FOTD: Neon Green Cut Crease

I'm so excited about this post, because it's a collaboration post with amazing Tara from The Beauty of Nail Polish. We decided to do a matching makeup and manicure with neon colours. To see the manicure you'll have to check her blog and while you're there, don't forget to subscribe, because she posts many gorgeous manicures (link to her post)
If you're my regular reader, then you know I adore neon colours. Tara and I decided to focus more on a combination of blue, green and yellow shades. I actually can't believe how much I like this combination. If we wouldn't choose colours we are going to use I'd probably also include orange and red, but I have to admit I like this look better without those shades. 

Because this is a technique I use a lot lately I decided to do a tutorial as well. You don't have to recreate this look, but I hope you'll try this technique - to have fun with makeup, if you're not daring enough to wear it outside. 
Step 1: First I applied eyeshadow base. Then I placed a tape in outer corner of the eye, following the line from outer part of my eye till eyebrow. I used a brush that has dense bristles and pointed end and draw a blue line where I wanted the crease to be. 
Step 2: I used the same blue eyeshadow and blended it up on browbone.
Step 3: I used concealer and an eyeshadow brush to correct the line in crease and make it sharper. Then I applied NYY Milk pencil on lids and blend it out. I used white pencil as a base because I wanted to make neon eyeshadows look more intense. 
Step 4: I applied neon yellow shade on inner third part of my eye, but I was careful and I didn't apply it in inner corner.
Step 5: On the middle of the lid I applied neon green eyeshadow.
Step 6: In outer part of the lid I applied olive green eyeshadow.
Step 7: I used a pointed brush again and dark blue eyeshadow and I deepened the crease. Then I used a fluffy brush and blended out the dark blue with a neon pink shadow.
Step 8: I removed the tape and as you can see I got a nice sharp line there. On lower lash line I applied a shimmery blue eyeshadow. 
Step 9: With eyeliner brush I extended the blue eyeshadow under my eyes and in a spot in between I applied a white pearly shade. The same pearly shade I applied in inner corner of my eye. 
Step 10: In the end I draw I a cat line and applied mascara. 

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
- Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder Porcelain
- MeMeMe Flawless concealer Beige
- Sleek Face Form kit (bronzer)
- Essence Ballerina Backstage Prima Ballerina blush

- Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
- NYX Milk
- Sleek Acid palette (neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, shimmery blue, olive green)
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 palette (Ink)
- Sleek Curacao palette (Martini)
- Essence Liquid Ink High Gloss eyeliner
- Essence Big Bright Eyes 01 Highlight it ... Nude
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette (Love Brunettes)

- Essence  lip cream Soft Nude

How do you like this look? Thank you for reading!

10 komentarjev

  1. Super mejkap look <3 Komaj čakam, da še Tara objavi manikuro, neone vedno rada pogledam :)

  2. Noro ti paše in prav super kombinacija barv <3
    Jst zgledam ko nek vesoljec, če uporabim to tehniko z lepilnim trakom in blendanjem do obrvi :D Kaj še da bi uporabila tako žive barve :P

    1. Hvala. <3
      Jaz skoz blendam senčila do obrvi, mi je tako še najbolj všeč. :)

  3. Čudovito! Ti odtenki ti res zelo pašejo. Zelena is everything! Prav vesele oči ti naredi :D Kdo bi si mislil, da so lahko neon senčila tako zanimiva :)

    1. Hvala. :) Neon senčila so zelo zelo zanimiva za igranje, priporočam. :)

  4. Vidiš, rabim Curacao v mojem življenju, ostalo že imam! Hvala za tutorial, res me je firbcalo, kako ustvariš to črto, ker mi je fantastična. Ta vikend poskusim, gotovo!