Products That Disappointed Me #5 (Products for Lashes)

Today I’m going to write about three products for lashes that left me cold. When I see the word “volume” on the packaging I immediately expect a volume when I put this product on my lashes, but when I don’t get it this product goes immediately in my disappointing products basket.

 Essence Lash Base mascara

Essence released white base mascara that should give an intense volume and length to the lashes. Its formula is creamy and mascara is very well pigmented, which means that it covers lashes completely, even if they are very dark. After you apply white base you need to apply the mascara immediately on the top, before the base dries. The white colour of this base mascara is so strong that it’s hard to cover. It takes ages to apply the black mascara over it so that the white colour isn’t visible anymore. I disagree that this mascara would help reaching an intense volume, but it helps by lengthening and it separates lashes perfectly, so it works great with those mascaras that usually stick lashes together. In the packaging there’s 9 g of products and it costs around 3 €. I like to use it when I want that my lashes will look more separates, but otherwise I don’t think it adds much to the volume and it bothers me that’s not the easiest to cover.

On my right eye I first used Essence Lash Base mascara and then I applied Essence Lash Princess mascara as I would normally apply it. On my left eye I used Essence Lash Princess mascara alone. I wanted to see if there's any difference in the volume, but I can't see it. Otherwise Lash Princess mascara is very voluminous on its own.

Catrice Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres

I have no idea why I bought this product because fibres and I don’t go well together. I tolerate them in mascaras, but not separately. As Essence base mascara this one should also help achieving voluminous and longer lashes. I use it the way that I first apply mascara, then fibres and then I go over the lashes with another coat of mascara. I also tried the way that I first applied fibres and then mascara, but they didn’t stick well on my dry lashes.
For this post I intentionally chose mascara that doesn’t give much volume to show you that these fibres do nothing for me. It’s like I wouldn’t even apply them, but I did, because the feeling is very unpleasant when I use them. It’s like I would have something in my eye that would poke me all the time. And I don’t even wear contact lenses (this product is not suitable for people who wear contact lenses). You get 0,8 g fibres for around 4 €, but for me this is a thrown away money. I did saw on few blogs that this product worked for some ladies, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Catrice Lash Extension Volume Mascara

As I said at the beginning, if it says volume on the packaging I expect volume on my lashes as well. Well, this mascara doesn’t do what it promises. It’s actually written on the packaging: “Deep black volume mascara with integrated fibre extension for an ultimate lash extension effect.” I should have learned by now that Catrice can’t compete with Essence in doing a great mascara, because Essence wins this fight without a doubt. The brush of the mascara is small, so it enables an easy application and one can easily reach lashes in inner part of the eye as well. Fibres are barely visible and if I wouldn’t read the writing on the packaging, I wouldn’t even notice them. Mascara does give a nice black colour to the lashes, but no volume and a bit of length. I have no idea what’s with fibres and my lashes, but fibres don’t seem work on them (except if I’m doing something wrong). Although I opened this mascara three of four months ago it’s still pretty wet and if I don’t wipe the access product off it sticks my lashes together. For me this mascara is good for a day, when I want to achieve a natural look with a bit of colour on my lashes, but the problem is that I rarely want to achieve that look, I’m more of a “big voluminous lashes” girl. I regret that I didn’t add it into my giveaway few months ago when I received Catrice package on the event, because maybe someone else would like it better. Mascara contains 9 ml and it costs around 4 €. I personally am not a fan and would not recommend it if you expect a volume from it. 

Have you tried any of these three products? How are you satisfied with them? Thank you for reading!