Changes (Few Words About My Hair)

There comes a point in your life when it’s time for changes. It can be a small change or a drastic one. I have to admit I’m the person who hates changes, who has to think everything through before changing/doing/trying something. But I think it’s time that I step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Last week many mayor changes happen in my life and because of that I decided to try something I’ve been thinking about for a longer period now. I thought that it was finally time to cut my very very long hair.  As a young girl I could never grow long hair because they were damaged all the time. When I started to blog I learned how to take a proper care for them and they grow so much. But ends became quite destroyed after some time and they needed a cut. Telling the truth my hair started to get on my nerves this winter, I didn’t know anymore what to do with them, and I was constantly having them in a pony tail or a bun, so I decided to cut them. Not just the ends, but more than a half of my hair. Some would/have say/said that this is a drastic change, but I have to admit I love it and I’m so happy I took this decision. My hair looks healthier now, my head feels lighter and I feel happier with my new haircut. 

Sorry for bad quality of these two photos. My hairdresser took them with my phone and they weren't really sharp. :(

One of positive sites is also that shorter hair is easier to take care off. It’s easier to wash, it dries faster and it also doesn’t get in my way when I’m doing something. I hesitated to cut my hair because I was afraid I’m going to miss having long hair, but telling the truth I don’t miss it at all. I’m a happy hippo now. And everybody (except my boyfriend) says that shorter hair looks better on me. 

Back in December I bought Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Million Gloss set that held a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. At the moment I’m using a combination of these three products and I have to say I like them all. Shampoo cleans my hair well and it doesn’t dry it out, the conditioner gives it a shine and makes it are soft and silky after usage and the oil nourishes it nicely. I know this isn’t a proper review, but I wanted to mention quickly, how I like these products. 

How do you feel about changes? Also, tell me how do you like my new haircut. Thank you for reading!