Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Big Love Palette

Makeup Revolution is a brand that's only one year old, but they are launching new and interesting products all the time. Their products are a hit or a miss – I own few products that I adore and some that didn’t impress me and I threw them away. Their eyeshadows palettes are the ones that often impress me with the selection of shades, although the quality wasn’t always the best, because their eyeshadows creased on me. When I received the palette Big Love I felt in love immediately. So many gorgeous shades, perfect for everyday and smoky “going out” looks.

The idea behind this palette is that it contains 3 sections of 5 eyeshadows in one palette. Sections are called Head over Heels, Last Kiss and Dreaming. Each of them enables you to create one look (that’s why they call it “1 palette 3 looks”), but you can also mix different eyeshadows and create your own looks. I’m going to show you 4 looks – one made with shades from each section and the mixed look I did with a whole palette. 

The palette has a big plastic black shiny packaging with a big mirror inside (high five for that, MR), two side applicator and it’s very well made. It’s big so I don’t find it the most appropriate for travelling, but on the other hand you get everything you need for daily and “going out” looks in one palette. It weights 13 g and it costs 8,95 € on Lič (£6 of official Makeup Revolution site). Lids in the palette are different, so you don’t get the same amount of each eyeshadow. The biggest lids have highlighting shades and the smallest eyeshadows that can be used on lids or in crease. The most amazing thing, as always, is that eyeshadows have names. How cool it is to say now I’m applying Into the Night or any other fancy name on lids, huh? ;)

The quality of eyeshadows differs from shade to shade. Some are great pigmented and silky, while others are chalky or not so well pigmented. Most of eyeshadows dust and they fall out by application on lids. Otherwise they stick nicely on lids and blend easily. After few hours these eyeshadows lose the intensity, but what's more important they don't crease. If you're going read my old reviews of Makeup Revolution palettes then you'll read that their eyeshadows crease on me despite my normal lids. Well, they improved the quality, because Big Love eyeshadow do not move in lines. 

Head over Heels

This collection contains more golden-brown shades. It’s perfect for everyday wear, but it also allows dark smoky looks.
Looking Out – it’s a nice silky nude highlighter with tiny glitter, which unfortunately isn’t the best pigmented. On my swatches is barely visible, because it’s very close to my skin tone.
Chameleons – it’s a golden shimmery shade. To me this is the most disappointing shade, because it’s hard on touch and although it has an okay pigmentation, it doesn’t apply very evenly on eyes. I have to dab it on lids if I want to achieve nice and even look. But it’s the shade that suits my eye colour nicely, so I wear it mostly on lids.
Into the Light – is a light brown shimmery shade with good pigmentation and it’s my favourite in this section. I usually use it in crease, but it’s also perfect for wearing on lids and on lower lash line.
Into the Night – is a dark brown shimmery shade with amazing pigmentation. This one would be great to use on lids if I’d wear smoky look, but otherwise I like to use it in outer V or to darken out the crease.
Head Over Heels – the eyeshadow that wears the name of the collection is the darkest brown shade with an amazing pigmentation and together with Into the Night is the softest and silkiest eyeshadow in the section. This eyeshadow is perfect to use in outer V, but I also like to use it as liner.

For this look I used Chameleons all over the lid, Into the Light in crease, Into the Night in outer V and on lower lash line, Head Over Heels as liner ad Looking Out to highlight my brow bone and inner corner.

Last Kiss

The middle section contains purple toned eyeshadows and it’s perfect for those who like purple shades. I personally reach for them often, because I think purple looks good on me.
Romantic Moments – is a pink toned matte highlighting eyeshadow. Its pigmentation also isn’t the strongest if I compare it to Looking Out. When I blend it on eyes is barely visible.
First Kiss – is a purple shimmery eyeshadow with good pigmentation and it’s my favourite in this section. I love to use it on lids.
Lover – is a dark taupe shimmery shade. I like to use this one in crease when I’m wearing eyeshadows from this section on eyes.
Absorbed – is a plum shimmery shade. This one can be used anywhere – on lids, in crease, in inner corner by darker looks, on lower lash line. It’s very pretty shade.
Last Kiss – this is the darkest shade in this section. It’s a dark purple shade that contains tiny pink glitter. Its pigmentation isn’t as strong as by other eyeshadows, but it’s buildable. 

I used First Kiss all over the lid, Absorbed in crease, Lover in outer V, Last Kiss on lower lashline and Romantic Moments to highlight my brow bone. 


The section with the prettiest name is full of greyish eyeshadows that are appropriate for dark looks on nights out, but they also allow simple daily look. Despite the prettiest name this is my least favourite section in the palette.
Stepping Out – this is a pearly white shade and it’s the best highlighting eyeshadow in the palette. Its pigmentation is amazing and it’s perfect for inner corner of the eye to open the look.
Simply Stunning – is a brown shimmery shade with good pigmentation and this is the shade that enables a daily look with this section if it’s used on lids. I also like to use it in crease.
Weave Your Magic – is a very dark grey, almost black shimmery eyeshadow with very good pigmentation, but this one can lose the intensity quickly when it’s blended out.
Different Light – is a silver grey shimmery shade with great pigmentation. If you like silver on eyes this one is perfect to use on lids. By darker looks it can also be used in inner corner instead of highlighting shade.
Dreaming – is a black eyeshadow with multicoloured glitter. Its formula is a bit chalky and although it has a nice pigmentation, it’s my least favourite eyeshadow in the whole palette. I have to admit I haven’t used this one much. 

I used Simply Stunning in Crease, Weawe Your Magic on inner and outer third of the lid and on lower lash line, Different Light in the middle of the lid and Stepping Out to highlight my brow bone. 

Mixed look
And for the end I have a look for you that was created with different eyeshadows from all three sections. First I used Simply Stunning in crease (I have noticed that lately I always start with a shade in crease, not on lids). Then I applied Into the Light on inner third of the lid and First Kiss on other two thirds of the lid. To deepen the crease I used Head Over Heels. In outer V I lightly applied Weave Your Magic. On first third of lower lash line I applied Absorbed and on other two thirds Last Kiss. In inner corner I used Different Light. Then I blended out First Kiss on lower lash line with Head Over Heels. The place between eyeshadows on upper lid and lower lash line I filled with NYX Milk white pencil. The brow bone I highlighted with Stepping Out. If other three looks are more wearable looks to me I wanted to create something special with a whole palette and I'm really satisfied with this look. 

Overall, this palette isn’t bad at all. It has its flaws, but it’s a good drugstore palette. Eyeshadows are good pigmented and don’t crease, the packaging is sturdy and it comes with a big mirror inside. By my opinion this palette is perfect for people who are just starting with makeup. For 9 € you’ll get a palette with 15 eyeshadows that will allow you to create different looks. In Slovenia you can order it on Lič and international readers can get it on Makeup Revolution’s official site.  

What do you think about Big Love palette? Have you tried it already? Thank you for reading!
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  1. Luškano :) Zdaj ko si jo bolj podrobno razložila, mi je bolj všeč kot prej :) Samo moram priznat da se mi zadnje čase vse njihove palete zdijo izjemno podobne...

    1. Če daš vse njihove palete skupaj, potem so si odtenki res podobni, sploh ker kopirajo bolj znane znamke, vendar pa ta na srečo ni podobna nobeni njihovi, ki jo že imam. ;)

  2. Paleta je divna a ti si fenomenalno uradila recenziju :) Lookovi su super! L.

  3. Meni je itak Head over heels najlepši del, čeprav mi je pa super ta kombiniral look, ki si ga ustvarila :)

    1. Jaz se odločam med Head Over Heels in Last Kiss, haha. Mislim, da mi je vijola za odtenek bolj všeč. :D
      Tale mi je res super uspel. :D

  4. I love the last look you created, it's beautiful!

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  5. Ful lepa paletka, odtenki so zelo lepi, najbolj zanimivi so mi ti Last Kiss, drugače pa nasploh odtenki in super mixed look :)

    1. Hvala. <3 Se mi zdi, da je za začetnico res super, ker dobiš različna senčila za različne looke v eni paleti. :)

  6. Lepa paletka. Najlepši look mi je pa zadnji <3
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  7. Res si odlično skombinirala looke! Na koncu ugotoviš da je res vsestranska paleta :) <3

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