I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla&Almond Set (Giveaway)

I wrote about I Love… Cosmetics products before. This brand offers skin care products and after trying some of their shower gels I decided to try body butter as well. I bought a scent Vanilla&Almond in a set that contains body butter, shower gel and shower sponge. Last week there was an opening of the store Jager in Turnišče and they offer brands like I Love... Cosmetics, Afrodita and similar, which is quite convenient for me, because now I can just walk on foot to the store when I need some skin or hair care products, but for makeup I still need to drive to Murska Sobota. Anway, enough of my rambling, let’s talk about products now.

 Vanilla&Almond shower gel
The shower gel is a mini, 50 ml version. Unlike other I Love... Cosmetics shower gels this one is thicker and because of that easier to use during showering. It’s a shimmery shower gel and it foams really nicely. It smells more like an almond than vanilla to me, and its scent it very strong. At the beginning it was quite annoying to me, but with every usage I got more use to it and now I like it a lot. It’s not very nourishing, but it also doesn’t dry my skin. It leaves a gentle scent to it. The packaging is a cute mini plastic packaging, a copy of big ones. 

Vanilla&Almond body butter
I cannot help not to compare this body butter to The Body Shop one. This one is not as thick as TBS, but it also takes time to spread it over the skin and to rub it in. Once I do that the butter sinks fast and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, but moisturized and nourished skin. In the morning when I wake up my skin is soft and it still smells nicely. This one is also a mini version, it contains 50 ml. If I’d use it all over my body (legs, hands, back ...) it would be gone after 4 or 5 usages, but I usually use it only on my legs and hands, where I tend to have drier skin. It smells exactly the same as shower gel and I like it a lot, although I prefer TBS body butter a bit more. 

I bought this set in Jager for 3,99 €. I find it very affordable and I would repurchase it, but probably some other scent (like Raspberry Vanilla which smells so refreshing).

Now one of you lucky ladies will get a chance to win the same set in my giveaway by filling the Rafflecopters form. This giveaway is open one week from today, until 2. 5. 2015. It’s open only for Europe. Good luck to everyone!

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Have you tried any of I Love... Cosmetics sets? Which products would you recommend me?