FOTD: Ice Queen (Halloween Makeup)

In my Snow Queen post I mentioned that I want to do a whiter version of that makeup, so called Ice Queen look. Of course the white colour wasn’t supposed to be the only one used, because that would look strange. I decided to combine it with a bit of silver and plum. I have to admit this look didn’t come out as I wanted and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it, but if I judge by response on Instagram and Facebook, you really like it. So I decided to dedicate it its own post.

I started with a very light foundation, because Ice Queen should have fair, almost white complexion. I Mixed Oriflame Porcelain foundation, which is very light shade, with Makeup Revolution white foundation. I had no idea what to do with eyebrows, because I didn’t want white brows, but silver ones didn’t work as I wanted. So in the end I filled them with Love Brunettes eyeshadow that I usually use, and then I applied silver eyeshadow over them. Until I didn’t spray the snow on my hair they didn’t really matched the look, but after application of snow everything looked great. I contoured my forehead and hollows of my cheaks with plumy eyeshadow, but after I blended it it looked more like a pinkish-red shade. On forehead I applied a bit of silver eyeshadow over the plumy one, but I made sure that it was really nicely blended in it. On cheeks I used rosy shimmery blush, because the silver didn’t work there. As a highlighter on the top of the cheeks I used Essence white pigment that contains a bit of glitter. Because I felt like something is missing I added some white glitter there, too. Because that wasn’t enough I applied the glitter on my temples as well. The glitter I used was from Essence nail art line, but I think they were discontinued in spring. But don’t worry; if you’re searching any stuff for creating, Tedi is a right place for you. Almost everything I use for my Halloween looks (wigs, spiders, crown, leaves glitter, leaves band ...) I got in Tedi. 

On eyes I didn’t complicate. I applied matte white eyeshadow all over my lid, but of course I used NYX Milk pencil as a base before to intensify the white. In outer corner I gently applied purple shade from Makeup Revolution Big Love palette, which I blended gently into the crease. I’m saying gently, because I didn’t want for the purple to be very intensive, but very very light, almost unnoticeable. I applied the same plum eyeshadow to contour the place above the inner corner (I have no idea how this area on our face is called, sorry). On outer third of the lid I applied silver eyeshadow and on inner two thirds of the lid white Essence pigment with glitter. Then I wanted to apply silver false eyelashes to make the look even crazier, but I couldn’t and couldn’t glue them on my eyes. Crazy! Instead of that I rather applied black eyeliner and then black false eyelashes. Under my eyes I applied purple eyeshadow from MR palette and on waterline white eye pencil. On lips I mixed few shades to get gentle pink look, and in the end I added white glittery pigment to make them more shiny and outstanding. Above my brows I glued few white studs I ordered on eBay (they were very cheap, around 1 € I think).

Then the fun part has begun. In Tedi I bought spray that creates snow on windows and other surfaces. I was a bit afraid to use it on hair, but I decided to take a risk, because this look wouldn’t be perfect without white hair. I sprayed it all over my hair and on my neck. I really like the touch this snow gave to this look, although I think I could skip it on the neck, but oh well, what was done, was done. 

Products I used:
- Oriflame Illuskin Foundation The One Porcelain
- Makeup Revolution The One white foundation Shade 1
- MeMeMe Flawless concealer Beige
- Sleek Vintage Romance A Wow in Venice (for contouring)
- Lady Queen 20 eyeshadow palette (silver for highlighting forehead)
- Essence Ring Around the Rosy
- Essence Effect Nails I'm so Dreamy
- white studs from eBay

- Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
- Essence pigment Fairy Dust
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette (Pillow Talk)
- Makeup Revolution Big Love palette (Absorbed)
- Lady Queen 20 eyeshadow palette (silver)
- Sleek Vintage Romance palette (A Wow in Venice)
- Essence I Love Extreme waterproof mascara
- Oriflame Stylo Black eyeliner
- Lady Queen false eyelashes

- Aura 36 lipliner
- Essence pigment Fairy Dust
- Isadora Tropical Pink
- Essence Mission Flower

What do you think about my Ice Queen look? If you like it I would appreciate if you would share it on your social media. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Vedno ko uporabiš drug odtenek senčila si mislim vau ta odtenek ti pa paše. Danes ti spet sivo paše, ni kar ni. Vse ti paše :D Čudovito! <3 Bel spraj je super izpadel. Kako je pa šlo izpirat iz las? :)

  2. Iii, so pretty :D Se kar ne morem odločit kateri je moj najljubši, tale, golden goddess (js sm kr dala svoje ime :D) ali queen of hearts :)

  3. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  4. Prečudovita ! <3 res vse pohvala za tako krasne make up look-e ! Ta je moj najljubši zraven tistega v zlatem ! Res obvladaš <3

  5. Wow I love that look! Amazing job and idea!

  6. Definitivno moj najljubši look! ( poleg zlatega :P ) Res ti pristaja! :))) ♡

  7. Waw, tole je res super! Sploh tale sneg po laseh, samo kako si potem tole odstranila :) Res ti odlično paše tale look!!

  8. Uau, tale look je pa res spektakularen :) Sneg v laseh res doda učinek, pa tudi tiste bunkice nad obrvmi :)

  9. Svetovno, meni ena tvojih najboljših do zdaj. :)

  10. Upam da je umetni sneg šel iz las brez težav. So mi pa super všeč perlice nad obrvmi, mislim cel look je čudovit, ampak teh perlic se pa najbrž nihče ne bi spomnil dodat

  11. you are so tallented! amazing <3

  12. Čudovito, mogoče bom uporabila idejo ta vikend :D Pri laseh verjetno ne bo tak problem hihi

  13. This is amazing. Omg it's just so amazing. I can't find other words for it. You have such amazing imagination and talent it just makes me so happy I get the chance to see it. <3

  14. Mislim, da mi je izmed tega in prejšnjega Ice Queen looka tale bolj všeč, super ti paše tale bela! res top! :)

  15. Pa kako, da nisi zadovoljna, če je pa fenomenalno izpadlo :D You're too harsh on yourself :)

  16. ma super je look :) snijeg u kosi pogotovo dobro izgleda :)

  17. Hi Taya, you look like snow White.

  18. Thank you all, I'm glad you like this look. <3