Review: Catrice Lashes to Kill Amazing Volume and Curl

I don’t know what draw me to Catrice Lashes to Kill Ultra Curl and Volume mascara, maybe it was a promise of amazing volume and curls, but I knew I had to get it. When I first tried it I was a bit disappointed, because it was far from amazing volume that it promises, but then a saw a label waterproof. I won’t say I tried a lot waterproof mascaras, but those I did didn’t give a lot of volume to my lashes. When I tried it having waterproof word in my mind, I immediately got a different impression about it.

Since Mateja wrote about Essence Lash Mania mascara and I bought it, I was hooked and it was my go to mascara during the summer. I was hoping that Catrice mascara will be very similar to Essence one, so I gave it another try. In this post I decided to compare both mascaras and tell you my observing.

Catrice mascara comes in a black plastic packaging with white and purple writing on. The packaging contains 10,5 ml and it costs 4,29 €. It promises dramatic volume, ultimate length and ultra curled lashes with eye opening effect. The job of the curved brush this mascara has is to lift and curl lashes, which it does a bit, but they are not really “ultra curled”. Dramatic volume is again another thing that mascara doesn’t fulfil. It actually gives a bit more natural look to my lashes, so it was a good choice in the summer for quick natural looks without dramatic eyeliner.   

I compared Essence to Catrice mascara and they worked so similar at the beginning. Essence was a bit clumsier and it stuck lashes more together, while Catrice separated them nicely, but it didn’t make them as long and curled as Essence one (I also have to mention that both mascaras were wet at the beginning, although not as much as some other Essence mascaras, for example I Love Extreme). Since Essence mascara is discontinued, Catrice seemed like a good substitute to it. The longer I was trying both mascaras more I was sure that Essence one is better. Yet again Essence won a fight, considering the mascaras.

After some time of usage Essence mascara dried and the application of it was a pure love, because it doesn’t stick lashes together as much anymore, yet it prolongs them and it holds the curls amazingly. On the other hand Catrice doesn’t prolong lashes as nicely as Essence and it also doesn’t hold curls as good as Essence, although it got drier with time as well. Catrice mascara has just too heavy formula to hold lashes nicely. They both survive the day amazingly without smudging and giving me panda eyes, but when it comes to removing, Essence is more stubborn and it takes much time to remove it. 

I made a little comparison test on eyes, wearing a colourful makeup with eyeliner – just the way I love it. On right eye (aka on your left side) I’m wearing Essence Lash Mania mascara and on left eye (aka your right side) Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara. I curled my lashes with curler before the application of mascaras, and as you can see Essence holds curls much better, while on the other hand Catrice separates lashes more nicely. 

Despite everything I think Catrice made a good waterproof mascara to use during the summer for a quick natural makeup, because it won’t smudge, however I still think Essence makes better mascaras and it’s going to be always my first choice, no matter if I’m buying regular or waterproof mascara. Essence Lash Mania is unfortunately discontinued, but Mateja just reviewed waterproof version of Essence I Love Extreme and by her words this mascara is even better than Lash Mania. I already bought it, and I’m very curious to try it.

Have you tried any of these two mascaras? Which mascara does work best for you? Thank you for reading!