Review and Swatches: Deborah Milano Smokey Eye Nude Rose Palette

Deborah released four different Secrets of the Smokey Eye palettes. They all looked pretty, but my favourite was Nude Rose, which is a bit surprisingly if I consider that the palette is more on a pink/rose note, which isn’t really my color. First I thought I won’t buy it, because it costs around 13 €, which I find a lot 6 eyeshadows (5 g), but then I got a DM coupon with which I got the palette for a half of price, so I decided to give it a try.

Let’s talk about the packaging first. The palette comes is a plastic black packaging with a writing of the collection in a color of the palette on the top (mine is rosy). The packaging is small and sturdy, so I find it perfect for traveling. Inside of a packaging is a mirror, which is very practical. Eyeshadows follow one another in a row and come in a long rectangle lids. What I like about this palette is that they didn’t include an applicator, which I wouldn’t use anyway. 

There are 6 eyeshadows in the packaging, three brighter/neutral and three darker/colorful. The finish of eyeshadows is matte or pearly.
First eyeshadow in a row is a vanilla pearly shade. Its pigmentation is okay, it’s not very pigmented, but also not very sheer. I like to use this one as a highlighter or all over my lid, when I’m doing natural eye look, because it makes my eyes look bigger.
Second shade in a row is a matte taupe shade. This one has similar pigmentation to the first eyeshadow. I find this one the best to use all over my lid to make a base for eye look or I use it as a transition color in crease.
Next one is a light brown matte eyeshadow with an okay pigmentation, but it could be better. I like to use this one in crease.

Fourth eyeshadow is a rosy pink eyeshadow that contains subtle shimmer which actually isn’t very noticeable on eyes. I like to use this one all over the lid and on lower lash line.
Next in the line is a dark plumy shade that contains tiny shimmer. I like to use this one in outer V or on lower lash line.
The darkest shade in the palette is a purple eyeshadow that also contains shimmer. This eyeshadow is great to use all over the lids if I want to do a smokey eye, to use it outer V and I also like to use it for eyeliner, when I’m doing very subtle eye look with first eyeshadow on the lid and third in crease. At the beginning all eyeshadows seemed matte, but after I removed first layer shimmer in last two because more obvious. I think I’d like both shades even better if they wouldn’t contains shimmer, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

All eyeshadows are powdery, so they dust and they do fall out. Regardless to that they last a whole working day on my lids without creasing and with minimal fading away. I also want to mention that I wear eyeshadow base underneath, because I’m not really use to wearing eyeshadow on my lids without any base. These eyeshadows are very bleandable, maybe even too bleandable, because both rosy eyeshadows can look very similar if I blend them too much. First three eyeshadows are not as nicely pigmented as darker ones, but they can be built up with dabbing. Swatches are made without eyeshadow base underneath. 

And here I have one look with this palette for you. It's a first look I made with this palette and it's pink. The funniest thing is that this look is so not me, haha. When I use this palette on a daily basis I rather use first eyeshadow all over the lid, third in crease and six in outer V or as eyeliner. I would tell you which eyeshadow I used where, but I don't remember anymore, unfortunately. 

The palette costs around 13 € (5 g) and I probably wouldn’t paid a whole price for it. I mean, I do like it, it’s a nice palette, but I think you can get better palettes for less money (if you want a neutral matte palette try Catrice or Sleek). I definitely surprised myself with a purchase of this palette, because pink totally isn’t me, and not just that, even on promo photos I liked this palette the most. I guess I have enough brown, purple and blue shades in my collection.:)

Did you get any of Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye palettes? How do you like this one? Thank you for reading!