Review and Swatches: Catrice Absolute Matt Eyes Wide Matt Palette

If you read my blog for a longer time then you know natural makeup isn’t really my thing. I don’t say that I don’t wear it, because I do, but colourful makeup is the one that is more challenging for me. Why this intro? Because today I want to show you a palette that wasn’t a love at first sight, but my love for it grew slowly and now I adore it. I’m talking about Catrice Absolute Matt Eyes Wide Matt palette. In our drugstores is quite hard to find matte eyeshadows, what even a good matte eyeshadows. Catrice is doing pretty good job in this matter because beside this neutral palette they are also offering single matte eyeshadows that have amazing pigmentation.

Catrice Absolute Matt palette comes in a plastic packaging with a transparent lid which enables you to see all eyeshadows in the palette. It weights 6 g and it’s pretty small, so it’s appropriate for travelling. Although I have to say the packaging works a bit cheap to me.

The palette contains six eyeshadows (white, beige - some say this one is pink toned, but I have to admit I don't see any pink in it, strange, taupe, warm brown, dark brown and dark grey). They have very silky and smooth texture and their color payoff is amazing. You literally can apply one coat of eyeshadow over the lid and don’t need to build it up (unless if you want to. But then again that depends from the look you want to achieve). They are dusty, but I didn’t have any problems with fall out. 

These swatch so nicely and they fell so creamy. Application is a blast and they blend very well. These are great for everyday neutral look or even smokey look, if you use darker shades all over the lid. Two lightest ones are good for highlighting or to use all over the lid. I personally like to use second or third eyeshadow all over the lid, fourth in crease, fifth in outer V and first for highlighting. What I like about this palette is that these eyeshadows are truly matte, without any tiny shimmer that would later be visible on eyes. On my lids these eyeshadow didn’t crease, but they did fade away after few hours.

The look I made with Catrice Absolute Matt palette. I also made a tutorial for it, so you can read more here

Overall, I think this is a great neutral drugstore palette with matte eyeshadows and I’d recommend it to everyone for everyday usage. Its price is also low, it costs around 5 €, and for this price you’ll get six nicely pigmented eyeshadows. You know I’m a person who prefers shimmery and colourful eyeshadow, and I say Catrice Absolute Matt palette is a winner.  

Have you tried Catrice Absolute Matt palette? How do you like it? Thank you for reading!