Review and Swatches: Catrice Luxury Lacquers Nail Polishes

At Cosnova event back in October I received few Catrice polishes from Luxury Lacquers collection. The difference between these and regular polishes is in the bottle, which is square, and in the brush, which is a random round brush, definitely better than the one polishes from Ultimate or Crushed Crystal collections have. There are actually two different Luxury Lacquers collections. One is called Liquid Metal and it contains 8 metallic nail polishes, and second one is called Million Brilliance and it contains 8 glittery nail polishes. 

Champaign Rain (Liquid Metal) is a golden metallic nail polish with a bit thicker formula, but it’s easy to apply. It requires two coats for full opacity. When I was comparing my golden polishes I left this one out, because I forgot I have it. It’s the closest to S-he 230, just that this one has rougher surface. The removal of this one is not the easiest, but again not as difficult as by glittery polishes. By removal the shimmer can end up all around the cuticles, so I always wash my hand very good after I remove this polish.  

It’s Showtime (Million Brilliance) is a silver glittery polish. It contains small round glitter and big chunky glitter. It has an ok formula, which applies nicely, although it’s quite hard to do a smooth line near the cuticles because of big glitter. This polish requires two thicker coats, but it also looks amazing layered over a silver base. Well, removal is difficult. As all glittery polishes this one is also hard to remove a regular way, so foil technique is necessary.

Plum Fiction (Million Brilliance) is a purple glittery polish. It has very similar formula and consistency to It’s Showtime, just less chunky glitter I’d say. It’s very pretty polish, but I can’t say I’m in love with it or that it has a special place in my heart collection. It’s one of those polishes that I use as a part of skittle manicures. The removal is PITA by this one as well, so I use a foil technique. This one is going to be discontinued soon, so if you really love it, now it’s your last chance to get it. 

Catrice Luxury Lacquers contain 11 ml and cost 3,79 €. Liquid Metal and Million Brilliance collections offer a nice selection of colors for people who like metallic and glittery polishes. The drying time is regular, they are not super-fast drying, but also doesn’t take for ever for them to dry. On me they lasted the same amount of time as all other polishes, which is around two days. My favourite is It’s Showtime, I only wish Catrice would made a metallic silver shade as well. J

Have you tried Catrice Luxury Lacquers nail polishes? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!