My Blush Collection

I admit I'm obsessed with blushes. There was a time when I didn’t use blushes, because I thought I don’t need them, but when I discovered how gorgeously they define my face I felt in love and start buying them like crazy. Today I decided to show you my blush collection. I was actually preparing this post for months now, but taking photos and editing took me so much time that I needed a little break in between. :P Most of my blushes are from drugstore and probably a half of them are from limited edition collection, so this won’t be a long post of reviews, but not so short preview of my collection with information if these blushes are still available and where you can get them. 

This is a light pink shade with a very strong shimmer that isn’t overwhelming on the face, it rather gives it a glow. Its pigmentation it’s good, but it’s not the most long lasting blush. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Pinkerbell
Pinkebell is my favourite pink blush. It’s from Catrice’s collection Defining blushes and it’s still available (you can get it in Müller). It’s amazingly pigmented, so I have to apply it gently to achieve a nice look, it blends nicely and it gives a matte finish to the face.

Mission Flower is a hot pink shade that has a creamy finish, but during application it changes into a powdery one. It’s nicely pigmented and easy to blend, and despite its strong colour it looks natural on skin. It was a part of Essence Guerilla Gardening TE.

Yves Rocher Taint Clair Rose
Taint Clair Rose is a very gentle rosy blush with a matte finish. I have to say I was very disappointed by this one, because it’s badly pigmented. It’s buildable, but appropriate only for fair people. It also doesn’t last very long on me. It’s available at Yves Rocher store.

Before Catrice released Defining blushes of only one shade they had Defining duo blushes with two shades. Pink Grapefruit Cake gives a pinky-coral colour if we mix both its shades together and it’s really a nice silky, pigmented blush. Its finish is matte. It’s discontinued.

Flormar Blush-On 89
I have a confession to make. I haven’t worn this blush on my cheeks yet. I don’t know why, because it’s a pretty pink matte shade with an amazing pigmentation. In Slovenia Flormar is sold in Supernova in Ljubljana.

Prima Ballerina is a perfect shade for summer due to its creamy texture that’s easy and quick to apply and blend on skin with fingers. It’s a pink matte shade and blended on skin looks quite natural. It was a part of Essence Ballerina Backstage collection.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer O’Boy
I only have one blush from Makeup Revolution, but I’m impressed. This is a pink matte creamy blush and its pigmentation amazed me. I need only a tiny bit of product to achieve a nice looking colour on my face and it stains which prolongs its duration. It’s available on Lič

MUA Shade 1
This is a bright matte pink shade with powdery texture. Its pigmentation is good, although not as amazing as by some other blushes. I don’t think it’s still available in Slovenia, but in the past it was sold on Lič

Catrice Defining blush Think Pink
Think Pink is a shade that I got because of Mateja’s review. It’s a gorgeous coral-pink shade with great pigmentation and it gives a matte look to the skin. Catrice Defining blushes have a very silky formula and are easy to blend. It’s available in Müller and maybe at DM and Tuš drugstore, too (I actually haven’t check Catrice stand in those stores properly yet).

Bed of Flowers is a dark fuchsia creamy blush that looks more pinkish on cheeks. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. It was a part of Catrice Eve in Bloom limited edition collection.

Candy Pink is a matte pink shade with nice pigmentation. Unfortunately it isn’t available anywhere in Slovenia, I got it in a swap from Serbia.

Sleek Pomegranate
I adore Sleek blushes and this one is my favourite. It’s a berry shimmery shade with amazing pigmentation. I need to touch it with a brush only a bit and it already gives a colour to my cheeks. The most amazes me the duration time. This blush last up to 10 hours on my cheeks – it depends how strong I apply it. I bought it at

This is a dark burgundy red shimmery shade that looses the intention on cheeks and gets more pinkish undertone. Its pigmentation is amazing and it’s definitely one of the most amazing and my favourite drugstore blushes. It’s available in Müller.

Shy Pink is a darker pink shade with golden shimmer. It’s a nice blush, but completely neglected and unused. I think Fleur de Sante isn’t available in Slovenia anymore (correct me if I’m wrong).

If I neglect not so pretty packaging, this blush is an okay drugstore product. It’s a reddish pink shimmery shade with an okay pigmentation, but buildable. I bought it on sale last year, and I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or not, but S-he Stylezone brand is available at DM.

This is a reddish coral shade with an okay pigmentation. It was a part of Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40ties limited edition collection.

Rose is one of my first blushes, and I love it, but when my collection started to grow I completely neglected it. It’s a rosy matte shade with a good pigmentation and it looks gorgeous on skin. It was part of Mademoiselle limited edition collection that had the most gorgeous packaging.

Renesmee Red is a dark red matte shade and it’s quite unique. Luckily it doesn’t look horrible on me, but I don’t use it much, because red blushes are not really my favourite to wear. It was a part of Essence Breaking Dawn TE collection.

This is a bright red matte shade that’s quite sheer, but buildable. It was a part of Catrice Glamazona limited edition collection.

Sleek Life’s a Peach
No matter if it’s shimmery or matte Sleek knows how to make a great blush. Life’s a Peach is a matte shade that isn’t as pigmented as Pomegranate, but still enough to give a colour to the face quickly. I got it at Moja drogerija.

East Side Story is an orange good pigmented blush with tiny shimmer that isn’t too noticeable on the face. It was a part of Essence Kalinka TE collection.

Peach Punk is a vivid peachy-orange creamy shade. It was a part of Essence Rebels TE collection.

Sleek Rose Gold
Rose Gold is a blush that you love or hate. I personally adore it. It’s a peachy shade with golden shimmer and it’s an amazing shade to use in summer on tanned skin, because it gives it such a gorgeous glow. Like Pomegranate it’s amazingly pigmented and lasts on me for ages. I bought it on

I still remember the fuzz that was going on when this blush came out. The gradient effect of this blush made everyone excited and I wasn’t the exception. It’s really a great blush. It has a matte finish and a great pigmentation. All colours together give a nice coral shade, which is one of my favourite shades to wear on cheeks. This blush was a part of Essence Miami Roller TE collection, but last year they released it again in their permanent assortment.

Catrice Defining blush Love&Peach
Another blush from amazing Catrice Defining blush collection. Love&Peach is a vivid peach matte shade. As other blushes from this range it’s silky, easy to apply and blend and I also must not forget the great duration time on my skin. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Defining blush Mandy-rine
Mandy-rine is my all time favourite blush. It’s a gentle peachy matte shade with good pigmentation and silky texture that makes it easy to apply and blend on cheeks. I really adore the natural effect it gives to my skin and the fact that I can combine it with any look I want and it won’t look overwhelming on my face.  It’s available in Müller.

This is another of old Catrice duo blushes that’s discontinued. It’s a gentle peachy shade with tiny shimmer.

Essence Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty is a brownish shade that contains tiny shimmer. Its formula is very silky and the pigmentation very good. Applied on the skin it doesn’t look brown, but it gives it such a natural looking effect. The shimmer is also noticeable, so highlighter is not required. It’s available in stores that sell Essence products. 

Coral Me Maybe is a coral shimmery shade that’s not very pigmented, but it’s buildable on cheeks and easy blendable. It’s available in Müller.

Grapefruit Jelly is a light pink matte shade with really amazing silky texture. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. In Slovenia you can get it in online store Destination Pretty.

Essence Soo Blush! Sweet as a Peach
Sweet as a Peach is a peach creamy shade with a great pigmentation. I noticed that it doesn’t last that long on my skin if I don’t set it with powder blush, but it’ll be perfect to use in summer for a nice glowy skin look. It’s available in all drugstores that sell Essence. 

Ap-ri(c)ot is is on a list of my favourite blushes. It’s a coral matte blush with a good pigmentation. It gives such a fresh look to my face and it’s easy to build up if I want to achieve stronger look. It was part of Essence Be Loud TE collection.

Asian Sensations is a duo blush that gives a peachy-coral look to the cheeks. It’s very silky, pigmented and easy blendable. It was part of Essence Cherry Blossom TE collection.

It’s Popul-art had one of the prettiest designs Essence ever made. It’s a peachy-coral shade with not the best pigmentation, but it’s buildable. It was part of Essence Vintage District TE collection. 

This is a peachy-coral matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette that was a part of Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a plum matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette.

This is a pink matte blush from Paris palette that was a part of Catrice Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a peachy matte blush from Paris palette. 

Explosion is a peachy-coral shade with an amazing colour payoff and a matte finish. In Slovenia you can get it in online store

Pink Me is a pink matte duo blush with not very good pigmentation from this year’s Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss.

From the same Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss I also got Nothing but Lovestoned that is a peachy matte shade with the same poor pigmentation as Pink Me. 

I hope you successfully came through this post. It was long, but I hope that it was interesting. If you follow me on social media, you may have or may have not notice that there’s one blush missing. Recently I received a Mememe Blush Box Rouge. Because I already had everything prepared for this post (photos were taken and edited) I didn’t include it, but in a week or two (or three) there will be its review on my blog.

Tell me, how many blushes there are in your collection and which ones are your favourite. Thank you for reading!