Dramatic False Eyelashes for Dramatic Makeup

False lashes and I … well, we are still not best friends. On good days I can apply false lashes like a pro and on bad days like a total newbie. I never wear them on a daily basis. I have no idea how some women are patient enough to apply them every day and how they make them last a whole day without them coming off. I always have a huge problem gluing them in inner corner, because they never want to stick properly (except on good days). Beside that I’m wearing glasses and I don’t imagine wearing false eyelashes every day.

When I was deciding what I want to test from Lady Queen I chose fake eyelashes Y-79, because it said “natural soft handmade etc.” false lashes and I did expect natural, not too long lashes, but o boy was I surprised when I got them. These are actually quite long, dense eyelashes and they look dramatic on eyes, but I don’t mind that, because as you know I often do bolder looks and these are perfect lashes to be used then. The band is soft, so they adjust to the eye when I’m applying them. They were too long, so I cut them on outer side to adjust the length. On Lady Queen site it’s written that these are handmade from a cotton stalk (and that’s probably what they meant with natural). These are shorter in inner part and longer in outer. In the box there comes 10 pair of eyelashes, but if they are carefully applied, one pair can be used more than once.  

Four makeup looks where I used Lady Queen Y-79 eyelashes (yay, you have a special preview on the last photo what's coming on my blog next in Halloween series :D)

These do not come with lash glue, so I use Fingrs lash glue to glue them on. Maybe is the reason I’m not skilled enough to apply false eyelashes perfectly, but I can never apply these properly. I always have problems in inner corner, where they don’t want to stick on. And no, the lash glue is not the problem, because Fingrs glue holds everything (read: lashes and studs) I glue on my face very good. I even have problems removing everything when I use it. But these eyelashes just don’t want to stay on place in inner corner. I noticed one other interesting thing. I can always place them okay on my left eye, while on my right eye I always have a problem placing them close to my natural lashes and it usually takes me two attempts before I apply them. These eyelashes are light, but since they are so dramatic I always feel them on my eyes, especially in inner corner where they don’t feel very comfortable. 

10 pair of false eyelashes cost 4,91 € ($5,99). They come in a white cardborad box and they are tied on with golden stickers and it’s actually quite hard to take them out. These are not the best eyelashes I’ve tried, but I think they are affordable and although I don’t wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, these will come very handy with my creative makeup looks. I can make them work for those few minutes of photoshooting. If you’re going to shop at Lady Queen, use my code WGGT15 for 15% discount. 

Have you tried Lady Queen false eyelashes? What do you think about these? Thank you for reading! 
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