FOTD: Poison Ivy (Halloween Series)

Poison Ivy with her gorgeous red hair was the character I wanted to do for this Halloween, but finding a red wig was not so easy. Finally I found it in Spar, but the makeup was not a piece of cake either. I was doing it twice, because the first time I wasn’t satisfied with photos. The camera makes makeup colours less intensive as they are in reality, that’s a first, and after I put the wig on my head the green colour just vanished somewhere. It looked so intense until I didn’t put the wig on, but once it was on this vivid red overwhelmed the whole look. But nonetheless, I was satisfied with photos I took the second time, so here is my Poison Ivy look for Halloween.

I couldn’t wear brown eyebrows, when I had the red wig, right? I didn’t like any red in my collection enough to fill my brows with it, so in the end I decided to mix red and orange. That way I achieved this gorgeous orangey red shade. I taped the tape on my outer part of the eye, because my first intention was to get the sharp line there, but later during the process I changed my mind. I primed my eye with eyeshadow primer and applied light brown in crease as a transition colour. On inner third of the lid I applied bright green shade, on second third a darker green and on last third a teal green shade. As you can see my application wasn’t very neat, because later I took blending brush and blend everything out on brow bone. When the tape was still on I took black eyeshadow and lined my eye with it. I felt like black eyeshadow will look better with this look as eyeliner. After that I removed the tape. Under my eyes I mixed the dark green and teal green shades. I pulled the line towars the eyebrow, till the end of the eyeliner flick. On my tightline and waterline I applied black eye pencil and I highlighted inner corner and brow bone with pearly white shade. For the end I applied mascara and false lashes

Poison Ivy wears some kind of leaves on her eyebrows. I didn’t want to do exactly the same thing, so I rather contoured my forehead with green in a shape of triangle, and then I pulled the green down from my crown of the head to hollows of cheeks. I also applied green on my neck. Because the green I used was very light I used darker green shade to darken the look. I also applied glittery eyeliner in triangles on my forehead on both sides. For the blush I used orange shade, because it was the best match for this look (and because I didn’t want the red). On lips I used Mac Lady Danger, because it was a perfect combination match for the wig. Then I draw a design with few poison ivy leaves on right side and with one of left side and the look was done. 

Overall I'm really satisfied with the look, but as I said before I have a feeling that the vivid red wig "eats" the green and makes it less intense. I bought the wig in Spar. It's actually a wig with horns for the devil look, but I used pile of green leaves as a crown and hidden them. On photos they wouldn't be visible anyway. But otherwise this wig can be perfect to achieve Poison Ivy look from the movie. As you know, she has horns. You can just wrap the hair around the horns, secure them and achieve Poison Ivy horns. 

Products I used:
- Vichy Teint Ideal 15
- Oriflame The One Illuskin foundation Porcelain
- Bourjois Silk Edition Porcelain
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine Ashy Radiance
- Essence East Side Story blush
Imagic Professional Cosmetics palette 12 Flash Color Case
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette
- She Stylezone glittery eyeliner

- NYX High Definiton eyeshadow primer
- Miyo 13
- Sleek Cucarao palette 
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette
- Essence I Love Extreme waterproof mascara
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Lady Queen false lashes

- Mac Lady Danger

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  1. Ti res obvladaš, vsi tvoji FOTD posti so tako dobri, da ne vem niti več katere besede uporabit. Ampak prav tako pa enostavno ne morem, da jih ne bi pokomentirala.
    Najbolje, da zbiraš naročila na Halloween, po moje bi mela nabito polno. :)*

  2. AAaaa, čudovita si! Res top! Tele tople jesenske barve izgledajo odlično na tebi! :)

  3. Idej ti pa res nikoli ne zmanjka. Super! Pa čestitke za blogerko meseca pri Etiketi! ;)

  4. Uau, tole je pa res hud makeup :) Res imaš očitno veliko inspiracije za divje in manj divje looke :) Pa rdeča tu super paše ;)

  5. wow čudovito! :D tale rdeča ti res noro paše :D

  6. ZAKON, obožujem Poison Ivy :D Res si super naredila, pa še pristoji ti. Sem dobila motivacijo, da jo še jaz probam narest, ker imam ravno rdečo lasuljo v omari ...

  7. Sej sploh ne vem več kaj na komentiram, ker tako ali tako zadaneš vsak look v nulo :)

  8. Čudovito :) Letos imaš pa res goro inspiracije :)

  9. Prekrasno! <3 Zares ti paše ta živo rdeča barva. Zraven vsega pa zelo lepo sovpada še zelena! :)

  10. Spet odtenki zate-zeleni :) Zelo ti pašejo. In kakšna lasulja, prav neon izgleda :D Odlično kot vedno ;)

  11. Thank you all, I'm glad you like this look. <3