Hit the Pan or Use Up (2015 Makeup Challenge)

I admit I'm a hoarder. I have way too many cosmetics. I constantly buy new makeup products, but I rarely manage to finish any. Slovenian blogger I admire much, Sara from Passing Fancy, has done the project pan last year and she also finished a lot of makeup products in a half a year. Her posts were inspiration to me to do the same (especially the post How much makeup can a woman use up in a half a year? Makeup empties). At the beginning of March I chose products I want to hit pan on or end up till the end of the year and started to use them. Unfortunately March was a crazy month for me (don’t even get me started with everything that happened) and I didn’t manage to take photos and write a proper post before. But it’s never too late. I choose a lot of products, maybe a bit too much (can I even finish so many lip products?), but I’ll try to do my best. If I consider that I don’t wear makeup every day that will be an interesting challenge for me. I’ll probably inform you how my challenge is going on social media (Instagram, Facebook), but in the end of the year or better said at the beginning of next year I’ll do a special Empties/Recap post and let you know how I did it.

I set myself two categories in this challenge: products I want to hit the pan on or products I want to use up. For some I know I won’t be able to use them till the end of the year, so my goal is to hit the pan and to use them as much as possible.


Use up: At the moment I’m mostly using two foundations – Yves Rocher Youthful Glow 100 Beige and Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory. Both are nice, medium coverage foundation. I don’t wear foundation every day, but I think I can do a pretty good job using these two up till the end of the year. I also added Makeup Revolution The One Foundation, because I own few foundations that are two dark and mixing them with white foundation makes them brighter and more matching for my skin tone. This foundation is very liquidy and it’s using up quite fast, so it won’t be a problem to finish it soon and that’s the reason I added it in this challenge. The one of the products I’m neglecting while doing my makeup is a primer. I got Fleur de Sante primer some time ago and I think it’s already time that I finish it. It’s a silicon based primer and it makes a nice base for foundation. 

Use up: On my list of products I want to finish are three concealers: Maybelline Anti-Age Effect in Fair which I mostly use to brighten up my under eye area, Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory and Essence Stay All Day 16 h Longlasting Natural Beige concealer, which I use to cover my under eye area and to define my brows. All three concealers are already half empty.

Hit the pan: My favourite powder at the moment is Artistry Exact Fit Cream. It’s a mattifying powder with good coverage and yellow undertone. There’s 12 g in the packaging and I doubt I can finish this powder in few months, but my plan is to hit the pan. 

Use up: Essence Ballerina Backstage Prima Ballerina is an old blush that’s half used already. It has a bit strange formula, since it’s not the easiest to blend, but it’s creamy and it’s perfect shade for summer.

Hit the pan: I haven’t hit the pan on any of my blushes yet. I guess I have them way to many. Peach and coral blushes are my favourite lately, so I chose Catrice CoralMe Maybe and Essence Sweet as a Peach to hit pan on. I use Catrice on a daily basis now and Essence I’ll use more on hotter days in summer, since this is a cream blush and I prefer cream blushes for summer. Both are very lovely shades, although Essence isn’t the most longlasting.
I use Sleek bronzer from Face Form kit for almost a year now and I have a feeling I haven’t use it any. My goal is to hit the pan on it this year. It’s a very nicely pigmented bronzer that’s easy to blend and I really love how it looks on me. I choose only one highlighter and that’s P2 High Beam. It’s one of most natural looking highlighters so it’ll look good with any of the blushes I’ll use. 


Hit the pan: Catrice Absolute Matt palette is the palette I like to use on a daily basis lately, so I decided to include it in this post. I reviewed it recently, so read more about it here. If I’ll hit the pan on four from six eyeshadows I’ll be a happy hippo.

Use up: I adore eyeliners, but they tend to get dry quickly, so I decided to finish all eyeliners I own now before buying a new one. Alverde gel eyeliner Extreme Black is one of my favourite lately. It has more liquid formula than Essence or Catrice gel eyeliners, but it’s easy to apply and it lasts all day. From Essence Liquid Ink eyeliners I own both, a matte and a glossy version. These eyeliners have nice thin brush, are very nicely pigmented, but formula of Essence eyeliners can get thick and hard to apply quickly, so I want to use them up as soon as possible. The last eyeliner is a black eyeliner from Eye Care Black that isn’t as pigmented as Essence ones, but it’s also easy to apply due to its thin brush.
The product I also included here is Essence Big Bright Eyes. I kind of doubt I’ll use it up completely, but I want to encourage myself to use it as much as possible. I really like this pen, because it’s great pigmented, easy to apply on waterline and it makes my small eyes look bigger. 


Hit the pan: Shade Love Brunettes from Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette has become my favourite quite quickly and although I use it constantly I still haven’t hit the pan. Well, my plan is to hit the pan and use it as much as possible till the end of the year. I don’t use that much other shades, although I think they would be great to use on eyes as well, since all three shades are matte nude shades and would be perfect for daily looks. 


Use up: I went big by lip products. Lip products are products I love buying, but those I rarely use are lipglosses. I want to finish them as much as possible: Catrice Lip Smoother Apricot Cream, Catrice My Cherry Berry and Cherry-ty lip balms from Pure Shine collection, Catrice Peach Boy lipgloss, Clarins lip perfector Rose Shimmer, Deborah Milano 08 lipgloss. The good think by lipglosses is also that when I feel I have dry lips I use a lipgloss instead of a lip balm and it also moisturizes my lips. And if I’m at home and I don’t wear makeup I don’t look so strange with coloured lips. :P  From lipsticks I choose few of older products I need to use up: Essence All About Cupcake (coral shade), Essence Urban Messages It Peace (peachy shade) and Alverde Nude. Alverde is actually one of my favourite lipsticks of all times. I also added Makeup Revolution Love a Hug, a moisturizing lipstick.

I went big with this challenge. I’m afraid I maybe went too big. But Sara finished even more products, so I’m hoping for the best. I’ll let you know the results of this challenge after 10 months. Now I’m also planning to do something similar with nail polishes. Maybe to choose 15 or 20 nail polishes that I need to use up this year. This actually shouldn’t be as hard as with makeup, because I often change my manicure (daily, every second day) and I often wear nail art or do stamping and there I use more nail polish than for a normal manicure. 

Let me know, have you done the same challenge already? Thank you for reading!