Review of MeMeMe Concealers

MeMeMe is offering two types of concealers in their regular assortment. First is liquid concealer Flawless Skin, which guarantees to smooth blemishes and cover any imperfections to give the skin a natural flawless finish. The second is creamy Correct&Perfect concealer kit – cream concealer hides dark circles and blemishes and mattifying powder sets it in place. Without expecting much from both concealers I was impressed by them and both grew on me – not immediately after first usage, but slowly after few usages, when I discovered how amazing both work for me. 

MeMeMe Flawless Skin Beige concealer

Since I used up Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer, this one became my go to concealer. Unlike other MeMeMe products I got in the package these two concealers don’t have any fancy angelic inspired cardboard box packaging in which they would be packed. Flawless Skin concealer comes in a long square plastic packaging that isn’t anything special, but it’s sturdy. It didn’t brake and the concealer isn’t pouring out in the area between lid and lower part, as it happened with Catrice Velvet Finish concealer. It contains 8 g and it comes in 3 shades. I got mine in shade 05 Beige, which is a very bright yellow toned concealer, but it also comes in lighter shade Porcelain, which would probably match any girl with fair complexion. High five for the shades, MeMeMe. 

Shade Beige is a perfect match for me in colder months, but I also noticed that it adjusts to my skin when I’m tanned as well, and I can wear it during the summer without a problem. It has a lightweight creamy formula with light to medium coverage and it can be build up without a problem. It blends really nicely into the skin and it does give a “flawless skin” effect as it promises. MeMeMe says that this is a hydrating concealer, which I’m not really sure about, but I can definitely confirm that it doesn’t dry out the skin and it does not emphasize dry patches. I don’t have very dark circles under my eyes, so this concealer is enough to cover the area under my eyes or to be applied it on any blemish I might have. I have very pretentious fine lines under my eyes, which means that sooner or later every concealer creases on me; the difference is only that some crease faster and some later. I have to say MeMeMe is one of those that last quite a good amount of time before it creases, but of course I have to set it with powder, otherwise it ends up in lines in a minute. I usually apply it with a doe foot applicator under my eyes and then I use Zoeva concealer brush to blend it out. To keep it in place I set it with any powder I have by hands at the moment, because it works great with all of them, no matter the brand. 

Because of my pretentious fine lines I had to discover the technique that would make sure that creamy products would last under my eyes for a longer period of time before they would start creasing. I noticed that it works very well on me, if I first apply a thin layer of a foundation with wet sponge, then a thin layer of concealer with wet sponge and in the end I set both products with powder, using a wet sponge. Of course that means that the coverage it’s not very high, but because I don’t have very dark circles, it works on me.

Correct&Perfect Concealer Kit Nude

The second product comes in black plastic pot, which has a mirror and the concealer on the top and loose powder at the bottom. The pot is small and sturdy, which makes it perfect for travelling, and the mirror is useful addition as well. In the pot you get 1 g of concealer and 3,5 g of setting powder.

I got my Correct&Perfect kit in the shade Nude, which is the middle shade. The lightest is Duff and darker is Taupe. Concealer has thicker and creamy consistency, while its coverage it is light to medium.  It builds up without a problem. The shade Nude is very bright and it matches my skin tone perfectly during colder months, while not so much now in the summer when I’m tanned, so I mostly use it to highlight my under eye area. As I said before, I don’t have very dark under eye circles, so it has enough coverage for me. Unlike Catrice Camouflage Cream, which dried my under eye area, MeMeMe concealer isn’t drying at all. I usually use a brush to apply it on my skin, but fingers for blending, because I noticed that is easier to blend and achieve a natural look that way. Once I set it with powder it doesn’t move in my lines for quite a long time, and even when it does the creasing is not as noticeable as by some other concealers. What impressed me the most by this kit is the duration time – the setting powder makes sure that concealer stays on my skin for hours and even foundation fades away faster than this combination.

Although the shade Nude is the middle shade, the setting powder is very bright. In the pot it looks like it has a yellow undertone, but on swatches it looks white. Its texture is amazing, it’s silky and smooth, finely milt and it mattifies the skin without making it look powdery. I always apply it with Real Technique Setting Brush, which works amazing with powdery product and since it’s small it’s easy to reach this area with it. 

Just a quick comparison with other concealers I have in my collection. The formula of MeMeMe Flawless Skin concealer reminds me a lot on Essence concealer, and the shades are pretty close, too. Catrice Velvet Finish has a bit more dry formula in comparison to both, but it's the lightest shade of them all. MeMeMe Correct&Perfect concealer in shade Nude reminds me a lot on Maybelline Anti-Age Effect concealer in shade Fair because of the pink undertone in both.

I have to admit MeMeMe really knows how to make a good concealer. Although both made a great job on my skin, I prefer Flawless Skin concealer, because liquid concealers with doe foot applicator are my favourite and this one is very lightweight, while on the other hand it has enough coverage for me and it does not dry my skin out. Both concealers have light to medium coverage, so if you have very dark circles, these might not be right for you, but if you prefer concealers that don’t have a full coverage, I recommend you to try both. Both concealers are available at Moja drogerija. Flawless Skin costs 9,81 € and Correct&Perfect costs 11,23 €. You can also get them on MeMeMe’s officialsite (£6,95, £7).

Both shades I own are middle shades. Check out the swatches of Flawless Skin concealer in shadePorcelain and Correct&Perfect concealer in shade Taupe by Sara and Correct&Perfect concealer in shade Buff by Sanja.

Have you tried any of these concealers? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
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