Review: Born Pretty Liquid Palisade

I’ve been noticing for a while now a usage of a liquid palisade in a nail art world. It’s a product that you apply on your cuticles before doing a nail art or stamping and when you’re finished you remove it and with it everything what would usually end up on your cuticles and would require a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover for clean up. That way the clean up after stamping is easier. I’ve heard that “peel off” base coats are great for that cause as well, but when I tried my Essence base coat, it was quite hard to remove from cuticles. But then I saw that Born Pretty has released a liquid palisade and a peel off base coat in one and I had to try it. Born Pretty product is very similar to Essence peel off base coat – it’s white in the bottle, but when it dries it becomes transparent. It has an interesting rosy smell, so it doesn’t stink. It doesn’t irritate my skin when I apply it, it also doesn’t dry it and it’s easy to remove when it dries. The cleanup is almost non-existent when I use this product. Although this should be a base coat as well, I haven’t use it for that purpose (yet), because I prefer usual base coat that dries in a minute and I also rarely use glittery polishes lately so it wasn’t necessary.

  1. Apply two coats of a chosen polish on your nails.
  2. Apply a thicker coat of a liquid palisade on your cuticles.
  3. Wait few minutes that the liquid palisade dries (you know that is dry when it becomes transparent).
  4. Stamp the chosen design on your nails.
  5. Use tweezers and remove the liquid palisade.
  6. Clean up around the edges and use a top coat to finish your manicure.

In BornPretty Store you’ll get a 15 ml bottle of liquid palisade for 9,27 €, but currently it’s on sale for 7,41 €. Liquid palisade is definitely a good product for people who adore stamping and do it often, but don't want to bother with clean up all the time, but for all other I think it's not a must. 
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Have you tried any liquid palisade? Thank you for reading! 
*PR product