My Current Skincare Routine

Some time ago one of my readers asked me to write about my skincare routine during summer. My summer skincare routine isn’t much different from winter one, it differs only in the fact that I use a bit lighter face cream and that I add a sunscreen to the routine, if I’m spending my time in the sun. But since I’m using mostly different products as I did when I last wrote about my skincare routine, I decided to fulfil reader’s wish and write about my current skincare routine (although I did change one product, after I took those photos – I’m testing a new product that I’m going to review next month).

In the morning I wash my face with Mixa Anti-dryness Cleansing milk. The main reason I use this one in the morning is because it makes my skin very soft and silk on touch. This is primary a makeup remover for dry skin, but it does a very lousy job at removing makeup, so I had to find it another purpose. As cleanser it works much better, but I prefer to use it when I don’t wear makeup. Mixa products don’t contain parabens and alcohol. 200 ml cost around 6-7 € and you can get them in Múller, DM or Tuš drugstore.

On the days when I wear makeup my favourite cleanser is Afrodita Clean Phase Cleansing Gel. First I remove my makeup with micellar solution (currently I’m testing five different solutions and soon I’ll write a comparison post) and then I use this gentle gel cleanser that cleans the skin perfectly and after its usage there’s not a tiny bit makeup on my skin anymore. This makeup can be used on any skin type and I have to say I didn’t notice that it would dry my normal skin. The reason is probably in hyaluronic acid that gel contains and which helps to moisturize the skin. One squeeze is enough to wash my whole face, because the gel foams nicely and it’s also easy to wash off with water. After the wash my skin feels clean, soft and fresh. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the packaging, because the lid seems very weak, hard to open and I always have a feeling that I’ll break it (although I haven’t broke it yet, I’m quite attentive by usage). Otherwise I find a tube packaging really nice, because it’s easy to use and it enables an easy dosage. 150 ml cost around 5 € and the product it’s available in stores that hold Afrodita. 

After I wash my face with cleanser I use tonic. My favourite tonic has quickly become Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisturizing tonic. I think I finished two or three bottles already. I drop few drops on the cotton pad and then I wipe my whole face with it. I love this tonic so much, because it gives my skin a nice refreshing feeling, it makes it soft and smooth and it also provides additional moisture. It takes a minute or two that this tonic sinks into the skin and during this procedure becomes a bit sticky, but after I apply a serum and a face cream, the stickiness disappears completely. The price for 200 ml is around 5 €.

Currently I’m using Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum, which I love. This serum impressed me already after the first usage. If I don’t mention a fancy glass bottle with a pump that enables an easy dosage, its formula it’s amazing and I think it would work great on every skin that needs additional moisture. It’s very light serum that’s perfect for summer. After I apply it on my skin it feels so nice and refreshing. I usually use two pumps, which I apply all over my face with a dabbing technique. It takes few minutes that it sinks in and that my skin is prepared for a day/night cream. Vichy serum is available in pharmacies and on 30 ml cost 26 €.

I won’t talk much about Laino Pure Argan Oil, because I’m going to review this product separately. I use it mostly in the evening, after I clean my makeup off and I want to pamper my skin. I apply one or two pumps on my skin and then leave it for some time, because this is pure argan oil and it doesn’t sink into the skin that fast. But in the morning I wake up with the most beautiful skin – smooth, soft and moisturized. Even if I use it alone, without tonic and serum underneath, my skin doesn’t itches in the morning, which means this product is enough to pamper it (but I do cleanse it with cleaning gel before). In Slovenia Laino is available on Mediforma, which holds different French brands, and 50 ml cost 21,50 €.   

For my day care I’m currently using AlpStories Hyaluronic Acid Cream. This is another product I’m going to review soon, so I’ll just share with you some basic information. The cream comes in a glass bottle with a pump, and is definitely more hygienic as jars. The cream itself is white and thicker, but once you spread it over the skin, it sinks fast. I usually use two to three pumps. Now in the summer, especially on hotter days, when my skin isn’t as dry as in winter, this cream provides me enough moisture in a combination with a good tonic and serum. Unfortunately I have to say that this cream won’t work for me in the winter, because I’ll need something more nourishing. This cream costs 39,10 € (50 ml) on Alpstories site.

In the evening, when I don’t use Laino oil, I use Natura Siberica Aralia Mandshurica night cream for dry skin. I bought it in DM with a coupon and I never imagined I’d like it so much. The packaging is a plastic tube with a pump and I’m really starting to like the tube packaging more than jars. This cream is very rich, although not very thick and it’s non-greasy, but it sinks into the skin fast. I actually got this cream to use it in winter, but I tried it immediately and liked it so much that I had to start using it in summer already. But luckily is not too rich for my skin during summer and it makes it soft, smooth, nourished and feeling great in the morning. The funny thing about this cream is that it has a very strong scent, but I don’t smell anything special – it actually smells ... natural. I know, it sounds weird the way I say it, but it’s truth. I got this cream in DM, but I know that also drugstore Tuš holds this brand. The price of the cream is around 10 € (50 ml).

Products I’m using occasionally on my skin are peeling and face cream. Peeling I’m currently loving is Soraya So Pretty apricot peeling. It’s quite gentle comparing it to the Balea Creme peeling. First I wet my skin. Then I squeeze a bit of peeling on my hand and I gently spread it all over my face. I massage my face for one or two minutes and then I wash it off. The feeling on the skin after I wash it off is the most amazing. It’s so smooth and I really have a feeling that the peeling did the job perfectly. The peeling also has a gorgeous gentle apricot scent and I really love that’s not over scented. It’s available on Soraya’s site and it costs 11,20 €.

Other product I use to pamper my skin is Oriflame Optimals Aqua Refresh Face Mask. It’s a transparent mask and the tube contains 75 ml, which means that it’ll last me forever (I use it once every one or two weeks). I squeeze as many product out of the tube as I need to cover up my face and then I leave it for 10 minutes. At the beginning it gives a nice refreshing feeling to the skin that disappears after few minutes. After I wash it off my skin is soft and smooth. After that I continue with my normal skin care routine (tonic, serum, face cream). But I have to mention one other thing. I noticed that around my nose and on spots I have any little wound, my skin burns a bit at the beginning when I apply this mask. But after I wash it my skin does not look read. I don’t understand the best in ingredient, but I think this mask contains something that irritates sensitive skin, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people with sensitive skin. 

I won't mention the sun screen, because I'm using the same as last year and I already wrote about it here. Tell me, have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

Review: Vichy Teint Ideal 15 Foundation

I have a feeling that July was not really a good month for blogging. I posted only few posts, but I promise that that’ll be different in August. Telling the truth, I didn’t had much time in last two weeks for my blog, and also the heat did not influence on me in a good way – it was just too hot to sit in front of the computer and because of the heat I often had headaches and I just couldn’t get proper words out of my head. I also had a short personal and blogger crisis (those days come, too, you know), but now I feel much much better and I’m actually planning to post four to five times a week in August. I hope nothing will come in between and I’ll manage to realize my plans.

For today I prepared a review I know many of you were waiting for. I’m reviewing Vichy Teint Ideal foundation in lightest shade 15. If I'd write this review few weeks ago it wouldn't be very positive review. But in those last few weeks I really changed my mind about this foundation or better said in the summer this foundation become my most used summer foundation, and in this post I’m going to tell you why. But let me start with the review at the beginning. 

Since Vichy is quite expensive brand, their packaging is in accordance with the price. The foundation has a fancy glass bottle packaging, which contains 30 g of product. I can give the highest grade to the packaging, because the bottle is sturdy and it won’t break fast. The cap is plastic, but despite the frequent usage it didn’t break. I think that till now this is the only foundation that I got in a cardboard packaging, on which all important information about the foundation are written. Slovenian ladies can get Vichy products in most Slovenian pharmacies and on for around 21 - 22 €

I received this product around four months ago. I didn't buy it, I won it in a giveaway, but that doesn't effect on my opinion. Four months ago I was much paler than I am now. Because I spend a lot of time in the sun while working outside in the fields and garden I got tanned. I'm still not that dark, but I could say around one to two shades darker than I was. Shade 15 is the lightest shade in Vichy Teint Ideal collection and in the bottle it looks very light, so I thought and expected that the shade will suit me. Well, I was wrong. You can't imagine the first shock I got when I applied this product in my skin. Beside the fact that it was too dark for me it became orange. It looked horrible. I was so disappointed. But because I liked the formula of the foundation I decided to find a solution so I could wear it. Back then the best way for me to wear it was to mix it with white Makeup Revolution foundation. White foundation made it lighter and it almost matched my skin. It still became a bit orange, but that wasn't as noticeable as it was before. Some people also adviced me to set it with powder and that after a while it'll adapt to the skin and the orange undertone won't be visible anymore. I tried to do that, but unfortunately it didn't help, because the foundation was too dark for me. After few usages I put it in the shelf and stopped using it for some time. Meanwhile I managed to use up Catrice and Yves Rocher foundations and although I did buy a Bourjois foundation that matches to my skin tone, I decided to give Vichy another chance. Well, I was surprised again. The shade matched my skin better than before and although it still became orange on me, I solved that with the powder (by my experience loose powder worked the best). I used powder that was translucent or very light and after some time the combination adapted to the skin and the orange undertone was gone (maybe it was only visible on my forehead). But still, Vichy has one huge flop - the lightest foundation is too dark for pale people, so they should make even lighter one. I guess Vichy is going to be my go to foundation in the summer because of its light texture and darker shade, since it'll be impossible for me to use it during winter when I'm going to loose tan. 

Vichy Ideal fluid is designed for people with normal to combination skin type. It’s a bit liquidier and less creamy than Catrice or Bourjois foundations, but it’s easy to apply and blend on the skin. It has a medium coverage and it’s buildable without looking cakey. The finish that Vichy foundation leaves is dewy and the duration time really is good – it lasts up to 10 hours. Another flaw that this foundation has is that it emphasizes dry parts, but for me this isn’t a huge problem because for example also Bourjois foundations do the same on my skin. A have to provide good moisture to the skin before I apply foundation and the problem is solved. Vichy foundation does not contain parabens and it's appropriate for sensitive skin.

I made a comparison with lightest shades of Catrice Nude Illusion and Yves Rocher Youthful Glow foundations. I think the photo says enough. Vichy foundation is much darker and orange than Catrice or Yves Rocher. 

Today while writing this review I remembered that it would probably be good if I'd compare Vichy foundation to Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, since many people use it. Unfortunately the swatch isn't the best, because of today's strange light, but at least it's noticeable how much darker is Vichy from Bourjois. 

Some time ago I read an article on one of Slovenian beauty portals about beauty rules that you should break, and the writer recommended in it that you should test the foundation on your forehead, not anymore on your neck. Telling the truth, I have no idea where this statement came from, because from my own experience I can tell that my forehead is darker than my neck or my body and if I’d buy a foundation considering this advice I’d get too dark foundation. Anyway, I remembered on this article because I wanted to show you this photo that was taken around a month ago. I used Vichy foundation here and as you can see it still looks a bit orangey on me, but if I set it with brighter powder it adapts to the skin tone and it looks okay. 

My final opinion: this foundation definitely has an amazing texture that feels light and great on the skin, but unfortunately it has one huge flaw – it’s too dark and it becomes orange on the skin. I like to use it during summer, but I’d definitely recommend to any of you that you try a tester before buying a full size product, because 20 € isn’t little money. I know some people (like Tara) adore this product because it suits them and it doesn’t become orange on them. If you’ll try tester you’ll know if it works for you or not. I personally probably won’t repurchase it after I use up this bottle, because cheaper foundations (Bourjois, Catrice), work better for me.

Have you tried Vichy Teint Ideal foundation? How does it work for you? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Neon Green Cut Crease

I'm so excited about this post, because it's a collaboration post with amazing Tara from The Beauty of Nail Polish. We decided to do a matching makeup and manicure with neon colours. To see the manicure you'll have to check her blog and while you're there, don't forget to subscribe, because she posts many gorgeous manicures (link to her post)
If you're my regular reader, then you know I adore neon colours. Tara and I decided to focus more on a combination of blue, green and yellow shades. I actually can't believe how much I like this combination. If we wouldn't choose colours we are going to use I'd probably also include orange and red, but I have to admit I like this look better without those shades. 

Because this is a technique I use a lot lately I decided to do a tutorial as well. You don't have to recreate this look, but I hope you'll try this technique - to have fun with makeup, if you're not daring enough to wear it outside. 
Step 1: First I applied eyeshadow base. Then I placed a tape in outer corner of the eye, following the line from outer part of my eye till eyebrow. I used a brush that has dense bristles and pointed end and draw a blue line where I wanted the crease to be. 
Step 2: I used the same blue eyeshadow and blended it up on browbone.
Step 3: I used concealer and an eyeshadow brush to correct the line in crease and make it sharper. Then I applied NYY Milk pencil on lids and blend it out. I used white pencil as a base because I wanted to make neon eyeshadows look more intense. 
Step 4: I applied neon yellow shade on inner third part of my eye, but I was careful and I didn't apply it in inner corner.
Step 5: On the middle of the lid I applied neon green eyeshadow.
Step 6: In outer part of the lid I applied olive green eyeshadow.
Step 7: I used a pointed brush again and dark blue eyeshadow and I deepened the crease. Then I used a fluffy brush and blended out the dark blue with a neon pink shadow.
Step 8: I removed the tape and as you can see I got a nice sharp line there. On lower lash line I applied a shimmery blue eyeshadow. 
Step 9: With eyeliner brush I extended the blue eyeshadow under my eyes and in a spot in between I applied a white pearly shade. The same pearly shade I applied in inner corner of my eye. 
Step 10: In the end I draw I a cat line and applied mascara. 

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
- Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder Porcelain
- MeMeMe Flawless concealer Beige
- Sleek Face Form kit (bronzer)
- Essence Ballerina Backstage Prima Ballerina blush

- Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
- NYX Milk
- Sleek Acid palette (neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, shimmery blue, olive green)
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 palette (Ink)
- Sleek Curacao palette (Martini)
- Essence Liquid Ink High Gloss eyeliner
- Essence Big Bright Eyes 01 Highlight it ... Nude
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette (Love Brunettes)

- Essence  lip cream Soft Nude

How do you like this look? Thank you for reading!

Products That Disappointed Me #6

After one week I'm finally posting a new beauty post. This time I decided to talk about few beauty products that didn't work for me. Because most of these won't get a separate review, I'l share with you my short opinion about them or better said the reasons why these products didn't impress me. 

Lush No Drought dry shampoo
I have no idea why I decided to get this product. It’s in the powder version which means that the usage it’s a bit harder as usage of regular dry shampoo (you must not wear anything black because the powder will be visible on clothes). This dry shampoo does quite a good job with removing the greasiness from hair, but the problem I have with it is that my scalp itches like crazy when I use it. Unfortunately I can’t say that the reason would be in expiration date, because I have this itchy reaction since the first usage. Maybe it just doesn’t work for me. 

Fa Pink Passion Floral Scent deodorant
My mom was always a fan of Fa Pink Passion deodorant, but I never liked its strong sweet scent. Well, since I got this product as a Christmas gift, I couldn’t refuse it and I started to use it. A strong floral scent didn’t even bother me as much as smelly armpits. It didn’t even work as it should for two hours. And I was using it during winter. I don’t imagine how it would work for me in the summer; I would probably smell a thousand miles away if I would use it (just kidding ... not really). 

Nivea Aqua Effect Soothing Cleansing Mousse
I actually liked this mousse, it cleaned my skin very nicely, it didn’t irritate it and the packaging is also great, but the problem I had with it is that it dried my skin. This fact actually wouldn’t bother me that much if this wouldn’t be the cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. I think the last thing that the person with dry skin wants is a cleanser that dries hers skin. I still haven’t try mousse for normal skin. I hope it’ll work better for me. 

Balea Oil Fluid
I was really excited to try Balea’s oil fluid for removing makeup, because many bloggers praise oil removers, but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed. This product does a very lousy job at removing makeup. It does melt a bit of foundation from the skin, but it’s better that you don’t try to remove the eye makeup, because it’ll take forever. I actually use it as a cleanser to use it up. It’s very gentle and my skin feels good after the usage, but it’s true that it leaves the film on the skin. I kind of doubt I’ll repurchase it when I’ll use up this packaging. 

Catrice 3in1 Colour Care Correct Skin Tone Adapting Makeup 010 Lighter Skin
This is a foundation that looks white in the packaging and when it comes in a touch with skin it adapts to the skin tone and becomes brownish. Unfortunately the lightest shade is still very dark – too dark for my skin tone, despite my tanned skin during the summer. The other factor that this product looks dark on my skin is probably its orange undertone, which doesn’t flatter the skin. On the other hand the texture is very light, but the foundation is very sheer, so it has a bad coverage. I also noticed that it emphasizes dry parts on my skin, which doesn’t look nice. It disappears quite quickly from my skin if I don’t set it with powder. If this wouldn’t look so dark and orange, this would be a nice summery product. 

Essence I Don’t Need Money, Honey!
My heart is breaking that I have to put this one between disappointing products, but unfortunately I can’t recommend it. I mean, it’s a great polish – gorgeous shade, the formula is amazing, the brush is okay, the application is a dream and it dries fast. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, this polish has one huge flaw – the removal. This is the hardest nail polish to remove, even harder than glittery polishes. Why? Because it stains nails like it’s nobody’s business and it ends up on the half of the nail. And I literally mean the half of the nail. When I was cleaning each finger, it stayed on my cuticles and it also ended up higher on the nail. I took few clean cotton pads, which helped me to remove it from fingers but not from cuticle. For that I had to take a shower and wash my hair and a bit of green was still visible. I have to say this experience prevents me to wear it again. 

Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer
This is a product that us bloggers got last year on Cosnova event, so I guess it was a novelty back then, but I haven’t read much about it on other blogs. Unfortunately I was not really impressed by it. The shade is not a problem, I think it matches my eyebrows well, but the problem is the pigmentation. The pencil has such a poor colour payoff. I do only few pulls with it on my brows when it just stops working and I can’t get any colour out of it. And after few usages the pencil got so dry that’s not even useful anymore. I’m not happy with this product, unfortunately, although Catrice usually makes good products for eyebrows. 

Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye highlighting pen
I already talked about this product here. While many people adore it, this pencil just doesn’t work for me. It’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudge that fast, I give it a plus for that, but its formula is so stiff that is so hard to apply on waterline, especially when I use shimmery or darker eyeshadows. I wish it would be creamier and that it would slip easier on waterline. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

Vikend oddih v Termah Dobrna (Random Sunday #53)

Moje "Random Sunday" nedelje so postale čisto slovenske, ampak o nekaterih stvareh je lažje pisati v maternem jeziku. Z dragim že nekaj let ne hodiva na morje, ker nisva ljubitelja ležanja na plaži in praženja na soncu, ampak imava raje izlete, kjer si lahko ogledava kakšno znamenitost, ali pa oddih za vikend v toplicah, ki je po navadi mešanica sprehodov, ogledov in kopanja. Prejšnji teden je precej na hitro prišlo do odločitve, da se z dragim čez vikend odpraviva v Terme Dobrna. Sobo se da rezervirati tudi na njihovi spletni strani, vendar so imeli ravno takrat neke tehnične težave in nisem mogla oddati rezervacije, tako da sem jim pisala na elektronski naslov in v roku ene ure je bilo vse urejeno, rezervacija pa v žepu. :D 

V Dobrno sva se odpravila v petek po kosilu, ker je bil tisti dan dragi še v službi. Tja sva prispela po kaki uri in pol, kjer sva se v hotelu Vita prijavila in potem odpravila peš do hotela Park, v katerem sva bivala. Odločila sva se za paket "Poletne počitnice", v katerem je cena za polpenzion manj kot 40 € in je zelo ugodna cena, predvsem za družine. V Termah Dobrna so trije hotelski kompleksi, v katerih se lahko biva (Vita, Vila Higiena, Park). Hotel Vita je glavni hotel, saj so v njem centralna recepcija, restavracija, bazeni, Dežeča savn, medicinski center s terapijami ... V tem hotelu sva se kar precej zadrževala in moram reči, da je bilo osebje povsod zelo prijazno.

Midva sva bivala v hotelu Park, nasproti katerega je zdravilišče in ki leži ob samem zdraviliškem parku, torej je okolje zelo prijetno. Ob parku je bazenček, ob katerem je kar prijetno sedeti, čeprav bolj zvečer, ker večino dneva nanj sije sonce in je prevroče. Ker sva vzela paket s polpenzionom, sva v tem hotelu zajtrkovala in večerjala in moram reči, da je bila hrana več kot odlična. Na voljo je bil ruski bife, torej si lahko jedel, kaj si želel in kolikor si hotel.

Če boste brskali po spletni strani, boste lahko prebrali, da se terme v Dobrni prvič omenjajo v 15. stoletju. Zdravilišče je velih razmah doživelo že v 19. stoletju, po drugi svetovni vojni pa so se ljudje začeli množično zgrinjati v Dobrno. Sedanji hotel Park je bil zgrajen 1872, hotel Vita pa skoraj 100 let pozneje zaradi nagle rasti zdravilišča. 

Sam zdraviliški park je bil postavljen pred 200 leti. Prva je bila postavljena kostanjeva aleja, ki je povezala naselje Dobrna in Zdraviliški dom, pozneje pa so začeli nastajati še drugi parkovni nasadi. Park krasijo tudi razni cvetlični nasadi, tako da je sprehod po njem zelo prijeten. 

Čisto blizu hotela Park stoji zdravilišče, v katerem lahko dopustniki rezervirajo kopeli za sprostitev, ob zdravilišču pa je paviljon, kjer ob sobotah ob prijetni ambienci potekajo poroke. Z dragim sva se pogovarjala, koliko  mora biti poroka na prostem prijetnejša od vseh ceremonij, ki so značilne za našo ljubo vas (sem hotela napisati Prekmurje, ampak verjetno se ne držijo več povsod in čisto vsi starih navad). 

Za ogled raznih znamenitosti je treba pešačiti malce dlje od hotelskega kompleksa, še boljše pa je najeti kolo ali pa se odpraviti na enodnevni izlet z avtom (znamenitosti si lahko pogledate tukaj). Ker sva midva v Dobrni preživela samo en popoldan in en cel dan, v nedeljo pa sva se itak po zajtrku odjavila in odpravila proti domu (še prej pa ustravila v Mariboru), sva tisti dan in pol raje preživela na sprehodu po zdraviliškem parku in ob bazenu. Sprehodila pa sva se do Marijine cerkve, od koder je prav lep razgled na vas in okoliške hribe. 

Ko se nisva potepala po parku ali kopala, pa sva jedla. :P Kosilo sva pojedla v restavraciji May v hotelu Vita. Ker že zelo dolgo nisva jedla lignjev, sva jih naročila oba in moram reči, da so bili zelo okusni. 
V restavraciji May je bila tudi odlična ponudba koktejlov, tortic in smoothijev, čeprav je bil meni osebno smoothie preveč sladek. 

Več o izletu pa si lahko pogledate v videu. :)

Tale post je malce drugačen od mojih stalnih lepotnih postov, ampak upam, da vam je kljub vsemu všeč in je mogoče katera dobila idejo, kam se lahko odpravi na kratek oddih (ampak verjetno vas gre večina tako ali tako na morje). Z dragim sva zelo uživala na tem kratkem oddihu in v Dobrni je res krasno, tako da priporočam obisk. Pa da ne bo katera mislila, da hvalim zato, ker bi bila plačana ali kaj podobnega. Gre za moje osebno mnenje in izkušnjo. Hvala za pozornost!