Review and Swatches: Artistry Exact Fit Cream Powder

Because I have a normal skin I never devoted too much attention to powders because almost everyone works for me. As long as my skin doesn’t look cakey I’m okay with that. But when I started to use Artistry Exact Fit powder in the shade Cream I discovered that a quality powder can make a big difference is someone’s foundation routine. My skin has never looked as great as it does since I included this powder in my routine.

Artistry is a brand that offers makeup and skin care products. Their products are not the cheapest so I expected a lot from their powder. And it didn’t disappoint me. The packaging is quite luxurious. The lid is golden with a big A letter on the top and inside you get a powder and a sponge for applying powder, but I never used it (I’m pretty satisfied with my Ebelin brush). The big letter A is also engraved on the powder. By the mail the packaging, powder (refill) and sponge came packed separately in cute black bags. Then I put the refill into the packaging myself. Inside there’s a mirror, which is always handy for applying powder or re-touching your makeup during the day. The packaging is very quality made and it won’t brake easily. Because it’s not too big it’s great for carrying around in purse or for travelling.   

I got the shade Cream (although I ashed Bisque), which is a light warm shade. This powder has a very good coverage and it’s a good match for my skin tone. I especially love to use it when I’m doing bolder looks, because together with my foundation it gives my skin such a nice coverage and it covers every imperfection, so that my skin looks flawless. It looks very natural on the skin and it doesn’t emphasize any dry parts. It prolongs the duration of my foundation and even after 8, 9 hours my skin still looks amazing. This powder also has SPF 20. It matiffies the skin, but after few hours I can notice a shine on my forehead. I have a normal skin and that shine is usually very gentle, but I can’t say how it would work on oily or combination skin.

Artistry Exact Fit powder exist in 8 shades and in all tones (if you want to know which shade matches your skin tone the best, check out their page, where everything is very well explained). You get 12 g of a product for 49,61 €. You can also buy the packaging (23,50 €) and the refill (29,77 €) separately. I do love this powder because of the natural and flawless effect it gives to my skin, but I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself, because I find it too expensive for my budget. 12 g is a lot of product and although I set myself a goal to hit the pan on it till the end of the year, I doubt I bit I’ll manage to do that because I use it with every look I do for few months now and I used it only a bit (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here).

More looks of me wearing this powder here.

Have you tried Artistry products? What do you think about this powder? Thank you for reading!
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