Guest Post by Meteo Beauty: My Top 4 Eye Cream Picks

Today were are starting with guest posts on my blog. I will host five fellow bloggers that I love to read, because they have amazing blogs. We're starting with Selma, an author of Meteo Beauty. She always blows me away with her amazing and detailed reviews. I learned a lot from her blog and it's always the greatest joy to read her posts. I hope you're going to enjoy reading her guest post as much as I did.

There's this entire dilemma regarding the use of eye creams. Some people find them utterly useless while others swear by them. Using an eye cream at an early age doesn't seem insane to me. After all, if you're in your early twenties, the only kind of concern you'd want to treat would be dehydration. Prevention is also the key. So, generally speaking, any eye cream you might be eyeing-up is most probably the basic type, the one that adds some moisture to that delicate eye area - and I hardly can see the negatives of that. I'm a huge proponent of prevention and I have this little theory I like to stick to. As the case is with the general feel and urge of thirst - you are already dehydrated when you feel thirsty. Smart thing would be to guzzle some water during breaks. A steady intake would keep your body levels of hydration up and you'd basically never feel thirsty. The same thing with fine lines - they're a way of your body telling you it's chronically thirsty. We're not touching the subject of deep wrinkles and the collagen deterioration with age - that's something I'll personally have to tackle in the future but for now, let us focus on basic eye area needs. As a soon to be twenty-eight years old woman, I've tested my fair share of eye creams and I bring you the top four I personally enjoy to use and would recommend to others without any hesitation. All four creams are different in their own ways but, ultimately, they all bring in the big guns on the hydration front.

Let us start with an eye cream which packs the most punch. Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Cream was, in fact, the first cream I thought of worthy my time and money. Smart and hygienic pump packaging paired with a lovely, delicate floral scent (think Nuxe multipurpose oil) surely make it a dream to use. However, the real reason why this little fella remained in my skincare stash is the ideal ratio of truly strong hydration without being oily. It feels rich and luxurious but it's not too heavy at all. It makes the under-eye area so juicy and plump, concealer glides over like a dream and skin retains its suppleness for hours. If you know that strictly dehydration is your concern, you want something that oozes water and has a certain lightness whilst doing the job - Afrodita Hydra Thermal Eye Cream Against First Wrinkles is your guy! It's the perfect basic eye cream for young people - I can picture even teens using it but I think that the main focus is on the people in their early twenties and/or early thrities. It literally sucks all the moisture back into the skin, makes it very 'moist' (God, I hate that word) and bouncy. It just feels very fresh, light, unobtrusive and delightful. It's like a tiny fountain for eyes to keep 'em awake. It even provides UV protection - perfect for no make-up days. A very light cream that I imagine must be the epitome of summertime is the L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Eye Care & Mask Duo. I haven't found anything quite as good as this gel-like eye care duo and I reckon I'll stick to it this summer as well. It isn't runny or too plastick-y but it does feel quite gel-like in the way that it cools hot eyes and truly calms them down. The metal applicator has an ice cube effect, depuffing the eye area along the way. It's extremely helpful for puffy eyes and an absolute savior during summer as it doubles up as an eye mask. If you apply it in a thicker layer, you have a very powerful and soothing eye treatment. 

My final discovery was a little something I had my eye on for months. Caudalie Vinosource SOS Morning Eye Rescue is a life saver for everyone who frequently deals with tired, hot and exhausted eyes. Too much time in front of you computer/laptop or smartphone results in tired eyes that look red and angry. This amazing little cream soothes them in a jiffy with its simple, refreshing formula. The gentle souffle texture cools down the entire area and instantly erases tiresome looks. It isn't a miracle worker, neither of these eye creams are, but it does what it says. All in all, none of these eye creams will miraculously erase fine lines, wrinkles, depuff from now on to eternity or diminish dark circles. I'm not sure if any eye creams can do so - if you come across one of those - do let me know. What I can say, though, is that my picks can ensure hydration boosts, smooth and supple skin, they're a good prep for concealers and foundation, they have a soothing/cooling effect, they're gentle and have decent ingredients. Also, each is perfect for each season - Nuxe for winter, Afrodita for autumn, L'Occitane for summer and Caudalie for spring - anyway, that's how I categorize them. Hopefully some of you might find these recommendations helpful and I just want to say huge thanks to our dear Tatjana who has invited me to do this post at her lovely blog. It's always a joy to get a slice of Taya's beauty world, she is truly one of the nicest, most positive people I have had the pleasure to get to know via our blogs + bonus is the fact that she has a terriffic blog as well. If you fancy this post and if you feel inclined, do stop by my blog Meteo Beauty so we can continue our beauty chat.

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