Day 3 of Valentine's Day Challenge: Glitter Hearts

I had an amazing idea for glitter hearts theme of Valentine's Day challenge, I really had, but it didn't turn out as I wanted. But that's always like that. It's not a typical manicure for the day of love, because it's blue. I made it blue on purpose, because I didn't want all my manicure in same colors (meaning red and pink). It also doesn't have much to do with glitter hearts, because not every heart of this manicure is glittery. I made a heart leopard print, because I like the idea of it and animal prints were always my favourite. One heart on every second nail I painted with glittery polish. 
As a base I used S-he 115. On the half of a nail I made leopard print with Flormar 423, Misslyn Royal Blue and Golden Rose Holiday 55. Then I painted a half of a nail with P2 Crazy Beauty. In the end I added Misslyn nail stickers on the cross point. It wasn't really what I imagine before I began, but the final result was pretty anyway. :)

Let me know what you think of my manicure. Thank you for reading!

9 komentarjev

  1. How awesome! Love the heart leopard look and that it is blue.. my favorite color! <3

  2. Glitter hearts - Yes, I'm listening LOL :D Love the manicure, especially because it's blue. Very elegant and clean, the colors suit the time of the year amazingly. :D

  3. sve sa ovoliko plave mi je super :D