Review and Swatches: S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro 245

S-he Stylezone is a brand that doesn’t really catch my eye when I visit DM. The main reason is their Lego style packaging, which doesn’t look attractive to me. Their old packaging was so much prettier. However, occasionally I buy their products and here and there some of them knock my socks off. One of these products is S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro 245. I think this palette is limited edition, but by S-he you never know because they don’t write it anywhere. 

Luckily this palette doesn’t have the typical S-he packaging – it is square, but the lid is straight, which makes is prettier and easier to store. Otherwise the packaging is small, which makes it perfect for carrying around. Well, that also depends from the shades. The palette I took is very colorful, which is the main reason that persuaded me to get it. Unfortunately the quantity isn’t written on the packaging. 

From my experience S-he eyeshadows are very fragile and they crumble quickly. Well, the story with these ones is completely different. They are very silky and soft, while they do dust and fall out during application. The color payoff is also amazing and they blend easily. While some, like purple, can blend so much that they lose the intensity, they are buildable (for example, on my first look purple eyeshadow looks very sheer, while on second very pigmented). Surprisingly, my favourite eyeshadow in this palette is the brown shade. It’s the creamiest and the most pigmented of the bunch. It’s also the only shimmery eyeshadow in the palette, while others have a matte finish and they contain glitter. What also surprised me is the acting on eyes. They didn’t crease on my eyes, they only faded a bit by the end of the day. For me this is really a perfect drugstore colorful palette, the only eyeshadow I’m missing is black (so I added a black eyeshadow from Sleek palette to the looks).

The price of this palette was around 3 of 4 €, I really don’t remember exactly. I always save the bills for products I want to review, so that I can check how much I paid, but when I actually review them the bill gets lost and I can’t find it – like in this case. Anyway, I like this palette a lot, it’s “me” palette and I find it much better quality as S-he eyeshadows usually are.

What do you think about this palette? Thank you for reading!