New In (Februar)

I actually planned for February to be a no-buy month. As you can see I wasn't very successful. At least now I have something to share with you on my blog now. :)

Let's start with Essence. At the beginning of the month our Müller got new Essence products. I have to say not many products draw my attention. On promo photos I always like more products than then in person in the store. I bought three polishes: Be Berry Now, I Don't Need Money, Honey and Lady Mermaid. I also got Ultra Strong nail hardener, which is my favourite. I wanted to get nail cuticle softener pen, but I forgot that they changed the packaging, so I actually got nail cuticle remover pen. I bought eyeliner brush to use it to do a fine line on my nails when painting them, but it doesn't go well with my remover. It felt apart after first usage (meh). 
The most interesting products I got from Essence are new longlasting lipliners. I'm going to review them separately, but for now I can tell you that I like them a lot. They are creamy, don't dry lips, easy to apply and they do last for quite some time. I got shades A Girl's Dream, Yummy Berry, Plum Cake and Lovely Frappucino
Mateja was raving about Essence Big Bright Eyes highlighting pen in Highlight it ... Nude for so long that I finally got it. I completely understand why she loves it so much. It's amazing. And it's definitely much better than Catrice highlighting pen. Catrice has released new eyeshadow base Prime and Fine and although I recently got NYX HD eyeshadow base I had to try this one too. There will be a comparison post on my blog after I test these bases a bit better.    

When you run out of your favourite products you buy back up bottles. I'm talking about my favourite tonic Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisturizing tonic and my favourite nail polish remover Aveo Mandel

Born Pretty Store send me few products for reviews. I received two plates BP-16 (you can see my manicure with it here) and Q-girl 036. I also decided to test metal stickers with a dragon design. I already made a manicure with golden ones and I can't wait to show it to you, because I really love it and I'm proud on it. :)

Back in January I ordered 10 Born Pretty Store plates. I do love their plates, because they have good quality and very interesting designs. I'm still not sure if I'm going to present them all together in one post or I'm going to do a series of posts, presenting one palette in one post with a manicure or two. Tell me, what do you think.

Last week I received a package from Click2Chic with a Nanshy Marvel 4in1 makeup sponge and Models Own polishes Chrome Cerise and Chrome Silver. I tried all products already and I'm loving them all. I'm especially loving Cerise nail polish, which surprised me, because I'm not the biggest fan of pink nail polishes. Well, it's very lovely shade with a chrome finish which I surprisingly love a lot. Both Models Own polishes are also great for stamping. 

Farmona send me few bits last week as well. I decided to give away samples, because I already tried them, but I kept both hand creams since they are always handy. I'm not the most impressed by regenerating cream, but I do like coconut hand and nail cream. 

Since February the beauty box Dash Box is full size. I couldn't resist, I had to order it. I decided not to write a full review about this box anymore, but I will review Johnny Organic (Orgazmus is an old name, they renamed recently) Antioxidant Cacao Scrub and W7 Candy Blush Explosion. In the box there were also Farmona Chocolate body wash gel, which doesn't smell the nicest to me, a Greenland Fruit Emotions shower gel tester and W7 Superfine black eye pencil

What did you get in February? Thank you for reading!