Fifth Blogiversary and a Giveaway

Today I have a very special post for a special occasion for you. On February 1 2010 a story of Taya My Little Beauty World started. That day I opened a blog, with a different name and a different purpose, but soon it grew into this little place of my happiness. My blog and I grew a lot in those five years. Sometimes when I look back at my old posts and photos I just want to run somewhere and hide, because they are horrible, but then I’m thinking no one has a perfect start or even is perfect. That old photos prove and show, how much my blog grew and how much I learned. Blogging is something that makes me happy and although I did have few unpleasant experiences, my blog brought me a huge amount of good things. In these five years I met a lot of great and nice girls, with some of them I chat only on social media, but some of them I also managed to meet in person. I want to thank to all of you who read my blog for all of your support, nice comments and advices when I need them. Often you’re the one that make my day better with your comments and your words are proof that it was worth to put a lot of time and effort into posts, because you like them. I wanted to write much more today, but I don’t feel very inspired, so I will go straight to today’s giveaway. But before that I have a special announcement.

I didn’t want to celebrate my fifth blogiversary only with a giveaway, I wanted to do something special, and so I invited few fellow bloggers as guest bloggers on my blog. Five bloggers for fifth blogiversary. From Monday till Friday you’re going to read five posts from five great bloggers that I personally love and admire. I hope you’re going to love the idea of hosting fellow bloggers here on my place as much as I do. There are still some bloggers, especially Slovenian ones, that I want to host on my blog in the future, so if you’re going to like this idea I’m probably going to do something similar for my birthday this year. J

Prize 1

You will win:
* Makeup Revolution Iconic blush bronze and brighten rave
* Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint Medium
* Makeup Revolution Pro Stippling brush F103

I want to thank Lič for sponsoring this prize. Rules are simple. Anyone can enter, you just have to leave me your email. To enter the giveaway fill the Rafflecofter form. The giveaway will end on February 28 at Midnight (CET).

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Prize 2

You will win:
* Essence An Unforgettable Kiss duo blush 02 Pink Me
* Essence An Unforgettable Kiss lipstick 02 Pink Me
* Essence Ticket to Paradise Dive with Me to the Island eyeshadow
* Essence Hidden Stories Mauve-Llous Fairy

The rules are the same as above. Fill the Rafflecopter form to enter the giveaway. Anyone can enter. The giveaway will end on February 28 at Midnight (CET).

a Rafflecopter giveaway
There will be two winners (one for prize one, one for prize two). I will announce them on my blog and after I'll contact them they'll have 48 hours to answer on my email or I will choose another winner(s). If you like both prizes you can fill Rafflecopter form for both prizes, but of course you can't win both. Good luck to all of you!