FOTD: Neon Rainbow Mask Makeup

Julia Graf is one of those Youtubers I really admire from one special reason - because she does amazing makeup tutorials. There was a time when I was subscribed to a bunch of Youtubers, but soon they started to bore me, because I really didn't want to see a hundredth video showing Kim Kardashian's makeup etc. Julia is one of rare Youtubers I still follow. Some time ago she posted a tutorial for neon rainbow mask makeup and I knew immediately I want to recreate it. It was fun, creative and neon, which is my favourite type of colours to use.
She used all the colours of the rainbow, but I decided to exclude purple and blue shades. I am so so happy with the final result, and I can ensure you it was very easy to do. All I needed was a good blending brush and some blending skills to create the mask. But I did had few problems with eyeshadow on my lids, because it started to crease. I don't know if it was too hot that day or the layer of a white cream base I applied under was too thick. Because I followed her tutorial I applied thick eyeliner and false lashes that were really a must for this look. I also wanted to glue two little golden masks on both sides on my cheekbones, but between the makeup process I lost one mask and I only had one left. 
Since I really love creative makeup looks I'm thinking about doing few tutorials in September/October for Halloween. I just hope I'll have enough time, because lately it seems like my days are the busiest days ever.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I shared this look on Instagram and Twitter and Julia saw it. She retweeted it on Twitter and tweeted me it's beautiful. It was the most amazing fan girl moment for me this year (see the tweet here).

Products I used: 
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla foundation
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain powder
- Sleek Face Form Kit (bronzer)

- NYX jumbo pencil Milk
- Sleek Acid palette
- Sleek Curacao palette (Martini)
- Alverde Extreme Black gel eyeliner
- Born Pretty Store false lashes
- Sleek Dip It Eyeliner Hollywood
- Toyoko longlasting pencil 507
- Oriflame Eyes Wide Open mascara
- Catrice Eyebrow Set (for brows)

- Makeup Revolution Keep Flying for You
- golden eyeshadow from Sleek Sunset palette

What do you think about this makeup? Thank you for reading!