Essence Nauti Girl TE

I know I'm late to a party with Essence Nauti Girl collection, but it's been ages since I really loved any Essence collection as much as I do this one. If you follow Essence TE collections for few years now you noticed that Essence repeats itself quite often, and shades and products are rarely unique, but nautical theme is one of my favourites. I liked most of the products from the collection, and my purchase was definitely not small. Since this collection is not available everywhere anymore (if not even sold out already) this won’t be a proper review, but my short opinion about each product – I’ll let you know what I liked and what I didn’t like from this collection.

Eau de toilette Like a Nauti Girl was not something I wanted since beginning, but I smelled tester in the store and I liked it, but I didn’t decided for the purchase until my boyfriend didn’t say he likes it and I should take it. I’m really bad at describing scents, but eau de toilette smell very sweet and the scent is quite strong. I have no idea how long it lasts on my skin, because I stop smelling it like after five minutes on me. For me it’s definitely a perfect summery eau de toilette and I’ll use it a lot this summer. The cute little bottle contains 10 ml and it costs 3,59 €.

The most exciting products from this collection were nail polishes. You know I adore blue nail polishes. I also took the nude one, but I left the red one in the store, because it didn’t seem enough unique to me. The polishes come in a square bottle, which I really like, and they have a flat brush, which enables an easy application. Also, the formula of these polishes is amazing, even the nude one is nicely pigmented. I also took nail stickers Hey, Sailor! to use them for a summery nail art. Nail stickers are actually quite nice, easy to apply, but not so easy to remove, because it took me a while to remove them from my nails. They were stubborn like glittery polishes usually are. Nail polishes contain 11 ml and cost 2,19 € and nail stickers cost 1,39 €.

01 Ahoy, Boy is a dark blue cream nail polish. The formula of this one is amazingly pigmented, because it’s opaque already after one coat, but as usual I used two for this swatch. Its amazing formula makes it perfect for stamping (as you can see below). 

02 Oh, Captain, My Captain is a blue cream shade, for which I used two coats to get a full opacity. This one is actually my favourite from the collection. It’s one of those blue shades I can never say no to it. 

04 Crew First is a nude cream shade with really great formula, which is easy to apply and it’s opaque in two coats. Lately I really love nude nail polishes and I had to add this one to my collection. 

I also made two summery/sailor manicures with these polishes. For first one I used all three nail polishes and Born Pretty stamping plate and for second all three polishes and nail stickers.

While nail polishes and eau de toilette are a total hit of Nauti Girl collection, on the other hand the palette Cool Breeze is a total miss. Essence made a palette of 5 eyeshadows in navy colours to match the name of the collection, but the biggest mistake that brands can make by blue eyeshadows is that they make them too blendable and unfortunately Essence did that. Pigmentation is average and once you blend eyeshadows together, they look too similar. Also, eyeshadows have quite different quality. Some, like the darkest blue, are chalky, while some, like brown one, are silky and smooth. By application on lids they fall out and you have to upgrade them to get bigger intensity, since the pigmentation isn’t the best. They faded away a lot in few hours, but what surprised me is that despite that they didn’t crease. I actually took this palette because I wanted to create a nautical look with it, but since the pigmentation isn’t as nice as I wanted I didn’t really succeed. I only have swatches for you, because I thought I photographed the look, but I didn’t. The palette contains 6,4 g and it costs 4,29 €. I’m not really impressed by this palette, but I hope to get some benefit from fourth, the blue eyeshadow, since it’s really nice and perfect for summer. 

What did you get from Essence Nauti Girl collection? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Tale temno moder lakec je res čudovit, prav tako paletka ;)

  2. Mene so lakci zelo pritegnili, mi je malce žal da nisem še nude odtenka vzela. Za paletko je pa res škoda glede kvalitete, barve izgledajo čudovito.

  3. Taya, I'm pretty sure they just started selling this LE in many countries including Hungary, they always start to sell LEs at different dates in different countries. Many countries are late to the party actually.
    There was a similar LE probably 2-3 years ago, it was also a sailor isnsipred one, you would've like that one too!

  4. rekla bih da se svima svidjela ova kolekcija jer je nisam uspjela uhvatit a bas sam htjela njudasti lak, mozda i ovaj svjetliji plavi

  5. ta kolekcija mi je pa res top :3 sploh modri lakci in oranžen je top :3333

    ena redkih nad katerimi sem navdušeena.


  6. I bought two lipsticks (they are amazing, creamy, little shiny, very pigmented), the blush (it is similar to Essence Twilight limited edition "Renesmee red" blush, but Nauti girl has gold pigments so it's nicer than Renesmee red), and the bag :]

  7. Jaz sem jo zamudila, nekako nisem bila pozorna kdaj pride v naše trgovine in je šla mimo mene. Zase bi si zagotovo vzela vse tri lakce, ki jih imaš tudi ti, malo pa bi še šminki pregledala. Po slikah mi izgledata zanimivi

  8. Ta kolekcija je bila pa res prelepa :) Običajno me te omejene kolekcije sploh ne pritegnejo, ampak tale je pa odlična. Mi je zelo žal, da nisem vzela Crew First, ampak takoj ko vidim svetel lak predvidevam, da je prosojen. No saj bodo novi nude laki od Catrice - sem danes videla swatche in so gorgeous :)

  9. Meni je tudi žal, da sem zgrešila to kolekcijo. Sploh Crew First je prekrasen :)