Review: Soraya Hyaluronic Micro-Injection 100 % Serum (+ Comparison with Balea Aqua serum)

Back in December I received a coupon for Soraya’s site and of course I had to get some products to pamper my skin. Because I already found a perfect face cream for winter (Mixa) I decided for Hyaluronic Micro-Injection 100 % serum and because of recommendation of my fellow bloggers also a So Pretty piling. Recently I squeezed the last drop from the serum packaging, so I think it’s about time that I post a review about it, especially because it’s an amazing product.

Hyaluronic Micro-injection 100% serum comes in a 30 ml tube that you have to squeeze to get the product out, but the dosage with one squeeze is well considered and usually two drops were enough for my whole face. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin and on long terms eases wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. I can’t say I have many wrinkles, so I didn’t notice any difference in this matter, but I can confirm that it moisturizes the skin amazingly.

The serum has a very light texture that completely sinks into the skin in few minutes and it leaves it matte and well hydrated. Right after the application the serum gives a pleasant fresh feeling to the face and when it sinks in, it leaves the skin soft and silky. On long terms the serum really helped in a way of keeping my skin moisturized, because after some time of usage the dry parts on my skin almost disappeared and they appeared only if I didn’t do my skin care routine regularly as I should. I was using it twice a day for few months (with few breaks in between because I was trying other products or testers) and during this time my skin didn’t had any reaction on it or it didn’t break out because of it. 

Ingredient list here.

I have to admit this is quite a nice opponent to Balea Aqua serum, which was my favourite serum for few years now. I have to say, there aren’t many differences between Balea and Soraya serums. Soraya serum comes in a tube, while Balea serum is packed in a bottle with a pump. Both enable easy dosage and both contain 30 ml. Soraya serum is more transparent and thicker than Balea that looks white, but both are very light. I tested them side by side few times and I didn’t notice any big difference, except in a finish that they leave. Balea serum gives a shiny look to the face, while Soraya makes it look completely matte. Otherwise they both sink into the skin fast and leave it moisturized. Maybe Balea serum feels a tiny bit more refreshing on the skin after application than Soraya’s. None of them leave a sticky feeling on the skin and none of them caused me any irritation. Balea serum is available at DM for around 3 €, while Soraya serum costs 13,70 € and you can get it in online store

I just want to point out that although these two serums worked similar on my skin, that doesn't mean they'll work similar on your skin as well. 

My first choice would probably still be Balea because of the price, but Soraya’s serum is definitely an amazing product and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d repurchase it for winter. It’s appropriate for all skin types and I can only recommend it.

Have you tried Soraya Micro-Injection Hyaluronioc 100 % serum? Thank you for reading!