Guest post by Mateja's Beauty Blog: 6 Drugstore Treats under 6 €

Mateja is one of the bloggers I read and follow for the longest time and her blog is one of my favourite, so she was an obvious choice for a guest blogger on my blog. Her blog is always interesting, fresh and full of new ideas. She's such an inspiration to me as a blogger and a person who loves cosmetics. She's guilty for so many of my purchases (and I'm not meaning that in a bad way. Okay, maybe my wallet does. :P). When I'm thinking about purchasing a new product and Mateja says it's great I go and buy it, that's how much I trust her. She writes honest and deep reviews and if you're searching for a blogger with honest reviews and realistic swatches she's the one you need to follow. And she's such a pretty girl. Today she's recommending you 6 drugstore purchases and I have to say I agree with her. I tried first four products that she's mentioning and I'm loving them all.

 CATRICE Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette
010 Eyes Wide Matt
A budget palette that completely blew me away. I'm a huge fan of these matte, neutral palettes that are excellent for defining the eyes and as far as I'm concerned, the quality of this palette is very similar to UD's Naked Basics Palettes. The eyeshadows are just a bit "dustier", but all have excellent pigmentation and blend well.  The shades are like Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics were merged together bringing the best of both into one palette, the only thing missing is a pitch black shade. It's a fantastic palette for the price.
5.29 €

CATRICE Illuminating Blush
010 I'm Nuts About You
Catrice blushes are my favourites and though, admittedly I find the Defining blushes range slightly better quality, it's the shade of this one that completely won my heart. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since I got it a few months ago, especially when I need to look good because I know this shade works for me. There's something about this natural shade that just compliments my pale neutral skin tone so well. It's a natural-pink shade that just looks amazing on the skin, way better than any coral blush could ever on me and best of all it goes with any look. Its only shortcoming if I can even call it that, is that it's not particularly illuminating (meaning no excessive shimmer).
4.26 €

 Deborah Smalto Gel Effect
An opaque nude nail polish with a well-behaving formula that also suits your skin tone is about as rare as pink unicorns, especially when you want something on a budget. This is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes both because of the colour and the formula. It's such a lovely nude, but one with rose-violet-taupe tones that keep it from looking to mannequin-hands-like and it just suit my skin tone so well. The formula is so smooth and surprising easy to apply for an opaque nude nail polish, but what impressed me more is how shiny is the finish. The wide brush is a nice plus as well.
5.59 €.

 BALEA My Golden Twenties and 50's Forever Pflegecremen
Universal creams with rose-lavender scent and with cheery scent
These are some of the best cheap thrills I discovered recently and definitely ones with the cutest packaging featuring a retro design. Though it's a universal cream, which brings associations of thick, greasy creams, this is actually very light, fast absorbent and yet still very moisturising. Due to the fact it sinks in within a minute, I use these as a hand cream and I'm a person who dislikes hand creams, therefore avoid using them. I even use them on my face occasionally, since I'm currently moisturiser-less and they work great. My Golden Twenties smells like lavender with a hint of honey to me (the more neutral smelling of the two), while 50's Forever smells like cherry soda/candy.
DM, 1.19€ (30 ml)

 GARNIER Oil Beauty Nährendes Öl-Peeling
a.k.a. GARNIER Oil Beauty Scrub
One of my favourite shower discoveries from last year, even though I'm not amazed by its scrubbing abilities. It's the texture that sold me, since it's something quite unexpected for a product that is so affordable. For me this is a luxurious-feeling, every day body wash and it starts off as a gel with sparse scrubby particles which then transforms into an oil-creamy foam. So basically it feels lovely to use, smells great and it's affordable.
Müller, 4.99€

L'ORÉAL Elvital Glatt-Intense Pflege-Shampoo
a.k.a. L'ORÉAL Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo
I declare that I have found my absolute favourite budget-friendly shampoo. It performs like a very high-end shampoo and believe me, I have tried tons. The only one that is better than L'Oreal's is Oleo-Relax by Kérastase (which is owned by L'Oreal) and even that one is just like Elvital on steroids, meaning that if you have very demanding hair like me, you'll notice the difference between the two, otherwise no. L'Oreal's has a similar effect,so it feels like some conditioner was added in it and the hair feels a bit silky when you're rinsing it off. It also doesn't leave my hair so squeaky clean that's it's dried out and it smells nice. I'm a huge fan of this.  

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