FOTD: Queen of Hearts (Halloween Series)

The other days I found a photo of a girl wearing cards on her face, while I was searching an inspiration for Halloween makeup, and I knew immediately I have to recreate this look, because it was so interesting. Of course I added my touch to it, but I’m so happy I did it. Red eyeshadow, people, red eyeshadow! I can’t tell you how much I adore red eyeshadow. I know I might sound crazy, but I really really adore red on my eyes. 

Photo 1: I started with priming my eye with eyeshadow primer and then I used a pointed brush to outline the crease with red eyeshadow. I know, I know, I’m doing cut crease again, but I think cut crease suits this look very well.
Photo 2: I took a fluffy brush and blended the red eyeshadow up on my brow bone.
Photo 3: Then I took a pointed brush and applied black eyeshadow in crease, and carefully blended it with red.
Photo 4: All over the lid I applied matte vanilla eyeshadow.
Photo 5: I decided to do red eyeliner. I used creamy eyeshadow from Flash palette I bought on eBay. This eyeshadow is really easy to work with, the only problem I had with it is fast smudging. After few looks I did with this palette I discovered that I have to set these eyeshadows with powder eyeshadows to prevent smudging (I discovered that quickly, right? :S).
Photo 6: Under my eyes I first applied black eyeshadow very close to my lashes and then I used red eyeshadow to blend it out.
Photo 7: As a highlighter under my eyebrow I used matte white eyeshadow, because I didn’t want to achieve too much focus there. On waterline I used black pencil.
Photo 8: For the end I applied mascara and false lashes, which were a must for this look. As you can see I also blended the red on brow bone a bit more, because I saw I have too sharp line and I wanted it softer. 

Then I went on my face. I already applied foundation and filled my eyebrows before, but next step after the eyes were done was to draw cards. I made four cards above the right eye. I used angled brush and black creamy eyeshadow from Flash palette to draw rectangles, one near the other. Then I used white creamy eyeshadow to fill the empty space of cards. Because on some places I went over the line, I used black eyeshadow again to fix the mistakes and on some places I made lines a bit thicker. Then I draw four Q’s, one in each card. First I was planning to do four hearts, but in the end I decided to do all four symbols of Poker cards. On my cheeks I didn’t want to complicate, so I contoured my cheeks with Catrice Prime and Fine palette and then I used coral blush from Catrice (Coral Me Maybe). I decided to skip highlighter. On left side, under the eye I draw two hearts.

For the lips I first used dark red matte lipliner. I really like this Look by Bipa lipliner, but I felt like this look needs something more, so I first used Bourjois gloss and then I applied Essence golden glittery pigment over it. Because I used gloss, glitter stuck better on lips. 

Products I used:
- Vichy Teint Ideal 15
- Oriflame The One Illuskin foundation Porcelain
- Bourjois Silk Edition Porcelain
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine Ashy Radiance
- Catrice Coral Me Maybe
Imagic Professional Cosmetics palette 12 Flash Color Case (for cards)

- NYX High Definiton eyeshadow primer
- Miyo 13
- Sleek Cucarao palette (black)
- Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow Vanillaty Fair
- Imagic Professional Cosmetics palette 12 Flash Color Case
- Essence I Love Extreme waterproof mascara
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (for eyebrows)
- Lady Queen false lashes

- Look by Bipa Orchid
- Bourjois Carton Rouge
- Essence A Piece of Forever

What do you think about this look? If you liked I'd I would appreciate if you would share it. Thank you for reading!