Year 2014 on Taya My Little Beauty World

Another year has ended and it's time for me to look back and share with you a preview of year 2014 on my blog. This year was a hectic year for me. A lot of good thing happened as well as bad ones. I didn't talk about bad ones here on my blog, because this blog is my happy place and I want to share with you mostly good news. This year was actually good to me, in personal life and also as a blogger. I my life two very important changes happened - I graduated and I got a job. I'm really happy because of both of them, although my job is not permanent and soon I'll have to search for a new one. 

Favourite nail polishes of 2014
This year I tried to reduce my obsession with nail polishes and tried to buy them less than in previous years, but I added few little gems into my collection and here are few of my favourites that were posted in 2014 on my blog (click on a name of polish for a review and more swatches):

Favourite nail art of 2014
I have to admit I had a very creative year. The days when I wore plain nails, meaning only one color, were very rare. Most of my manicures were posted on Instagram, but some got their own post, so here are few of my favourites from those that were posted on  my blog. If you want to see all my nail art manicures just click on a label nail art.

Favourite manicures of 2014 from Instagram

Challenges in 2014
I didn't cooperate in many challenges this year, but I did join two and I really liked the work I did for both.

Favourite makeup looks
What I like about makeup is playing with colors. This year I did manage to create few looks that blew my mind even now. I can't say what gave me more problems, filling my brows or doing my eyeliner. I had good and not so good days with eyeliner and the same goes for brows. But here are some of makeup looks that I'm very proud of creating. You can see all of my looks if you click here.

Favourite app of 2014
This year I joined Instagram and completely felt in love with it. It's amazing way to search an inspiration and not just that, it's so interesting to see people, catching their moments on picture. I post photos daily, so definitely follow me there if you have an account. :)

Top 5 most read posts on my blog in 2014
In year 2014 my most read posts were:

My favourite posts of 2014
I also decided to share with you few on my favourite posts that I wrote in 2014:
1. My Makeup Picks for Fall (that was actually posted on Meteo Beauty blog and I'm very proud on it)

Favourite brands (brand discoveries)
I decided to add a new/special category this year. This category is meant to give shout out to brands I discovered this year and made a big impression on me or brands I knew before but felt in love a lot this year.

1. Catrice
Essence was my favourite brand for a very long time, but in 2014 it was completely replaced with Catrice. I noticed that I started to buy more Catrice products than before and I really liked them. I have a feeling that their colors and products are totally written on my skin and I'm always looking forward to try something new from them.

2. Models Own
Models Own is my new nail polish brand love and definitely the best nail polish brand discovery in 2014. They often have very interesting collections with interesting shades and usually their polishes have very nice formula that's easy to apply (but there are also some exceptions). This year I really liked their polishes, especially Polish for Tans collection.

3. Afrodita
In the past I rarely bought Afrodita products and this year this brands started to appear all around  the blogosphere. I bought few of their products and they definitely left me impressed. Their shower gels, peelings, face products etc. are very good and also affordable. You can definitely expect to read more about this brand on my blog in the future.

Highlight of year 2014 - Catrice&Essence event
This year I was invited to few events, but I couldn't go on most of them because of my job. But I did go on Essence&Catrice event, which was marvelous. I knew even more Slovenian bloggers than last year and telling the truth, I can't wait to see them again. It was really amazing.
You can read more about the event here.

365 days photo challenge
It's been hectic, fun, enjoyable, stressful, creative, (un)inspired, beautiful and all other adjectives you can imagine. But I'm happy and proud I finished it, because I proved to myself with this challenge that I'm able to do something for a longer period and  I'm also able to finish a tough project like this. I have to admit, I'm going to miss it. I'd do it again this year, but I'm not sure I'd had enough good and different ideas to make it interesting again. 
You can see all photos if you click here.

Because this post is already long and it took me forever to write it, I decided to divide it into two parts, and the second part, which will be a post about my favourite beauty products of 2014, will be on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for reading!