Review and Swatches: Essence Nail Polishes

Essence polishes are one of my favourite and if you’re going to sneak peek into my collection you’ll see that around a half of my collection are Essence polishes. I like Essence polishes, because they are cheap and they have amazing selection of colours. Okay, they are not very long lasting, but I personally don’t have a problem with that, because even OPI or Essie polishes, which cost 3 or 4 times more, don’t last much longer on my nails, so I rather buy a cheaper polish than one more expensive one.  Today I’m going to talk about four different polishes. I could probably do separate posts for each but I decided to post them all together.

Essence Colour&Go

Essence Juicy Red is a classic red nail polish. It has a bit runny formula, so a bit careful application is required if you don’t want to get nail polish all over your cuticles. This polish is opaque in two coats. Not the most unique colour, but very nice for people, who love reds. 

Essence I Love My Blue Jeans is a dark blue nail polish. It has a label “suede” on the bottle, which marks its finish. It has a semi-matte finish, because it’s not glossy and not completely matt. Its pigmentation is amazing and because it has a thicker formula, it can be opaque in one coat, but I always prefer to use two. Because it’s thicker it’s also great for stamping (the proof you can find here). Otherwise it applies nicely; I didn’t have any problems despite its thicker formula and strange Essence brush. Right after application it looks glossy, but in few seconds it dries semi-matte. I really like its finish, but I usually never wear it alone, I always do some kind of a nail art or stamp something over. 

Essence Effect Nail Polish

Essence Never Stop Dreaming is one very interesting polish. It has an orange-red shimmery base and it contains red, purple, orange hexagonal glitter. It’s very sheer, I wore three coats of it without a base and my nail line was still visible (you can see how it looks on its own here). For this swatch I applied two coats of it over Juicy Red, but I don’t really like this base for this polish. I think I should use something orangey to make it look prettier. Since this is a glittery polish, removal is not the easiest, I definitely recommend foil technique.

Essence Icy Fairy is probably the star of Essence nail polishes. Lately you could see it all around Slovenian beauty blogosphere and I decided not to share it on my blog, too, because many bloggers made great swatches. Well, since in this post I’m sharing few Essence polishes and I have two from the same collection (Effect Nail Polish) I decided to include it. Icy Fairy doesn’t have a transparent base, but a purple and blue shimmery one. It also contains a silver hexagonal glitter of different sizes. It looks nice over every single polish, but it looks the best over very dark or a black shade. I applied it over I Love My Blue Jeans here. One coat is enough to achieve this gorgeous sparkly look.  

Essence Colour&Go polishes are 1,79 € (10 ml) and Effect Nail Polishes are 1,49 € (8 ml). As much as I know all of these polishes are being discontinued.  Shade Juicy Fair will be released again, but with new gel formula. I’m really excited to try new polishes (and I’m hoping on nicer brush). I definitely recommend you to get Icy Fairy and I Love My Blue Jeans, I adore both (they’d probably end in my 2014 favourites, but I didn’t swatch any on my blog, so I didn’t mentioned them). 

What do you think about these polishes? Thank you for reading!