Make Me Pretty With Essence

Essence Make Me Pretty was a trend edition collection that immediately caught my eye, and it was sold out in a minute it hit the store. Fun and colourful design definitely convinced many people and me as well. When I found this collection in Müller, a lot was already sold out, but I did find few brushes I wanted. I took bronzer, blush, concealer and pointed brushes. I also wanted a lip brush, but there wasn’t a piece left for me and an eyebrow brush, but in the store I changed my mind and left it there.

Brushes come in plastic bags that had a paper with the message on them – each brush wears a different positive message. Each is designed in its own colour with different geometric designs, the holders are plastic and bristles are synthetic. Essence does not create the same quality products when it comes to brushes. Some of them are really amazing considering the low price and some are if I use a bit nicer word, bad. I have to say I was not impressed by brushes from this collection as I expected I will be. I was, frankly, quite disappointed when I first tried them. It seemed like most of the brushes doesn’t do the job for which they were created very well. I had to Google reviews to see if I’m the only one that’s not impressed because till then I read mostly positive reviews from bloggers I follow. But I found few reviews that agreed with me and now I feel a bit calmer writing this review. 

Bronzer brush – Walking on Sunshine   
A gorgeous green brush is bringing the message “Best friends are hard to find because the very best is already mine.” While I’m in love with the packaging I don’t understand, why this is a bronzer brush. It’s true it has very soft bristles, but they are too dense and the application of dry products is a disaster with them. I tried it with bronzer first and the only thing I achieved with it was a clown look. It picks up too much product that’s very hard to blend with it. It works okay with products that are poorly pigmented, but you need another brush to blend everything anyway. I also tried to use it with powder, but I didn’t like it much because I felt like it applied too much product on one spot and not enough on another one. Because its bristles are so dense one blogger recommended it for application of foundation and I have to say I was impressed how good it applied and blended foundation. It applied it more naturally looking than Zoeva or Real Technique brushes. But unfortunately, it soaks in too much foundation, which I use up two times more as I do with Zoeva or RT brushes. This brush costs 3,59 €.

Blush brush – Blush up Your Life!
A pink angled brush wears a message “Be the most beautiful colour in the box.” The same as bronzer brush this one is also too dense and it makes the blending job quite difficult. This one would probably also be good for application of foundation, but I use it to apply less pigmented blushes on my cheeks. I tried it with more pigmented blushes, but the same as bronzer brush it doesn’t blend the blush very well, so I end up with too much blush on my face. If I use less pigmented blush I can upgrade it and that way to achieve quite a nice look. This brush was 3,29  €. 

Concealer brush – Beauty is My Business
This is the brush I was the most excited about, because a good concealer brush is always a must, but, unfortunately, I didn’t like it that much. Its shape is perfect to fit under my eyes and apply a concealer nicely, its bristles are also soft, but it does a very bad job by blending the concealer into the skin. I have to use my fingers or other brush for that. If I compare it to Body&Soul concealer brush that has a similar price and shape to Essence brush, Body&Soul brush is much better and it also blends the concealer better. I use Essence brush for application of concealer under my eyebrows to define them better and for this purpose, I adore it because it’s precise and I can do a straight line with it. The message that this brush wears is “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”. This brush was 2,19 €.

Precise brush – Eye to Eye
This brush comes in green colour and its message is “Who’s the most wonderful & prettiest girl today?” This brush is perfect for application of highlighting eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye or to form outer V, but I don’t really like it for application of eyeshadow under my eyes because I find bristles a bit too long. If I compare it to Ebelin or Body&Soul precise brushes, I find those two better, because they have smaller and denser bristles, which work amazing for any purpose, I can even use them to line my upper part of the eye with an eyeshadow. This brush costs 1,99 €. 

Makeup bag and cleanser
In the collection, there were also a bag and a brush cleanser. I really love the bag, the quality is good and even brushes from other brands fit in it. How much brushes fit in it depend from the bigness of each brush. On the other hand, I’m not really sure what to think about the cleanser, which Essence named Be-you-tiful. The instructions say that you should spray the cleanser directly on the brush bristles and let it work for a couple of minutes. Then use a cloth to gently rub brush bristles until oil and dirt have been fully removed. After that leave the brushes that they dry. I followed the instructions and my observations are that it doesn’t really work with brushes that I used for creamy products (concealer, foundation etc.) because I couldn’t get those products out and I had to clean it with shampoo. I was cleaning the concealer brush after the first usage and although I left the cleanser on bristles for 10 minutes, swirl it on my hand and rinse it under the water, the concealer was still on bristles. It does work well with brushes which I used for powdery products, but only if they aren’t very dirty. For those, I still need a shampoo to give them a good cleanse. I think this cleanser will come handy for my eye brushes which need to be cleaned regularly, because I often do colourful looks, but for my foundation and concealer brushes I’ll still need a shampoo to clean them properly. The cleanser contains 50 ml and it costs 2,79 €. The box costs 5,19 €.

I’m not that impressed and happy about this collection as I thought I will be. All brushes come with beautiful messages and the design is really gorgeous, but not every brush does the job it was created for great. Blush and bronzer brushes are too dense and it’s hard to blend powder products with them, and the same it goes for concealer brush – it applies concealer nicely, but it doesn’t blend it well. I did find a purpose for each brush and I will use them, but I guess if I’d skip this collection I wouldn’t miss anything.

Did you get anything from this collection? How do you like brushes? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!