The Blush Tag

I haven't done any tag for a while, so I thought I'd do one today. I'm a huge blush lover and soon I’m going to publish a post in which I'm going to show you all of my blushes, but before that I decided to do The Blush Tag.

How many blushes do you own?
Around 43, if I didn't forget to count any. And most of them are drugstore, not to mention a half of them are probably from limited edition collections.

What is your favourite blush brush?
Ecotools brush blush. It's just the best. Soft, dense, it picks up just enough of a product and it blends the blush on the cheeks amazingly. 

Cream vs. Powder?
Although I'm a fan of both finishes, I prefer powder blushes. I just find them easier to work with and they also last longer on my skin. Cream blushes are more “summer type” blushes for me.

Peach vs. Pink and favourite of each?
What about corals? Because corals are my favourite. Otherwise I prefer peach blushes. My favourite peach blush is Catrice Mandy-rine. It gives such a natural look to my cheeks, which I adore. My favourite in pink family would probably be Catrice Pinkerbell. It’s amazingly pigmented blush and I have to be careful by application, because I can quickly look like a clown if I apply it too much, but a right amount of a blush gives a nice rosy touch to the cheeks.

Drugstore vs. High End and favourite of each?
I don't think I have any high end blush, but my favourite from drugstore are Catrice Defining blushes. The colour selection is not big, but they change assortment all the time and they always release very interesting and wearable shade. The fact that most of them (if not all) are matte is even bigger plus.

Most overrated?
Can I go with the ones that disappointed me? Because I doubt I own any blush most people are bragging about (like high end blushes and similar). Very disappointing blushes for me were Maybelline 201 that looks horrible on me and Yves Rocher Taint Clair Rose which is so light that's barely visible on my skin. I could probably add Essence blushes from recent limited edition collection Like an Unforgettable Kiss here as well, because they weren’t that nicely pigmented as usually their blushes from LE collections are.

Most underrated?
Nothing comes on my mind, sorry.

Worth the hype?
Here I'd say Catrice Defining blushes and Sleek blushes. Both brands have amazing brushes that are great pigmented and last for hours on cheeks. Favourite from Catrice is Mandy-rine and from Sleek Pomegranate. 

Top 5 blushes everyone should own?
Okay, this question is hard. I mostly own drugstore blushes and some of my favourite are from limited edition collections, so I guess I have to exclude those here. I'm going to name 5 of my favourites that are still available: Catrice Mandy-rine, Catrice Coral Me Maybe, Sleek Pomegranate, Sleek Rose Gold and Maybelline 501. 

What blushes are on your WL?
Mac blushes, of course. In December I was in Graz, standing before Mac stand with blushes and there were so many interesting shades that I couldn't decide which one to get. Because they aren’t the cheapest I didn’t want to buy just one shade, came home and discover I don’t like it. Next time I have to do a research before going to the shop, because this time I was more focused on lipsticks.

Final thoughts?
I love blushes, haha. :P Anyway, I know my answers are not the most interesting to read, but it was a fun tag to do. I'd like to tag Mateja, who told me about this tag, Sara, Sanja and Petra. Of course, anyone else is welcome to do it as well. 

Thank you for reading!