20 Eyeshadows for Colouring Your Eyes (Lady Queen Palette Review)

Most of the people get excited when they see a new lipstick or a blush or something else, while I get excited when I see a gorgeous palette containing colourful eyeshadows. When I found this palette with 20 eyeshadows on Lady Queen’s site I immediately felt in love with colours, and when they agreed I can test it I was over the moon. Yes, a month when I was waiting on this palette was very long. But you can imagine my happiness when I finally got the package in my hands. I think I never took photos of a palette for my blog so fast, because I was so eager to try it. Gosh, I really wish that this palette would have a special name, because the name that’s written on their page is a mess. In this post we’re simply going to call it a palette, because I’m not so good with naming things, unfortunately.

First thing that surprised me is the size of this palette. It’s huge, people. It measures 23 x 15 x 4 cm, so you can imagine it’s not small. It contains 20 eyeshadows and individual pans are huge as well. The whole palette weights almost 400 g. The palette comes in a black matte plastic packaging that seems very sturdy to me. Eyeshadows are divided into two parts, each part containing 10 eyeshadows, and both parts can be taken out of the palette. The system reminds me a lot on Z palettes, with the difference that these eyeshadows are not individually placed in the palette, but 10 eyeshadows together on one “plate”. What I like about this palette is that it doesn’t come with one of those (for me) unnecessary double sponge applicators, while I do miss a mirror, which would enable easier usage of this palette. Because of its largeness I don’t think this is a travel friendly palette, because it takes a lot of space, and also its colour range isn’t appropriate for every day.

The palette is a mixture of matte and shimmery eyeshadows and the quality differs from shade to shade. Shimmery eyeshadows are mostly good pigmented, while some mattes have surprisingly amazing quality and others poorly. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed, because I expected better pigmentation by most of the shades. The texture of most eyeshadows is nicely soft, although it can’t be compared for example with Sleek eyeshadows, which are silkier and softer. All eyeshadows from Lady Queen palette dust a lot and fall out is present. What actually surprised me is the acting of these eyeshadows on eyes. With a good primer these can look very intense on eyes, plus they can last a whole day without creasing and fading away. I do recommend tapping method while applying these on the lids, because they are very bleandable and can quickly end up looking very light. 

Upper row:
White shade – this eyeshadow is such a disappointment. It’s a matte eyeshadow, but with such poor colour payoff that is a waste of space in this palette, actually, because it’s not very useful. On the lid I can only use it if I use white base underneath, and is also not very noticeable as highlighter under my eyebrows.
Pink shade – a matte eyeshadow with an okay pigmentation.
Lime green shade – this is a shimmery eyeshadow with nice pigmentation.
Baby blue shade – I actually though that this is a matte eyeshadow, but I noticed that it has tiny shimmer in it. The pigmentation is good.
Olive green shade – this one contains tiny golden shimmer, but the pigmention is poor. Too bad, because I like this shade a lot.

Lower row:
Silver grey shade – this is a metallic eyeshadow with amazing pigmentation, one of the best eyeshadows in this palette.
Hot pink shade – this is a matte eyeshadow with nice pigmentation. Although both pink eyeshadows have good quality considering this palette as a totality, I think two pink eyeshadows are completely unnecessary, because when they are blended on eyes they look very similar.
Grass green shade – this is such a unique shade, I don’t think I have anything similar in my collection yet. It has matte finish and luckily the pigmentation is nice as well.
Turquoise shade – this is a turquoise shade that actually has stronger blue undertone than green one. It’s such a pretty shade, but the pigmentation is unfortunately very poor.
Brown shade – this is a shimmery eyeshadow. Its texture is far from being silky, but it’s nicely pigmented and the shade is also pretty, so it’s very useful eyeshadow.

Upper row:
Silver shade – unlike golden shade this one is a total winner. It’s a metallic shade with such a nice pigmentation, very similar to greyish silver shade. 
Golden shade – this is another disappointment in this palette. In the palette is looks like a gorgeous metallic golden shade, its colour payoff also isn’t bad, but it applies so uneven.
Yellow shade – I’m in love with this eyeshadow. The story with this shade is the same as with matte brown. After I removed the first layer, this shade got better colour payoff, but it must be tapped on the lids, because it’s too bleandable and with blending it loses the intensity.
Purple shade – this is a matte shade with tiny glitter, but unfortunately it has a poor pigmentation.
Brown shade – this shade has a matte finish and its pigmentation is very nicely. I was doing swatches when this palette was still new and by the first layer it seemed like this shade is going to have bad pigmentation, but after I removed the top layer, the pigmentation become better, especially once this eyeshadow is applied on eyes. Then it has really nice colour payoff. It’s perfect to be used for a quick natural look all over the lid or in crease as a transition colour.

Lower row:
Taupe shade – metallic shade with good pigmentation.
Orange shade – another matte shade with nice pigmentation.
Yellow shade – this matte yellow shade has a bit orange undertone and nice pigmentation.
Darker purple shade – for me this is a total star of this palette. Although it doesn’t have very silky formula and it dusts big time, this matte purple shade has the best pigmentation in this palette. Plus, it’s such a pretty purple shade.
Black shade – the palette as this one definitely needs to have a black and a white eyeshadow. While white is a total miss, black eyeshadow is much better and although this is not the best pigmented black I tried, its colour payoff is good and it can be build up to achieve higher intensity.

I started with eyeshadow primer which I set with white eyeshadow. Then I took matte brown shade and applied it in my crease as my transition colour. On second third of the lid I applied yellow eyeshadow and on last third orange eyeshadow. In crease I applied purple shade from lower row and then I took pink eyeshadow to blend it on brow bone. In inner corner and on first third of the lid I applied brighter yellow shade and on lower lash line grass green shade. I ended the look with eyeliner, nude pencil on waterline and mascara.

And here are two others look, for which I used Lady Queen palette.

This palette is available on Lady Queen site for 13,92€ ($16,99). Overall, this is not a bad palette. For the quantity you get is also not expensive. I use it quite a lot when I’m doing colourful or creative makeup looks. Someone who’s just getting into the game with more colourful eyeshadows or is not really comfortable wearing them, but it wants to try them would probably like it, however my first recommendation would still be a Sleek, which has also inexpensive palettes and a huge selection of better quality eyeshadows. 

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  1. Lepa paletka za take bolj kreativne make-upe :)

  2. Ta paleta je zdaj še meni všeč. Pa zanimivo, da ima toliko mat odtenkov, sem pričakovala da bo več šimrastih. Za ceno so res dobri odtenki, škoda da niso vsi odlično pigmentirani :).

    Big like za ozadje, imaš my favorite, peach vrtnice :D

  3. these are really nice shades, especially the shimmers!

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