you let your imagination on the loose.

Products I used:
- Imagic Professional Cosmetics pallete 12 Flash Color Case
- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- Miyo 13
- Sleek Curacao
- Oriflame The One Stylo Black eyeliner
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508

In the end I played a bit with black and purple wig. I think no one would recognize me if I would wear this makeup for Halloween, haha. :)

Check out the tutorial Lana did for our collaboration. I hope you like this post. If you do you can share it with your friends and followers. Thank you for reading!

6 komentarjev

  1. Čist hudo, sem glih učeri malo gledala na youtubu posnetke vseh možnih kreacij;) tvoja je super, kreativna, si verjetn kr neki časa porabila, da si odstranla ves tale makeup:)

  2. Obe sta fino ustvarili :) Meni so tele lobanje prov kul :)

  3. Odlično. Meni je ta makeup vedno bil zanimiv, ker lahko dodajaš več elementov in se zdi zabavno mazat :). Všeč so mi tvoje barvne kombinacije. Super ti je uspelo ;)

  4. Všečkam. Te "sladkorne lobanje" so mi vedno všeč.

  5. I love this soooo much. I am actually going as a sugar skull for halloween this year :)