Review: Born Pretty Store Plate L013

Recently I received a package from Born Pretty Store and plate L013 was one of the products I chose to review. I usually post manicures with plates I receive from them, because I never had a problem with any of them, but this time I decided to do a full review. 

L013 is a big rectangular plate with 21 designs. The whole plate measures 12,5 x 6,5 cm, while each designs measures 1,4 x 1,6 cm. This means they are big enough to transfer completely even on wide nails. It reminds me a lot on MoYou plates, but BP is bigger. 
I chose this plate, because designs looked very interesting to me. I especially like diamonds (4th design in 1st row), stars and hearts (5th and 6th designs in 2nd row) and geometric lines (4th design in third row). All designs have the same size, but not every one of them is well engraved. I tried to swatched this plate on a piece of paper, showing you how each design transfers, but I guess I'm not the best at this work. But it's quite visible from my photos, which designs don't work that well. By some the corner isn't visible, but that's because I didn't pick them up nicely with a stamper. The second diamond design (5th design in 1st row), vintage design (last one in 1st row) and lines (2nd in 3rd row) did not transfer the best. By some other depended from the polish I used, but most of them is engraved nicely and it's not a problem to do a manicure with them. 
This is a nice palette, but I have to say I don't like it as much as BP plates I tried before this one. BP round plates are still my favourite. The price for this palette is not high, you pay 5,46 € ($5.99) for 21 designs. 
If you're going to shop at Born Pretty Store, use my code DFL91 for 10 % discount. The shipping is free.

I made four different manicures with this plate, using different designs. My favourite is the first one. I won't write a list of polishes I used for each manicure, but if any interests you, tell me in comment section. 

How do you like this plate and my manicures? Thank you for reading!