Swatches and Review: Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Blushes

Every year before Valentine’s Day Essence releases the trend edition collection inspired by this holiday. This year they released An Unforgettable Kiss TE. I already showed you swatches of a mint nail polish from this collection, but today I want to share with you my opinion about duo blushes Nothing but Lovestoned and Pink Me

I have to say they made a very good job with the packaging. Both blushes are in a shape of a heart and the packaging itself is from cardboard. To me it seems very sturdy and it’s so cute. One duo blush contains 5,1 g of products and you actually get a blush and a highlighter, which you can use each on their own or mixed together. Despite the cute packaging I have to admit that the pigmentation of both blushes didn’t impress me. Most of us are use to much more pigmented products (blushes, highlighters) from Essence limited edition collection, but here they made poor pigmentation. 

01 Nothing but Lovestoned is a peachy matte blush with also a light peachy highlighter. It swatch es really poorly. Luckily it is buildable. The other problem with both blushes is the shape. The packaging isn’t really big (I don’t know why I expected it’ll be bigger) and if you’re having a bigger blush brush, like me, it’s quite impossible to swirl it into the blush itself (meaning into the half of the heart), which is the way I like to do to get the blush on my brush. By these ones I have to dab it into the blush and then apply it, but then again the blush ends only on the half of the brush. I often just mix both parts together and then apply it. That’s why it takes a little longer to apply this blush, but I have to say I like how it looks on me when I apply the amount of blush I’m satisfied with. 
I also want to point out that I don’t like to use highlighters on their own, because they are matte, but I prefer shimmery highlighter to use on my cheeks, because those give me that special glow I like. 

02 Pink Me is a pink matte blush with a beige matte highlighter. The blush contains tiny shimmer that is visible on the swatch, but not really in the packaging or on face. The story with this one is the same as with Nothing but Lovestoned; with the exception that pink blush is better pigmented. Mentioning that, the highlighter here is so badly pigmented that I barely swatched it.
I usually take time and apply bigger amount of a blush on my face, because I like it that way. The longevity depends from the amount of blush I apply it on cheeks – less I apply it, sooner it fades away. Unlike some other powder brushes, for example Catrice or Sleek, they don’t last a whole working day, but they also don’t disappear from cheeks too quickly. I’m surprised that these blushes aren’t better pigmented, because they have such silky and not dusty at all formula.  

These blushes can be a hit or a miss; it depends from a way you’re looking on them. The packaging is cute, a lot, but they have poor color payoff. Then again they are buildable, although not as long lasting as some other blushes I own (Catrice, Sleek). I’d say people who are just starting using blushes or those who don’t like too much color on their cheeks are going to be satisfied with them. These are also a nice addition to a collection because of a cute packaging, although it’s not the most practical for people that use bigger blush brushes like me and I also wish that these would be more pigmented. After all I adore peachy and pink shades. They cost around 3,5 €. They are not pricey, but I’d say that if you’re a blush lover and you don’t care much about cute packaging, skip them because poor pigmentation will disappoint you. 

Did you try these blushes? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!