Today's post won't be a review or that kind of post, but it will be a rambling post with few thoughts about makeup. I often get questions or statements about makeup under my makeup posts or makeup photos on social media. For example: I wish I had your makeup skills. Colours look so good on you, but horrible on me. You do your makeup so good. I admire you, I could never do something like that ...

I decided to write this post, because I want to say to you: you can do it too. Do you think I was born with makeup skills? No, I learned everything I know about makeup on Youtube and on blogs. And I practiced. A lot. It maybe has something to do with a talent, at least by other people, but not so much by me. Everything I know today I learned in past few years. Six years ago, before I started to blog, I didn't wear foundation. When I bought my first one, it was two shades too dark for me, but I didn't realize that and I still wore it. My makeup was one eyeshadow on eyes, matched to my clothes, and few years old mascara on lashes (I know, crazy, how uninformed I was). I didn't have a clue that I can use more than one eyeshadow on eyes, I didn't have idea what smoky eyes are, and I rather don't even talk about my blending skills at the beginning. Eyeliner? Wow, that was an interesting journey. Even a three-year old could do a straighter line on paper as I did on eyes. But every new makeup look was a new practice for me, with every look I learned something and with every look I got better. With years and with every new look my confidence grew and it grew so much that now I can dare to wear colours on eyes, even in public, and create more artistic makeup looks.

I made few photo comparisons to show you, how much my makeup skills got better since I started to blog. Everything I achieved, I achieved with practice. And with experimentation. The most important thing about makeup is practice. If you don't do it okay for the first time, don't worry, makeup is not a permanent thing, you can remove it and start again. That is how I do it. If I’m not satisfied with my makeup, it’ll never end up on my blog. If I have time I’ll remove it and do it again, if not I’ll wear it and try to recreate it another day, or I do something else.

I'm ashamed sometimes, when I look back at my old photos, because they are so strange and my makeup is so ... horrible. But in the end of the day, these are my beginnings and that was the way I did my makeup back then. With these photos I wanted to show you, how much you can achieve, if you try and do it. After all, in your room nobody sees you and nobody will ever know the mistakes you did, the colours you tried and didn't suit you, the technique you tried for the first time and it didn't turned out well. 

The idea of this post isn't being smart or anything, but I hope I did inspire any of you who say you want to try colourful makeup or a new, different technique, but in the end you don't, because (put here the reason, why) - to try, to play with makeup, to create. For the end I'm leaving you with few of my more artistic and creative makeup looks.

Have you noticed, how I like to pose with my hand on my face lately? :D

Thank you for reading!