My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

I was asked few times to show you my makeup collection, but always when I think about how much work would require that kind of post, because taking photos and editing would take me ages, I change my mind (and that probably tells you my makeup collection isn’t small). So I decided to show you my collection piece by piece. You really seemed to like My blush collection post, so today I decided to show you my eyeshadow palette collection. I didn't add swatches of each palette, because most of them I already reviewed, so you can check those swatches. Links will be under the name of the palette.

Catrice Big City Life San Francisco and Paris palettes
San Francisco and Paris were part of second Big City Life collection and are palettes that contain 6 eyeshadows, two blushes, black kajal pencil and a brush. Paris is more everyday palette, while San Francisco is more for those who like blue eyeshadows. I like them both, but it’s been for even since these were used. I have many other palettes that I rather use, but I haven’t give these away because the packaging is just too cute (gosh, I’m the worse when it comes to packaging).

Beauty UK 1 Pastels
This is a palette with 10 pastel shimmery shades. It’s one of my least favourite palettes in my collection, I actually like the best both brown shades. I rarely use it.

Beauty UK 4 Glitz
This is a palette with 10 colourful eyeshadows that contain silver glitter. It’s not that is a bad palette, although colour combination is a bit crazy, but it comes handy occasionally.

Beauty UK 4 Earth Child
This is my favourite Beauty UK palette. It’s more of a neutral palette and perfect for days when I don’t want colour on eyes. In the past it was more often used than it is now, I’m really neglecting it.

Beauty UK 5 Twilight
A palette with 10 darker blue and purple eyeshadows that is perfect for those who prefer dark shades. It’s actually quite lovely palette, I have to use it again soon.

Beauty UK 6 Day&Night
By my opinion this is the best Beauty UK palette, because it has the best pigmented eyeshadows – all others have an okay pigmentation, but we can find many brands that make better palettes. This one also has a bit strange mixture of colours, but I don’t mind. 

 MUA Undressed
This is a first ever made dupe for Naked 1 (as far as I know, but I might be wrong). I use to loved this palette, because it has gorgeous shades and it’s good pigmented, but with time I started to neglect it. It’s one of those palettes I’ll have to take out of the box and start using again.

MUA Glamour Nights
Few shades in this palette are quite amazing, but overall it’s not one of my favourites, because I don’t have any ideas how to wear it. Golden, purple, green and red shades are quite pretty, but others are usual or better said boring. I don’t have a review about it, although I did swatch it, because I’m not a huge fan of it and I decided not to review it in the end.

MUA Dusk Till Down
Another palette that’s not my favourite. It has quite boring shades, although few of them are quite interesting (like green or purple duochrome one). 

Sleek Curacao
Unfortunately this one was a limited edition palette, but it’s one of my favourite palettes ever. I use it all the time when I’m doing colourful looks, because it has amazingly pigmented matte eyeshadows (and some are shimmery). And it’s colourful, what is the main reason I felt in love with it.

Sleek Chaos
Probably my least used Sleek palette. It has 12 matte shades, a combination of coloured and everyday shades, but I don’t use it much. I think it’s guilty that colourful shades are not as bright as in Curacao or Acid palettes.

Sleek Acid
Another favourite Sleek palette. It has a combination of shimmery and matte eyeshadows, but it has neon shades! Neon makes me happy, what can I say. You can find many makeup looks with it on my blog. I definitely recommend this palette to anyone, who wants to play with makeup or just loves colours.

Sleek Storm
Storm was one of my first palettes and the reason I felt in love with this brand. It’s a palette that allows me to do a gentle or smokey look and it has some gorgeous shades; few of them I’d also place in my perfect palette if I’d do it (check the tag here). 

Sleek Vintage Romance

Vintage Romance is another palette that was a part of limited edition, and it was very popular among bloggers when it came out. It’s no wonder, because it has a gorgeous colour selection, perfect especially for fall and winter season. 

 Makeup Revolution Acid Brights
This is a dupe for Sleek Acid palette. You can find my comparison with it here. I personally prefer Sleek palette.

Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked
This palette stole my heart immediately. 12 eyeshadows in brighter matte and darker shimmery shades are just perfect for someone like me who likes darker looks, but these long lids are not the prettiest and eyeshadows crease on me after some time.

Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos
This is a palette with 12 eyeshadows in square lid and 6 in round lids. It’s not a bad palette at all, if your collection is small, but I noticed that some of the eyeshadows are very similar to the ones in Acid Brights and Hot Smoked palettes. Surprisingly my favourite eyeshadows in this palette are four neutral matte ones in round lids.

Makeup Revolution Big Love
This is my latest addition to my Makeup Revolution palette family. It’s a 3 in 1 palette. It has 3 sections with 5 eyeshadows that allow you to create one look, but you can of course mix them. It’s a lovely palette. 

NYX The Caribbean Collection I Dream of Saint Lucia
This palette has 5 coloured eyeshadows that are really nicely pigmented, but it’s not as often used as it could be, regarding its bright shades.

Inglot palette (freedom system)
I won this palette on Parokeets blog and I was over the moon because of that, because Inglot eyeshadows are amazing – pigmentation, duration time, application ... I have nothing bad to say about them.

Deborah Milano Smokey Eye Nude Rose

Deborah Milano created four palettes that allow you to do a smokey look. I chose palette with more rosy shades, which is unusual for me, but it was the prettiest. Although I think MR and Sleek make better palettes, this one is good as well. 

 Flormar Pretty Compact P041
Flormar has four warm coloured eyeshadows that remind me on fall leaves, so for me this is a perfect palette for that season. The pigmentation is quite good; I was surprised, because I didn’t expect it.

Deborah Milano Hi Tech 08
This is a trio palette with golden, purple and burgundy metallic shades that are nicely pigmented.

Isadora Northern Lights
I’m not a fan of this palette. It has one white and three purple eyeshadows, but they are way too shimmery for me.

MeMeMe Goddess Eyes
Another of my favourite palettes. It’s a palette with four shades that one can wear on a daily basis, and the pigmentation is also good (I had a trio palette before as well, but the pigmentation was far from this one). I especially love it, because it gives a golden look to my eyes.

Wet’n’Wild Comfort Zone
I rambled about this palette a lot. I really like its soft and good pigmented eyeshadows.

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyes Wide Matt
This is my go to palette, since I decided to hit a pan on it this year. I already hit the pan on two shades and soon I’ll hit it on two others as well, so it can happen that I’ll use most of it till the end of the year. This palette has nicely pigmented matte eyeshadows that are great for every day.

Essence All About Sunrise
Quite surprisingly, I haven’t used this palette yet. But the shades look amazing for summer, so it’ll come handy soon. 

Essence Metallics Steel Me Quattro and Copper Rulez
These were a part of an old Essence LE Metallics and Copper Rulez was one of my all time favourite palettes. I used it quite a lot in a short time, but then I started to collect palettes and mono eyeshadows, and in my growing collection this one stayed behind.

Essence Pocket Beauty Eye Love to Travel
This was a part of regular collection some time ago. It’s an average palette and I haven’t used it for ages, so I should probably throw it away.

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Under a Cherry Tree
Another Essence LE palette. Although it’s not as amazingly pigmented as coloured eyeshadows by some other brands are, I like it, especially because of a peachy shade.

Essence Sun Club Long Island Breeze
Another palette that was in regular assortment few years ago, but then it got discontinued. Back when I got it I was using it quite a lot.

Essence Vampire’s Love Love at First Sight
I kind of liked this palette when I got it, but now I can’t find a purpose for it anymore, I have so many better palettes.

Essence Legends of the Sky From Zero to Hero
A palette with quite special packaging and it’s actually the same with her as with Love at First Sight palette. I liked it at the beginning, but now I find it’s not enough pigmented to use it by colourful looks.

Essence Ready for Boarding Beauty on Tour

Although this palette has an average pigmentation, most of the shades are pastels and I loved it in the past, because it always allowed me to do a gentle look with it. Even now I still like it, it’s so pretty. 

Parisax Bleu Nuage
This is probably my least favourite palette of all time, I have no idea why I still own it. It has 5 blue toned eyeshadows, but most of them have grey undertone, which I don’t like, and when they are blended they look just too similar.

Manhattan M&Buffalo Beige Ballerina and Green Stiletto
Review and swatches here and here
Manhattan released few palettes with four matte eyeshadows some time ago and back then I was all about neutral and green shades. None of these palettes are bad, but now I sometimes use only Beige Ballerina, I completely neglected Green Stiletto.

Catrice Revoltaire Toxic Combination
As I said before, in the past I was all about green eyeshadows, so this palette had to be mine, too. Not to mention the nice packaging this palette has. I used it few times when I got it, but now not anymore.

Catrice Rumble in the Jungle
I got this palette because I really felt in love with colour combination, although it’s not typical. Again, as it happened with all other small palettes I soon started to neglect it.

S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro 245

This palette hid from my camera, that’s why it’s not on photo. :P It’s my recent purchase and I have to admit that S-he did a quite good job with it. It’s a colourful palette, so no wonder I had to have it. 

What I learned from this post? That I should really get rid of some old and unused palettes, because they don’t get any love, that Sleek makes the best palettes (if I focus on my collection) and that my collection isn’t small, but again not as huge as it seemed when I was taking photos.

Now tell me something about your palette collection? Do we have any similar? How do you like my collection? Do we have any palettes in common? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Vau, velika zbirka:) Vse Sleek palete ti zavidam:) In embalaža od Catrice Revoltaire Toxic Combination je čudovita. Ne vem kako sem to zamudila:)

    1. Hihi, hvala. :) Sleek palete pa priporočam, res.:)

  2. Taja, kakšna majhna zbirka. Ti pa res nisi beauty blogerka.

    HAHHAHA <3

    UAU! :)

    Svojih sploh nočem dat skupaj, preveč je vsega. :D

    1. Hahahahaha, zdaj si me pa res nasmejala. :P
      Zdaj me pa res zanima tvoja. :D

  3. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  4. ojej kolk palet :D
    sama jih mam bolj malo, ker, če mi katera ni preveč všeč ali je ne uporabljam jo kar komu podarim :D
    Je pa res, da jih verjetno ti precej uporabljaš :)

    1. Veš da, pri meni so palete skoz v uporabi, čeprav nekatere so tudi precej zanemarjene, ker ne pridejo na vrsto. :D

  5. Uff, velikanska zbirka napram moji ;) Super paletke, še posebej so mi všeč Sleekove!

  6. Wauuu to je pa res velika zbirka :) no ampak se vidi, da jih res redno uporabljaš in nobene ne zanemarjaš :)

    1. Nekatere zanemarjam, ampak večino kar pridno uporabljam. :)

  7. No to pa je zbirka :) Ko vidim te krasne barve, me kar zagrabi, da bi si še jaz kakšno bolj barvito paleto kupila, čeprav vem, da bi potem bila zanemarjena...

    1. Tako se jaz včasih počutim ob nevtralnih paletah, ki jih nimam malo, hehe. :D

  8. Ojoj ... hudaa zbirka. Kje imaš sploh dovolj prostora za vse to? ;)

    1. Imam eno omarico prav posebej za mejkap, tako da se najde mesto, jih pa hranim v organizatorjih, ki sem ji že davno nazaj kupila v Šparu. :D

  9. Wow what a collection. I have just a few palettes, I aways stop myself before buying. But I want one more Sleek palete. And If I hade money...Inglot!

    1. Thank you. :) Inglot really has good eyeshadows, I want more, especially colourful ones. :D

  10. Beautiful collection! Do you believe I haven't tried Sleek palettes yet? I don't know why because they are amazing quality! And they cost the same as the Catrice Paris palette which I never use because the eyeshadows aren't that good (but the packaging was too cute to miss haha!)

    1. Seriously? You need to try them, girl - good quality for a low price. :D

  11. Zavidljiva kolekcija, se mi zdi da jih imaš definitivno več kot jaz, premagam te le v količini Sleek paletk heheh :P Priznam da sem se odvadila uporabljat te manjše četvorčke in podobno tako da sem jih večino razdala/prodala/menjala.. v večini imam samo še te velike paletke po 12 senčil in več :P

    1. Joj, to si pa mislim, da imaš vel Sleek palet. :) Jaz jih pa kar še uporabljam, ampak ne vse.

  12. Čudovita zbirka <3 me je navdihnila da malce pobrskam po svoji, gotovo se kje skriva kakšna čudovita pozabljena paletka :D

    1. Hvala. :D Vedno se najde kakšna pozabljena paletka, jaz sem pri tem posti sama sebe presenetila z nekaterimi, za katere sem že pozabila, da jih imam. :D

  13. Those Sleek palets look amazing, I'm jealous!
    I own same Flormar palette, I'm quite satisfied too :)

    1. Sleek really knows how to make an amazing palette. :)
      I didn't expect good pigmentation from Flormar at all, I was surprised. :)

  14. wau odlična zbirka palet :D sama imam sicer samo pet sleek palet in jih obožujem :) drugih senčil kot palet sploh več ne kupujem, ker so mi palete bolj praktične

    1. Hvala. :) Jaz si občasno kupim še kakšno enojno senčilo, se pa strinjam s tabo, da so palete dosti bolj priročne. :D

  15. da znaš, zbog ovog ću posta crknit od ljubomore ;)
    krasna kolekcija, srećom pa imam i ja neke od ovih paletica .D

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