My Current Skincare Routine

Some time ago one of my readers asked me to write about my skincare routine during summer. My summer skincare routine isn’t much different from winter one, it differs only in the fact that I use a bit lighter face cream and that I add a sunscreen to the routine, if I’m spending my time in the sun. But since I’m using mostly different products as I did when I last wrote about my skincare routine, I decided to fulfil reader’s wish and write about my current skincare routine (although I did change one product, after I took those photos – I’m testing a new product that I’m going to review next month).

In the morning I wash my face with Mixa Anti-dryness Cleansing milk. The main reason I use this one in the morning is because it makes my skin very soft and silk on touch. This is primary a makeup remover for dry skin, but it does a very lousy job at removing makeup, so I had to find it another purpose. As cleanser it works much better, but I prefer to use it when I don’t wear makeup. Mixa products don’t contain parabens and alcohol. 200 ml cost around 6-7 € and you can get them in Múller, DM or Tuš drugstore.

On the days when I wear makeup my favourite cleanser is Afrodita Clean Phase Cleansing Gel. First I remove my makeup with micellar solution (currently I’m testing five different solutions and soon I’ll write a comparison post) and then I use this gentle gel cleanser that cleans the skin perfectly and after its usage there’s not a tiny bit makeup on my skin anymore. This makeup can be used on any skin type and I have to say I didn’t notice that it would dry my normal skin. The reason is probably in hyaluronic acid that gel contains and which helps to moisturize the skin. One squeeze is enough to wash my whole face, because the gel foams nicely and it’s also easy to wash off with water. After the wash my skin feels clean, soft and fresh. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the packaging, because the lid seems very weak, hard to open and I always have a feeling that I’ll break it (although I haven’t broke it yet, I’m quite attentive by usage). Otherwise I find a tube packaging really nice, because it’s easy to use and it enables an easy dosage. 150 ml cost around 5 € and the product it’s available in stores that hold Afrodita. 

After I wash my face with cleanser I use tonic. My favourite tonic has quickly become Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisturizing tonic. I think I finished two or three bottles already. I drop few drops on the cotton pad and then I wipe my whole face with it. I love this tonic so much, because it gives my skin a nice refreshing feeling, it makes it soft and smooth and it also provides additional moisture. It takes a minute or two that this tonic sinks into the skin and during this procedure becomes a bit sticky, but after I apply a serum and a face cream, the stickiness disappears completely. The price for 200 ml is around 5 €.

Currently I’m using Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum, which I love. This serum impressed me already after the first usage. If I don’t mention a fancy glass bottle with a pump that enables an easy dosage, its formula it’s amazing and I think it would work great on every skin that needs additional moisture. It’s very light serum that’s perfect for summer. After I apply it on my skin it feels so nice and refreshing. I usually use two pumps, which I apply all over my face with a dabbing technique. It takes few minutes that it sinks in and that my skin is prepared for a day/night cream. Vichy serum is available in pharmacies and on 30 ml cost 26 €.

I won’t talk much about Laino Pure Argan Oil, because I’m going to review this product separately. I use it mostly in the evening, after I clean my makeup off and I want to pamper my skin. I apply one or two pumps on my skin and then leave it for some time, because this is pure argan oil and it doesn’t sink into the skin that fast. But in the morning I wake up with the most beautiful skin – smooth, soft and moisturized. Even if I use it alone, without tonic and serum underneath, my skin doesn’t itches in the morning, which means this product is enough to pamper it (but I do cleanse it with cleaning gel before). In Slovenia Laino is available on Mediforma, which holds different French brands, and 50 ml cost 21,50 €.   

For my day care I’m currently using AlpStories Hyaluronic Acid Cream. This is another product I’m going to review soon, so I’ll just share with you some basic information. The cream comes in a glass bottle with a pump, and is definitely more hygienic as jars. The cream itself is white and thicker, but once you spread it over the skin, it sinks fast. I usually use two to three pumps. Now in the summer, especially on hotter days, when my skin isn’t as dry as in winter, this cream provides me enough moisture in a combination with a good tonic and serum. Unfortunately I have to say that this cream won’t work for me in the winter, because I’ll need something more nourishing. This cream costs 39,10 € (50 ml) on Alpstories site.

In the evening, when I don’t use Laino oil, I use Natura Siberica Aralia Mandshurica night cream for dry skin. I bought it in DM with a coupon and I never imagined I’d like it so much. The packaging is a plastic tube with a pump and I’m really starting to like the tube packaging more than jars. This cream is very rich, although not very thick and it’s non-greasy, but it sinks into the skin fast. I actually got this cream to use it in winter, but I tried it immediately and liked it so much that I had to start using it in summer already. But luckily is not too rich for my skin during summer and it makes it soft, smooth, nourished and feeling great in the morning. The funny thing about this cream is that it has a very strong scent, but I don’t smell anything special – it actually smells ... natural. I know, it sounds weird the way I say it, but it’s truth. I got this cream in DM, but I know that also drugstore Tuš holds this brand. The price of the cream is around 10 € (50 ml).

Products I’m using occasionally on my skin are peeling and face cream. Peeling I’m currently loving is Soraya So Pretty apricot peeling. It’s quite gentle comparing it to the Balea Creme peeling. First I wet my skin. Then I squeeze a bit of peeling on my hand and I gently spread it all over my face. I massage my face for one or two minutes and then I wash it off. The feeling on the skin after I wash it off is the most amazing. It’s so smooth and I really have a feeling that the peeling did the job perfectly. The peeling also has a gorgeous gentle apricot scent and I really love that’s not over scented. It’s available on Soraya’s site and it costs 11,20 €.

Other product I use to pamper my skin is Oriflame Optimals Aqua Refresh Face Mask. It’s a transparent mask and the tube contains 75 ml, which means that it’ll last me forever (I use it once every one or two weeks). I squeeze as many product out of the tube as I need to cover up my face and then I leave it for 10 minutes. At the beginning it gives a nice refreshing feeling to the skin that disappears after few minutes. After I wash it off my skin is soft and smooth. After that I continue with my normal skin care routine (tonic, serum, face cream). But I have to mention one other thing. I noticed that around my nose and on spots I have any little wound, my skin burns a bit at the beginning when I apply this mask. But after I wash it my skin does not look read. I don’t understand the best in ingredient, but I think this mask contains something that irritates sensitive skin, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people with sensitive skin. 

I won't mention the sun screen, because I'm using the same as last year and I already wrote about it here. Tell me, have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Laino kozmetike pa še ne poznam, se že veselim reviewa olja. Druače pa sem preizkusila oba Afroditina izdelka in pa Oriflamovo Optimals kremo za zaščito obraza pred soncem, vsi so super. :) Mika pa me tale Sorayin piling. :D

    1. Mislim, da je dokaj nova znamka na slovenskem tržišču, ampak po tem olju lahko rečem, da zelo kvalitetna. :)
      Soraying piling pa res priporočam, sploh punce, ki imajo probleme z aknami, ga zelo hvalijo. :D

  2. Tale piling izgleda zelo zanimivo :) morem nujno prečekirat. Drugače sem pa na hitro preletela sestavine v Oriflame Optimals Aqua Refresh Face Mask in ne izgleda kot da bi bilo kaj slabega notri. Okoli nosu in na ranicah te gotovo peče zaradi citrusne kisline, ki je notri :)

    1. Piling je odličen, ne bo ti žal, če preizkusiš. :) Mogoče res, hvala za pojasnilo. Res se ne razumem tako dobro v sestavine kot nekatere, pa mi ni bilo jasno, kaj ni v redu. :)