Few More Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is on Saturday, but most parties here in Slovenia will be happening today. Because I made few more looks that didn't get their own posts I decided to include them all together in one post and tell you something about each one. Maybe you'll get any idea for Halloween makeup. If you want to check my other Halloween makeup looks, just click here. I had two more scarier looks planned for this week, but something came up and I didn't had much time to create them. Well, I'll keep them in mind for the next week. :)

Sexy Clown
I've been seeing these kind of clown looks all over the Instagram and Facebook, and since it was stuck in my head I had to try it. This look actually isn't as hard to do, and if you will be clown for Halloween you will be unrecognizable. I started with my eyes. First I used black eyeshadow to outline where the eyeshadow will end, and then I applied yellow all over the lid. With black eyeshadow I made a flick first and then I blended it into the yellow shade. On lower lash line I applied red eyeshadow, which I blended down towards the cheeks. Then I took creamy black eyeshadow and I draw three lines where I applied red before. Above my eyebrows I draw two triangles. On the point of all lines and both triangles I glued white studs. Then I draw a black nose and clown's mouth. On my neck I draw red and white lines. I had to use red wig, because it seemed like it will be a perfect match for this look and it really was. The eyeshadows that I was using for this look were from Flash palette that I got on eBay and from Sleek Curacao palette. 

Capitol Citizen
I had no idea how to call this look, but then I remember I could probably get away with it in The Capitol. I started playing with colours on eyes without knowing exactly what I'm going to do and this came out. I wanted to achieve harsh lines between different colours on eyes at the beginning, and that's the reason the blush is applied the way it is, but in the end I had to blend colours together, because it seemed better that way. I used some yellow, pink, red, orange and blue. I wanted to achieve as crazy look as I could. On eyebrows I made a blue-black gradient to match the look better. In the end I applied black false lashes with blue feathers I bought in Tedi. Here I was using eyeshadows from Sleek palettes Curacao and Ultra Mattes V2, while on cheeks I applied Sleek blush Pomegranate and Essence highlighter Gold Digger. First I made a bit crazier lips, but they didn't really match this look as I wanted, so I just applied pink matte lip liner on them. 

Mask Galaxy Makeup 
Mask makeup looks are the easiest to do, if you ask me. All you have to do is use your imagination. This mask was planned to be a purple gradient mask, but when I applied and blended all eyeshadows together it reminded me a lot on galaxy, so I added few dots and stars. I filled my brows with black, because brown wouldn't really match the purple nicely, and I also applied eyeliner on upper lid, while I outlined my lower lash line with black. False lashes were a nice addition to this look. Before I started to apply eyeshadow on my face, I outlined the mask with black cream eyeshadow from Flash palette. In the end I draw semicircles with the same black all around the mask and filled them in with pink. For this mask I was using Flash palette, Lady Queen palette with 20 eyeshadows and Sleek palette Ultra Mattes V2 Darks.  

Mad Hatter
Who doesn't love Johnny Depp? When Tjaša (I think it was her) suggested me to do one of the characters from Tim Burton's movies, I didn't chose any girl character but a Mad Hatter that was played by Johnny Depp in movie Alice in Wonderland. This makeup was really fun to do, with the exception that I used face painting from Spar that didn't apply nicely and it looked really chalky when it dried. Mad Hatter has blue eyeshadow on one and purple on other eyelid, so I did that. He actually has very bushy orange eyebrows, but because I didn't have anything do to brows I used orange eyeshadow, which I mixed with a bit of red, and I draw bushy eyebrows. His nose is contoured with red, and his temples and hollows of cheeks as well. I also applied a bit of orange blush on cheeks, because I noticed in the movie that he's wearing it. On lips I applied pink lipstick. I made the hat myself from a cardboard. I painted it with black tempera painting. I really like this look, although I did have a problem with blending eyeshadow over this white base, because it wasn't smoothy as I would want.

Pop Art Zombie
Pop art zombie is another makeup that is really popular and I was seeing it all over Instagram. Because it seemed to me like this makeup is quite a challenge, I had to do it. I was mostly using eyeshadows from Flash palette, which are not as hard to work with, but their problem is that they don't dry once they are applied on skin. They stay as creamy as in palette, so the design can be quickly smudged. I'm quite satisfied with this look for the first try. The only thing I would change is that I would blend the eyeshadow on lids. I made it intentionally so harsh looking, but on photos it doesn't look as nice as it looked in my head. 

Are you going on a Halloween party today? What kind of scary makeup will you wear? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Super ideje :D Najslednjič moraš en mesec prej začat, če boš imela toliko inspiracije :D.
    Klovn mi je ful dober. Sploh ustnice in perlice - unikatno :).Mad Hatter je pa itak klasika. Jaz sem mislim da lani mojega naredila v to, je prav zabavno. Saj tako kot vsi liki Johnny Deppa. Tam je res ogormno inspiracije :D

  2. norooo dobre ideje... a mi lahko zaupaš kje kupuješ te barve za poslikavo obraza ?

  3. Mad Hatter <3 prov v nulo ti je ratalo vse res :D

  4. Tvoja kreativnost me znova in znova navdušuje :) Kot sem videla Mad Hatter-ja na Instagramu sem si rekla, da je to moja najljubša do sedaj, potem pa si naredila še Golden Goddess in Ice Queen, zdaj pa se kar ne morem odločit :)

  5. My goodness, that Mad Hatter! It's amazing! :D Made my evening.

  6. Amazing Halloween looks! So talented :D
    I found your blog through Adjusting Beauty. I just had to follow you, great blog! :D


  7. WOW i am loving these amazing halloween looks!!

  8. Thank you all, I'm glad you like these looks. :D