Review and Swatches: Catrice Defining Blushes

I was introduced to Catrice Defining Blush collection two years ago. I mean, people were bragging about them before, but I never paid too much attention to them, until I didn’t put Pinkerbell in bag two year ago on Catrice and Essence event. I was so impressed by this blush that I had to get few more and today I’m presenting you Think Pink, Mandy-rine and Love&Peach, beside Pinkerbell, of course. I recently purchased Rose Royse as well, but that blush will get its own review, because I haven’t properly used it yet. 

The packaging of Defining blushes is nothing special, is a transparent rectangular plastic packaging with the name of the blush collection on top and all information on the back, but it’s sturdy with great closure system that will prevent opening of the blush, if you’re going to carry it in your bag. 

The texture of these blushes is amazing – silky and soft. They are quite buttery and not too powdery. They swatch evenly on the back of the hand and the same they act when I’m applying them on cheeks. By swirling the brush into the blush I can quickly apply it too much on face because of a good colour payoff (especially Pinkerbell), so I rather dab the brush into the blush, shake it lightly and then build it up to the intensity I want. The duration time depends from how much of the blush I apply, but mostly these survive on cheeks a whole working day. All shades from this collection are matte, so these are perfect for people who like matte finish on cheeks or for people like me who like to use stronger highlighter on the top of the cheek.

Catrice Love&Peach
This is a vivid peach shade

Catrice Pinkerbell
This is a bright pink shade. It definitely won’t be a shade for everyone, but I love it. It‘s stronger pink than Think Pink and the difference between them is definitely visible on cheeks. 

Catrice Mandy-rine
This is my all time favourite blush, because it really looks natural on cheeks and it goes well with every look I do. It’s a peachy shade, but nothing close to Love&Peach, which has a bit more coral in it than Mandy-rine.

Catrice Think Pink
This is a coral-pink shade, but it gives more rosy look to the cheeks. 

Catrice blushes contain 5 g of product and they cost 3, 79 €. In my book these are the best drugstore blushes. The quality is amazing and you won’t be disappointed. You can get them in DM, Tuš drugstore and Müller.

Have you tried Catrice Defining Blush line before? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!