I Love... Shower Gels

I haven’t blogged much this week. I have only three words for you, why: stress at work. Usually my blog is my happy place, my place of relaxing and enjoying, but this week I wasn’t really inspired for writing. So for this weekend I decided to prepare few posts, not just for today, but also for next week. Yesterday when I was taking a shower I was thinking about the theme I should post on my blog today and then I remembered I haven’t write about I Love… Cosmetics shower gels yet.  I Love… shower gels were always so praised in beauty blogosphere that I was super happy when I finally found them in my local drugstore. I immediately bought three scents: Raspberry Vanilla, Choca Mocha Lala and Minty Choco Chip. I think I’ve never read a bad thing about them, but they have their flaws. I do like them but I can’t say I’m over the moon because of them.

The first thing I noticed when I took a shower with these is that their formula is very liquidy. At the beginning I had few problems with them, because when I wanted to put any of three shower gels on my skin, they just slipped through my fingers and ended in my bath. Later I learned how to deal with them and now I don’t have this problem anymore. The solution is that I apply smaller amount of product on my skin. They foam nicely, but I have a feeling that I use them up faster than other, thicker shower gels.

The best feature of these gels is the scent. They have strong scent, and strong scent usually bothers me, except if it’s the one I really like. Raspberry Vanilla smells very fruity, like raspberry (I can’t smell vanilla) and it’s very sweet scent. Choca Mocha Lala smells like milk chocolate and Minty Choco Chip smells like After Eight chocolate, which I adore. I can’t decide which scent is my favourite, because I adore all three of them. But I did notice by Minty Choco Chip that the scent becomes too annoying after a longer period of usage (probably because of its sweetness), so what I usually do is that I change a shower gel every few days. I got so use so the fact that I shower with different shower gel every few days that I have 6 or 7 different gels opened and used till the half of the bottle (before that I always used up one shower gel before I opened another). I didn’t notice that I Love… shower gels would dry my skin, but I also can’t say that they are very moisturizing. They make the skin soft and they leave a gentle scent on it. I was actually surprised that they don’t leave a stronger scent on the skin, since they have such a strong scent in the bottle.

I found these shower gels in Tuš drugstore, where I paid around 3,5 € for 250 ml. I do like them, especially because they have very pleasant scents, but in a matter of nourished skin I’d probably choose Dove or Afrodita shower gels rather than these. If you adore shower gels and you like to try new brands and different scents I’d say go for these, they won’t disappoint you.

Have you tried I Love… Cosmetics shower gels? What do you think about these? Which one is your favourite scent? Thank you for reading!