6 Essence Polishes Perfect for Fall (New Shades)

Two times a year Essence surprises us with a bunch of new products and among them are also polishes. This fall they released few new shades in now regular nail polish collection The Gel, and also few new collections. One of them is I Love Trends The Darks, which offers 6 new dark shades. In the store three of them caught my attention, and in this post I’m going to talk about them, together with three new shades from The Gel collection.

I already talked about The Gel nail polish collection before on my blog (read about it here and here), and my regular followers already know I’m completely in love with it. The formula is amazing, it’s creamy and opaque, the application is a dream and the shade selection isn’t that bad. It’s true, most of the shades aren’t really unique, but I bet any of you can find a shade you’re going to completely fall in love with. For me the huge positive property of this collection is the cream finish, which most of the polishes have, because is my favourite. Today I’m going to talk about shades My Love Diary, Amazed by You and Miss Captain. These contains 8 ml and cost 1,69 €. 

The Darks is a new part of I Love Trends collection that contains 6 polishes of different finishes. Their mutual property is, as the name suggest, that all shade are very dark and because of that appropriate for fall in winter season. You can choose among green, black, purple, blue, red and grey shades. My personal favourites were Indigo to Go, Well Plum and Happy New Green. They come in a round shaped bottle that contains 8 ml. These have smaller flat brush which is easy to work with, but I have to admit I prefer wider brush of The Gel collection. The price of these polishes is around 2 € (I don’t remember exactly and I can’t find the bill).

My Love Diary is a dusty rosy red shade. I have no idea if I’m describing the colour alright, but it’s a very interesting shade. I used two coats for these swatches.

Miss Captain is a dusty blue shade. Many would probably say that they don’t think this shade is really fall appropriate, but because this blue has a bit greyish undertone this makes is a totally fall colour to me. Teal or similar blue shades from Essence can stain the nails, but this one doesn’t. I used two coats.

Amazed by You is such a gorgeous plum purple shade. I actually didn’t check if I already have similar shades to it and I probably do, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m completely in love with it. I used two coats.

Indigo to Go is a blue shade with blue and purple shimmer. In the bottle it actually looks like it’s a duochrome shade, but on nails this effect isn’t visible, unfortunately. It has a really nice, not too thick or runny formula that applies on nails easily. I used two coats for these swatches. The removal is also not a problem.

Well Plum us a very dark plum purple shade. It’s not a dupe for Amazed by You, because it’s much darker. It’s really a gorgeous creamy shade that’s opaque in two coats.

Happy New Green is a highlight of this collection for me (at least among these three shades I own). It’s a regular shimmery darker green shade, but it dries matte. I haven’t checked any swatches before I bought it and boy, was I surprised when I first applied it and it dried matte. But pleasantly surprised, because I really like its non-glossy finish. It could be opaque in one thicker coat, but I used two. I don’t have a photo with glossy finish, because today, while swatching these polishes, I decided to keep this one as my manicure and I like its finish way too much to apply a glossy top coat over it. 

All of these polishes have really nice formulas, because none caused me any problem with application. The duration time depends a lot from different circumstances and as you know, on my weak nails polishes don't really last for ages.

Have you tried nay of these new polishes? How do you like them? If you like this post you can share it with your friends and followers on social media. Thank you for reading!

11 komentarjev

  1. Happy New Green je gorgeouuus! :D Tudi Amazed by You bom zagotovo kupila :D My Love Diary pa je že dober mesec konstantno na nohtih :P
    Mimogrede, vsakič se načudim tvojim popolno nalakiranim nohtom :D

  2. Presenetljivo so mi vsi všeč, sploh the darks :) Samo nekaj: a je mogoče My Love Diary dupe za Lycheers od Bourjoisa? Ker tale na tebi izgleda petstokrat lepše kot Lycheers na meni, pa ne vem če je to zaradi barve laka ali tvoje polti.

  3. Res lepi odtenki, še posebej sta mi všeč My love Diary in Amazed by You ;)

  4. Happy new green in Well plum gresta na wishlisto! :)

  5. Jest sem čist zaljubljena v The Darks :D Mam vse naštete doma.

  6. Oba modra odtenka sta čudovita in zaenkrat v moji zbirki ni še nič podobnega

  7. O zdaj pa komaj čakam, da sprobam Amazed by You. So pretty! Pravi jesenski vojiličen odtenek :). Happy New Green mi je zelo všeč, že zaradi tega ker je mat. Mora bit dobra formula, ker so popolno namazani :)

  8. Vsi razen zadnjega so mi všeč. Sploh My Love Diary je čisto moj odtenek čeprav imam verjetno že preveč takšnih :D

  9. Amazed by you pa Happy new green sta čudovita! :)

  10. Great swatches! My favourite is Indigo to Go :)