Recap of Christmas Challenge 2014 - Sharing My Favourites

It's almost a week since December ended and with it also a Christmas challenge, but today I wanted to share with you a recap of my challenge and also my favourite entry from the girls that cooperated in the challenge. I'm so glad they took time and created lovely designs for each theme, especially because I know December was a busy month and creating a manicure/makeup and writing a post takes a time. 

Recap of my work for Christmas challenge 2014
I kinda regret I didn't do makeup and nail art for each theme, but December was a busy month and I just didn't succeed. But I'm very happy with everyhing I did. If you missed any of my post, click on a label Christmas challenge 2014 and it'll show you all posts of the challenge.

Beautysaur is a blog, written by lovely Slovenian blogger Ana. She definitely did a great job with Christmas challenge. My favourite work of hers was a makeup she did for New Years Eve theme. She's so pretty and the combination of pink lips and silver eyes looks gorgeous on her.

The writer behind this blog is a Slovenian blogger Manca. She is a newbie, her blog is around a half year old, but she has very interesting blog. My favourite entry of hers was makeup look inspired by Elsa she did for fifth theme.

Tina decided to do her nails for all themes of Christmas challenge and she definitely did a great job with all of 10 manicures. My favourite was a stamping manicure for theme Your favourite thing about Christmas. Nude and blue are a perfect combination.

Aurora is a nail blogger with great nail art skills. Just look at these cute snowmans she did for a second theme of the challenge. I read her blog for a very long time now and I always enjoy in her posts.

First thing I want to mention about this girls is that she is always so sweet and nice in comments. She has great ideas for manicures and it was hard for me to choose my favourite one, because I was deciding between two, but in the end manicure inspired by Home Alone movie won me over.

Omg, I love this girl. She has the prettiest nails in the world and her nail art skills are amazing. Of course my favourite manicure of her is Olaf, which she did for Inspired by a movie theme. But all other manicures are amazing, too, so if you like nail art, she's a blogger you must follow.

This is a girl who has a great talent for nail art. She one of those who didn't finish the challenge (probably because of a lack of time), which is quite unfortunate, because I bet she'd do a great job with all other themes as well. My favourite of hers is a Christmas sparkle, for which she created amazing winter wonderland manicure. Otherwise Žana is one of the sweetest girls in blogger's world. 

From two ladies that are writing this blog Ajda decided to join my challenge. Unfortunately illness crossed her plans, so she did only first theme. I'm a bit sad because of that, since she did such a gorgeous and amazing manicure that I felt in love with immediately. I bet all of her entries would be great.

I definitely recommend you to check each of these girls, all of them are very lovely and I bet you're going to find a lot of inspiration on their blogs. So, this is my last look back at 2014, tomorrow I'm starting with my regular posting again.

Thank you for reading!