Products That Disappointed Me #6

After one week I'm finally posting a new beauty post. This time I decided to talk about few beauty products that didn't work for me. Because most of these won't get a separate review, I'l share with you my short opinion about them or better said the reasons why these products didn't impress me. 

Lush No Drought dry shampoo
I have no idea why I decided to get this product. It’s in the powder version which means that the usage it’s a bit harder as usage of regular dry shampoo (you must not wear anything black because the powder will be visible on clothes). This dry shampoo does quite a good job with removing the greasiness from hair, but the problem I have with it is that my scalp itches like crazy when I use it. Unfortunately I can’t say that the reason would be in expiration date, because I have this itchy reaction since the first usage. Maybe it just doesn’t work for me. 

Fa Pink Passion Floral Scent deodorant
My mom was always a fan of Fa Pink Passion deodorant, but I never liked its strong sweet scent. Well, since I got this product as a Christmas gift, I couldn’t refuse it and I started to use it. A strong floral scent didn’t even bother me as much as smelly armpits. It didn’t even work as it should for two hours. And I was using it during winter. I don’t imagine how it would work for me in the summer; I would probably smell a thousand miles away if I would use it (just kidding ... not really). 

Nivea Aqua Effect Soothing Cleansing Mousse
I actually liked this mousse, it cleaned my skin very nicely, it didn’t irritate it and the packaging is also great, but the problem I had with it is that it dried my skin. This fact actually wouldn’t bother me that much if this wouldn’t be the cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. I think the last thing that the person with dry skin wants is a cleanser that dries hers skin. I still haven’t try mousse for normal skin. I hope it’ll work better for me. 

Balea Oil Fluid
I was really excited to try Balea’s oil fluid for removing makeup, because many bloggers praise oil removers, but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed. This product does a very lousy job at removing makeup. It does melt a bit of foundation from the skin, but it’s better that you don’t try to remove the eye makeup, because it’ll take forever. I actually use it as a cleanser to use it up. It’s very gentle and my skin feels good after the usage, but it’s true that it leaves the film on the skin. I kind of doubt I’ll repurchase it when I’ll use up this packaging. 

Catrice 3in1 Colour Care Correct Skin Tone Adapting Makeup 010 Lighter Skin
This is a foundation that looks white in the packaging and when it comes in a touch with skin it adapts to the skin tone and becomes brownish. Unfortunately the lightest shade is still very dark – too dark for my skin tone, despite my tanned skin during the summer. The other factor that this product looks dark on my skin is probably its orange undertone, which doesn’t flatter the skin. On the other hand the texture is very light, but the foundation is very sheer, so it has a bad coverage. I also noticed that it emphasizes dry parts on my skin, which doesn’t look nice. It disappears quite quickly from my skin if I don’t set it with powder. If this wouldn’t look so dark and orange, this would be a nice summery product. 

Essence I Don’t Need Money, Honey!
My heart is breaking that I have to put this one between disappointing products, but unfortunately I can’t recommend it. I mean, it’s a great polish – gorgeous shade, the formula is amazing, the brush is okay, the application is a dream and it dries fast. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, this polish has one huge flaw – the removal. This is the hardest nail polish to remove, even harder than glittery polishes. Why? Because it stains nails like it’s nobody’s business and it ends up on the half of the nail. And I literally mean the half of the nail. When I was cleaning each finger, it stayed on my cuticles and it also ended up higher on the nail. I took few clean cotton pads, which helped me to remove it from fingers but not from cuticle. For that I had to take a shower and wash my hair and a bit of green was still visible. I have to say this experience prevents me to wear it again. 

Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer
This is a product that us bloggers got last year on Cosnova event, so I guess it was a novelty back then, but I haven’t read much about it on other blogs. Unfortunately I was not really impressed by it. The shade is not a problem, I think it matches my eyebrows well, but the problem is the pigmentation. The pencil has such a poor colour payoff. I do only few pulls with it on my brows when it just stops working and I can’t get any colour out of it. And after few usages the pencil got so dry that’s not even useful anymore. I’m not happy with this product, unfortunately, although Catrice usually makes good products for eyebrows. 

Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye highlighting pen
I already talked about this product here. While many people adore it, this pencil just doesn’t work for me. It’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudge that fast, I give it a plus for that, but its formula is so stiff that is so hard to apply on waterline, especially when I use shimmery or darker eyeshadows. I wish it would be creamier and that it would slip easier on waterline. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!