Review and Swatches: Catrice Lumination Pink MATTrix Lipstick

New Catrice products have already hit our stores (Müller to be exact) and among them there was also a new limited edition collection Lumination. I swatched the whole collection and in the end most interesting products for me was lipstick in the shade Pink MATTrix. I have to admit I didn’t devote much time to the decision which products should I take with me together with the lipstick, because new Catrice products stole my attention.

The packaging itself looks quite fancy and expensive – lipstick comes in a rosy golden metallic packaging with an interesting wavy design on the lid. Otherwise the packaging is the same as Ultimate Colour range lipsticks have it, with the lid that closes nicely and you don’t have to be afraid that it’ll open in the bag, if you’re going to carry it around. 

Pink MATTrix is a semi-matte pink lipstick with a very creamy formula and a nice colour payoff. It covers up the lips in one swipe, but since it’s a bright shade, the application on outer part of the lips must be quite careful. The lipstick wears quite nicely, it doesn’t dry the lips, but it also doesn’t feel special moisturizing. From my lips it wore off in two hours. I was a bit disappointed by that, because from my experience Catrice lipsticks last for three or four hours on lips. Lipstick does transfer on the glass and it does not survive eating very well. I also noticed that it doesn’t fade away evenly. I think I was spoiled by brands like Sleek and Bourjois, who make amazing matte lip products that last for hours on my lips, and maybe here’s the reason of my disappointment, but no matter that I really like the shade. Although it’s not the most unique.

I compared Pink MATTrix with few other pink shades in my stash and although I haven’t found a 100% dupe, it’s actually quite close to other shades. There are slight differences between them, for example Maybelline Vivid Rose is brighter, while P2 Baker Street and Essence Waka Waka have more purple in them than Catrice. But someone who’s not a (pink) lipstick fan probably wouldn’t notice the difference between them.

Catrice lipstick contains 3,5 g and I paid 4,29 € for it at Müller. Although its longevity disappointed me, because I’m use to longer duration of Catrice lipsticks on my lips, I find the shade quite pretty and also its texture is really nice. I think this is definitely a me shade.

Did you get anything from Catrice Lumination collection? Thank you for reading!