Summer in the City

When I received Sleek Sunset palette about a month and a half ago, I was inspired to do a summerish makeup post, in which I’d show you products I like to use for my makeup in summer and also few makeup looks. Of course I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. When it's over 30 °C I usually skip makeup, because then everything is just melting from my face.
I was preparing this post for more than a month and now I finally have it for you. I’d actually post this before, but in hot days it was so hard for me to sit in front of the computer and write something + I also had some technical difficulties. I filmed a video for one look, but always when I almost finished editing it, my footage started to disappear and became blank. I have no idea if the problem is in the footage or in video editor, but I don’t want to wait longer with this post, since is the middle of August and the summer is going to its end slowly. 

A good primer can really help to prolong the duration of the foundation in hot days, and one of my favourites is L’Oreal Lumi Magique, which can be used not just as primer, but also mixed with foundation to give it more dewy finish or as a highlighter on cheeks. Summer days are all about light foundations and BB creams that don’t give you a feeling of a facade on your face. When I’m doing makeup looks for blog or when I’m going out I like to use Vichy Teint Ideal foundation in shade 15. It’s quite a dark foundation with medium coverage, but it has a very light texture, and this property makes it perfect for summer. I just recently reviewed it (click). On days when I want to wear a very simple makeup or I just want to put something on quickly, I use Nivea BB cream. This BB cream is very thick, I don’t think I ever used such a thick foundation, but it’s very lightweight on the skin. I usually apply a thin layer of it with fingers and if I feel that I need more, I upgrade it. The same as Vichy foundation this cream is also quite dark, but since I apply a thin layer it adapts to my skin tone and it evens it out.  My skin looks very summerish when I wear it and this BB cream gives it a healthy glow. To set up your foundation and make it last even longer a powder is a must. Two powders that really work nice on my skin are Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder Delicate Blossom and Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
For some people bronzed skin is a must for the summer. I don't use bronzer that often, I actually like to use bronzers for contouring. The one I really like is Alverde Jungle Fever Shimmering Bronzer, which is unfortunately discontinued.

On cheeks I either use shimmery blush that gives nice glow to the cheeks, such as Essence RingAround the Rosy is, or creamy blushes that tend to last better on my face during hotter days. Makeup Revolution All About Cream blush palette is a perfect solution for those on a budget, because it contains 8 blushes that are super pigmented and easy bleandable. Essence also offers creamy blushes (Sweet as a Peach) that give nice colour to the cheeks, and beside those creamy highlighters (Look on the Bright Side) that are easy and quick to apply, and give a nice summer glow to the face.

Bronze, golden, brown, burgundy shimmery shades are perfect to use on lids in the summer. Summer is all about glow, and shimmery eyeshadows definitely create it. Sleek Sunset palette screams summer with its gorgeous shades, and the quality is the one that always impresses me. You can never go wrong with Sleek palettes because of amazing colour payoff, silky texture, longevity and nicely bleandable formula. Very similar to Sleek is Essence All About Sunrise palette that contains 6 shimmery eyeshadows that create beautiful summery makeup on eyes, but of course the quality is not as good as Sleek has it.
A must have products for the summer are definitely creamy eyeshadow. Their best quality is that they are easy to apply and they don’t smudge from lids very fast. I haven’t tried them many, but I can definitely confirm that Maybelline Colour Tattoos have great quality. By us you can get 8 eyeshadows in neutral and colourful shades. They are easy to upgrade, you can apply them with fingers or brushes, and once they dry they don’t move for a whole day. When I wore my look with Permanent Taupe, Turquoise Fever and Endless Purple, they strayed on lids without creasing for 12 hours. I was surprised and impressed by the same time.
A good way to make quick makeup in summer is a usage of different colourful eyeliners. Colourful eyeliner on eyes or a black cat eye with pop of colour on waterline or under the eyes is an interesting makeup solution for summer that is quickly done and looks gorgeous. Maybelline, Misslyn and Deborah (and probably few more drugstore brands) are few brands that are currently offering colourful liquid and pencil eyeliners. 

Bright and matte is my favourite combination for lips in the summer. While eyes are either bold or neutral I always like to emphasize the lips. I’m not the biggest fan of Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquer formula, but the shades are bright, some even neon, which makes them perfect to wear during the summer (if you’re bold enough). Two brands that make amazing matte liquid lipsticks are Sleek and Bourjois. Both offer pigmented and long lasting shades, and while from first brand the Party Pink (which is actually a coral shade) is my go to shade in summer, by second one I find Pink Pong as a nice summerish shade. Beside pink and coral I also like orange shades during the summer (AvonTangerine). 

Warm sunset makeup look

A shimmery bronzed-orange look contains summery colours and is a choice of many ladies in the summer, I’d say. I like to create mine with Sleek Sunset palette and finish it off with cat eyeliner. I really like to wear the cat eyeliner, because I think it makes my eyes look bigger. I filmed a video tutorial for this look, but as I said before, always when I was editing something was wrong, so unfortunately I can’t share it with you. I regret now that I didn’t rather take a photo tutorial instead.
By this look I used Vichy Teint Ideal foundation 15, Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder Porcelain and MeMeMe Flawless concealer Beige on my face, Alverde Jungle Fever Shimmering Bronzer for contouring, Essence Ring Around the Rosy blush on cheeks and Maybelline Vivid Rose on lips. 

Playful colours on eyes

Some people are maybe afraid of colours on eyes, but I’m definitely not one of them and in the summer I like them even more. I created this look for Maybelline makeup competition on Facebook (which has ended already), but I felt like this looks is really suitable for this post. I created it with Maybelline Colour Tattoo shades and it’s very easy to do.

First I applied Permanent Taupe in crease as a transition colour. Then I applied Turquoise Fever on my lids. In crease and outer v I used Endless Purple. This shade applied a bit uneven, so I had to use tapping motions to achieve bigger intensity. Under my eyes I first applied Turquoise Fever and then Endless Purple over it to get a bit more blue shade. In the end I just applied mascara and voila, makeup look was done. I combined it with purple lipstick, but of course it can be combined with more neutral shades as well.

Colourful eyeliner variations
Colourful eyeliner is the easiest makeup look you can create and it still looks more interesting than just a plain look with mascara. When I’m in the hurry I just use liquid eyeliner or cream eyeshadow, create a cat eye look with it and my eyes are done after application of the mascara. If I want to create a bit more interesting look, I do a black cat eye look and line my under eye area with colourful eye pencil (Misslyn Cornflower). The most interesting look which also takes a bit more time than other two is double eyeliner. For this post I created rainbow neon eyeliner, but easier way is to use just one colour. 

First I lined my eye with white pencil which was also a base for neon eyeshadows (white makes neon pop out more). In inner corner I first applied a neon yellow shade and then I continued with neon green, neon orange, neon pink and neon purple. After application of each eyeshadow I took time and blended the two shades together to achieve a nice gradient transition. Then I carefully applied black eyeliner, a beige jumbo pencil on waterline to make my eyes look bigger and mascara. I combined this look with neon peachy lip lacquer from Makeup Revolution Keep Crying for You.

Since I usually do colourful eyeliner look when I’m in a hurry, I apply Nivea BB cream with fingers all over my face, a bit of concealer (MeMeMe Flawless Finish Beige) under my eyes and creamy blush on my cheeks. This time I chose Essence Sweet as Peach. Sometimes I also set everything with powder. On lips I used Makeup Revolution Keep Flying for You. Mascara I used for all eyeliner looks is Essence Lash Mania (waterproof version).

I hope you liked this post. Tell me, which is your favourite makeup look (everyday and for night out) for the summer. Thank you for reading!