Review: MeMeMe Arch Angel Shape&Define Light Brown

Today I’m reviewing a brow product that has been my companion for months now, and I completely adore it. I’m talking about MeMeMe Arch Angel Shape&Define double sided product with tinted brow gel and highlighting cream. I have mine in shade Light Brown, but there also exist Dark Brown shade.  The idea behind this product is your guardian angel guiding you towards heavenly brows. Tinted brow gel is suppose to tame brows and give them fuller effect that will stay in place a whole day, while highlighting cream is meant for highlighting under the brow area and inner corner of the eye.

MeMeMe doesn’t stop impressing me with the packaging. The cardboard box packaging in which the product came has wings on two sides and it contains all information about the product.  Double sided tube is plastic, but sturdy and perfect for carrying around in a makeup bag, since it contains two products in one. The brow gel part has a vintage design on the packaging, which makes it even prettier. The packaging contains 7,5 ml

I was a bit afraid, when I received this product, because Light Brown didn’t sound good for my darker brows, but my fear was unnecessary, because this is a bit darker brown shade as you would expect by the name. Luckily the shade doesn’t have any orange undertone in it, which makes it a good topper product for my brows. I’m saying a topper product, because I can’t use it alone because of my strangely shaped brows. The pigmentation is amazing and for someone with nicely shaped brows, who only needs mascara to give them a definition and a bit of colour this would be a perfect product. I usually fill my brows with Love Brunettes eyeshadow from Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette first, and then apply tinted gel over it. The gel tames my brows and makes sure that they stay on place during the day, because once this product sets it doesn’t move. Love Brunettes eyeshadow and Light Brown gel are actually a perfect colour match, the only problem I have with this combination is that sometimes little brown dots appear on my brows, but I have the feeling that the problem might be in eyeshadow, because those appear sometimes when I wear it alone, too. The tinted gel part has smaller, but wider brush, which is wide enough to cover my whole eyebrow area, and I can go over my eyebrows only once to complete my eyebrow routine.

Although I do like tinted brow gel much, my favourite part by this product is highlighting cream. It’s a champagne highlighter with tiny glitter that stays noticeable on the skin after blending. Highlighter part has a doe foot applicator, which I never use, because I put some product on the back of my hand and then I apply it with a brush. Doe foot applicator picks up a lot of product, so the carefulness is needed by direct application on the face, because one can quickly end up with too much product. Highlighter blends very nicely, but it dries quickly and once it sets, it doesn’t move until I remove it. Its colour payoff is amazing, so a small amount is enough to achieve shiny effect, especially because this is quite noticeable highlighter. The under brow area and inner corner of the eyes are not the only two areas where I like to use this product, but I also often apply it on the top of my cheeks. I really like the glow it gives to my face when I wear it.

I definitely do like this product much. Although I don’t wear brow gel on its own, I love how it matches my go to eyeshadow for brows Love Brunettes and how amazing it works as a topper product. Since this is definitely not the lightest brown shade, but it can be applied lightly, I think it would match blondes and brunettes quite well, while Dark Brown would probably match girls with dark hair. Highlighter is definitely a star in this duo for me. It lift my eyebrows when I apply it on under brow area, it opens my eye look when I apply it in inner corner of my eye and it gives my skin a healthy and dewy glow when I use it on the top of my cheekbones. MeMeMe Arch Angel product for eyebrows is available on MeMeMe official site for £8,95.

Have you tried MeMeMe Arch Angel product? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!
*PR product

6 komentarjev

  1. I love products like this for lazy day makeup. I never think to look at MeMeMe but I'd really like to try this. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I agree, this product is perfect for lazy days, although I still need to fill my brows with eyeshadow if I want them to look good. :D

  2. O ja, tale je zakon. Ga bom definitivno še kupila :)

    1. Tale je res super. Pri meni je bolj vprašanje, kdaj ga bom uspela porabiti. :P

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