New In (January)

After a week of not blogging (you read 5 guest post on my blog this week) is a bit hard to get back in the saddle, but I have a feeling like I'm going to be late with my posts if I won't start posting them today, so first I want to share my purchases of January with you. 

I received few testers from a brand, called Farmona. I tried few of them already and my opinion is quite mixed, but it's true that after one tester I can't say how good or bad the product is. I wasn't planning to do a separate post about these testers, because I'm going to mention them in Empties post, but if you're interesting in my opinion and separate post, let me know.

I love when DM is having an offer where you buy one products and get another one for free. In January I took advantage of this offer and bought quite few products. First are Dove shower gels (Silk Glow, Purely Pampering), which are amazing and I can't recommend them enough. Next is my currently favourite deodorant Rexona Longlasting Protection. I bought different scents (Fresh and Shower Clean), because I don't want to get tired of one scent too quickly.

I adore Mixa 24h Moisturizing Anti-dryness face cream with 10 % glycerin. Since I got one for a half of price I decided to buy two. No matter how many face cream will I try and love I'll always return to Mixa. Next is Nivea Aqua Effect Soothing Cleansing Mousse. I bought two different foams, one for dry skin to use now during winter time, and one for normal skin to use during summer. So far I like it. And for the end my favourite two phased eye makeup remover from Ombia, because these kind of removers are always necessary for me when I do bolder looks for which I use a lot of makeup.

I spoiled myself with few lips products last month. First is Essence nude lipstick in shade Cool Nude, which I adore and I already reviewed here. Catrice Go Flamingo Go lip balm was discontinued and since this was my favourite shade of their balm (which I already used up) I decided to repurchase it. Moja drogerija had a huge action on many products last month and Sleek Matte Me lip creams were much cheaper and I wanted to try them for a long time, so I bought Party Pink and Fandago Purple. The same goes for Deborah Milano Red Laque lipstick. It was 30 % off at Müller, so I got shade 09, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Nail polishes are a special love of mine and during January I got few gorgeous shades:
Catrice Rock-o-co L’Ombre A Sanssouci (review)
Essence Always on my Mint (swatches soon)
Catrice (S)wimbledon
Essence I Nude It (review)
L'Oreal Blake (review)
golden leaf foil from Moja drogerija (wearing it here)

I'm loving peach Essence Lash Princess mascara, so I was very curious about green one, which promises even more volume. Well, I'm not that impressed. I don't find it any better than peachy one, I'm not a fan of the brush and also not the formula, which I find closer to Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara. I'm going to test it for a longer period and then let you know if I like it better or not. I ran out of S-he glitter eyeliner, which I use a lot with bolder and festive look, so I repurchased it and I also decided to finally give a chance to NYX HD eyeshadow base, which is so praised by many bloggers. After few days of usage I can say I like it a lot, it's definitely much better than Essence one. 

Lately I became fond of Essence limited edition collections again, but it would probably be better if I wouldn't. From Hidden Stories I bought a highlighter Enter Wonderland, which didn't really impress me. You can read my review here (I also got a nail polish, which I forgot to include on photo).
From Unforgettable Kiss I got two duo blushes Nothing but Lovestoned and Pink Me. I expected that these are going to be amazing, since Essence releases great blushes in their LE collections. They aren't really pigmented, but luckily they are buildable, so I can achieve nice look with them. I'm going to write a review in next few days and show you how both look on me.

And for the end I have Makeup Revolution Big Love palette, which is so pretty. Lič were kind enough to send something for me and something for my readers (giveaway here), The palette is really pretty and what surprised me is that it doesn't creases crazy like other palettes I have from them. Slovenian ladies, if you're going to shop at Lič use code BLOG-POSTNINA for free postage on orders above 20 €.

What did you get in January? Are you specially interested in any of the products I mentioned today and you want me to review it? Let me know. Thank you for reading!